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News and observation reports, July 2003:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in July 2003 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


The Greek newspaper Kathimerini's english edition reports that a "second flaming ball spotted in northern Greece" is "likely a meteor."

According to experts that are not named, a large flaming ball seen flying through the sky by residents in Halkidiki, Drama and Serres on Sunday night was probably a meteorite.

Many witnesses, who reported the sighting to local police, said they saw the object fall into the sea.

Earlier this month a similar fireball had been reported by residents of Elefsina, Kavala, Corfu and Ioannina. There were claims it had fallen to earth in the northwestern region of Zagori, near Ioannina, but fire service workers failed to find any evidence of a fire or debris.


A BBC cameraman, Tom Hines who works on the BBC drama series "Doctors," spotted three bright lights in the sky over the Malverns near the village of Hanbury on Tuesday, July 22, 2003, and filmed them with a video camera. He said he is convinced that what he observed was UFOs (although it is not obvious what interpretation he gives to the acronym UFO, it seems that what he means by that is indeed "extraterrestrial craft.")

He said:

"I kind of saw two bright lights and thought they were stars at first." I pointed out where they were and started filming. They started disappearing and reappearing and at one point there was three bright lights. They kept appearing very randomly in different areas of the sky."

Another witness was John Dawson, who lives in Hanbury, and also saw the lights. He said:

"We went through all kinds of evaluations, like could they be fireworks, could they be flares and to be honest with you we couldn't come to any decision as to what they were."

BBC states in their report: "Some thought it could have been flares."

BBC Midlands "Today's" science correspondent David Gregory has examined the tape and has spoken to local UFO experts.

He said: "It could have been the Hanbury Orbs, which are a series of lights which are known to hover above the landscape in this area. But nobody knows for sure."

See the report in video on http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/video/39314000/rm/_39314181_ufomovie_vi.ram

See another report and some follow up information.


Between the 0:00 and the 01:00 at dawn of Saturday, July 19, 2003, three people observed a luminous UFO of great dimensions near the city of San Cristóbal, in the Andean state of Táchira, in the southwest of Venezuela. The report, provided by investigator Arturo Escalante, indicates that the main witness, Mr. Carlos Suárez, was in company of two friends on the terrace of his house in the town of Táriba, when they observe the unusual circular object with yellowish lights that ignited intermittently in the edges of the strange flying object. The witnesses claim that the UFO moved linearly from north to the south during almost 5 minutes, and finally disappear in the neighborhoods of a mountain in the area of Tachira.

Many thanks to ovnivenezuela@yahoo.com


On Friday, July 18, 2003, at 4 p.m., Kevin M. reported, "My father saw a bright silver round object, travelling from the northeast to the southwest" over Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK. "The object was very high in a clear blue sky, small amount of cloud, no engine noise. Real bright silver, very high, no contrails, a lot faster than a military fighter, almost instant speed."

Thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFOroundup for this Email Form Report.


TERRACE - On July 17, 2003, a witness reported seeing a silver, round shaped object traveling at an extremely high rate of speed coming from the west heading east at 8:00 PM. The sighting took about four seconds in clear skies before it disappeared from his line of sight. He also mentioned that it took him totally by surprise to see something move so quickly. No sound was heard due to the distance from the object. He said it was no "darn" aircraft we have, as to the speed the object was traveling.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research 1 866 262-1989

A meteor?


CHERRY HILL - This was the witnesses first sighting and it took place about 3:47 AM, on July 17, 2003, over Route 70 above 3 Executive Campus. He states, "I work the night shift and had just finished eating and was admiring the stars on a fairly clear night and thinking of how massive and amazing the universe really is." Immediately after thinking that, I had a sudden instinct to look directly at a northeast area of the sky and noticed what looked like a dim bluish star, moving across the sky at a slow speed. There were no flashing lights and this object had a steady blue glow, was very high up, silent. It was quite small in size, so I estimated it to be between 11-30 feet, possibly larger and many miles into the atmosphere. It looked like a star. It moved across the sky about a hundred feet at a slow steady speed. I thought to myself is this really a UFO I'm seeing? At that very moment the object stopped, then instantly pulsated expanded into a spherical ball of pure brilliant white light roughly 20 times the size it was before. It held that form for about one second and then returned to its previous color and shape, a small bluish star. It continued to travel along at the same rate as before for about three seconds more, then accelerated to incredible speed and vanished into space."

Thanks to Bruce Cornet, and NEW-WUFOD-I. 2-707-NJ, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


"The St. Louis County Sheriff's Department says a large fiery object - seen by residents of Aurora, Babbitt and Ely at 5:24 p.m. Thursday," July 17, 2003 in Minnesota "was most likely a meteor."

"The Sheriff's Department took several calls late Thursday afternoon from eyewitnesses who reported seeing the object and hearing loud noise."

"After checking with Duluth International Airport and determining that no planes were missing, the Sheriff's Department concluded that it was a meteor entering the atmosphere, and the noise was a sonic boom."

Aurora (population 1,850), Babbitt (population 1,670) and Ely (population 3,724) are located in the Vermilion Iron Range about 210 miles (336 kilometers) north of Minneapolis.

See the Duluth, Minnesota, News-Tribune for July 18, 2003, "Object said to be meteor," page 2B.

Many thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFOroundup.


On July 16, 2003, author, ufologist and magazine editor Gordon Creighton died at the age of 95. This former British diplomat became the latest editor of the Flying Saucer Review, one of the world's best known UFO magazines.


STATEN ISLAND - Seven people swimming saw a strange object in the sky. The witness states: "I was in the pool with my dad and my uncle when I saw a dot far away in the sky on July 13, 2003, at 7:30 PM. As we got out of the pool we saw four dots that stayed in the same position. By that time all seven of us began to look and saw seven dots. We also saw two dots revolving around each other and flashing brightly. At that time, as we were looking at the dots, two commercial airliner almost collided! It was very bizarre and all seven of us agreed that this sighting was something from a different planet. What made it even more bizarre was the amount of military aircraft that followed. I've never seen so many jets in my life! There was something in the air tonight and I really do believe that it was a UFO. We all do."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


A Solihull Times reader, Office manager Ashley Barry, 20, of Grafton Road, Solihull, reported to his newspaper that was travelling as a passenger in a car driven by his friend Mark Cotterillwith after visiting the UCI Cinema at Touchwood between 12.10-12.30am on Sunday, July 13, when he saw what he believes was an unidentified flying object.

He said: "There were two massive red and purple bright lights about 15-20 metres apart above a house. They were both roughly in line with each other. My friend spotted the UFO first. It was moving, not hovering. I was so frightened, I could literally have jumped out of my skin. It was quite freakish. It was really frightening just because of the sheer size of the thing."

See the newspaper Solihull Times for July 25, 2003.


On Sunday, July 13, 2003, at 7:15 p.m., Bob Zalewski reported, "My wife Vicky and myself spotted a silver craft for maybe two to three seconds. It was a teardrop shape. When we tried to see it again, it was gone."

"It was sunny and no clouds in sight. We were heading east on (Interstate Highway) I-84 in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, about four miles (7 kilometers) north of" Mashapaug Pond in Union, Connecticut.

"There was no place in the sky where it could hide. There was only open space. At arm's length, it appeared to be the size of a quarter-carat diamond. I'd say it was about 28,000 feet (8,400 meters) up. We swear that it was no plane."

Sturbridge, Mass. (population 2,047) is on Routes 20 and 131, located about 60 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of Boston.

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFO Roundup, for this Email Form Report.

Webmaster note: I feel the report is fully similar to a meteor report.


TERRACE, BC -- Brian Vike reports, A witness reported seeing a strange object sitting stationary over the mountains to the north on July 12,03. He was traveling on Highway #16, just crossing the bridge over the Kalum River at 1:15 AM. He pulled over to the side of the highway to get a better look at it. He said the object moved from side to side, and up and down ever so slightly. He watched the object stay in a stationary position for 5 minutes before it exploded/or flashed brightly. At this point it started to move downwards and he ended up losing sight of it when it dropped behind one of the local mountains. He described the color of it as being neon green, with a whitish aura surrounding the object. He saw neon green and blue twinkling lights at the bottom of the object and white flashing lights that were more to the center of the object.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research 1 866 262-1989


On July 14, el Noticiario Central of Mega in Chile gave account of the extraordinary story of two women, who on Thursday July 10, 2003, between 11:00 P.M. and 11:30 P.M. lived a frightful and unusual experience, while they were driving on the inner route of the locality Calera de Tango, in the direction of the locality of Talagante.

According to the story of Marcela, daughter of a well-known industralist who was driving the vehicle, and the testimony of her aunt who was her passenger, while she drived in the direction of the locality of Talagante she noticed the presence of a red light in the distance, that she first thought was a light on an antenna tower. But the light quickly began to approach the vehicle rushing at a greater speed than that of the car.

According to Marcela, the strange structure "had a shape of an ellipse with an intense red light that illuminated everything", and her aunt who could observe it better said: "the object was a tremendous mass of steel like a giant basket and surrounded by red light, with a large central red light." The size of the object, which caused panic to the driver who tried to fled away at almost 200 kilometers per hour, was similar to the size of an airplane. After the passage of the structure, the vehicle shook and the batteries of the two cellular telephones the two woman carried exhausted.

According to Chilean ufologist Rodrigo Fuenzalida, who interviewed with the two witnesses, this incident is not unusual, although it is an interesting "close encounter of the first type." He said that in the area of the cities of Calera de Tango, Malloco, Padre Hurtado and Peñaflor, between years 2000 and 2001, similar incidents happened, all of them inexplicable, some of them involving close observation of UFOs at 15 to 20 meters of distance of the witnesses.

Fuenzalida added: "the object observed by the witnesses, is in fact very similar to a cylinder of orange color, which was observed at the bottom of the highway and which rushed on the vehicle once it passed a curve in a dark sector, being no more than one or two meters of the automobile during 20 to 25 seconds. During that period of time and according to the description of both women, solid structures of metallic appearance were observed, some of which resembled a cedilla [ the symbol under: ç]. Both women were very upset afterthe encounter, the young conductor presenting post-traumatic effects and their aunt visual problems and strong headaches. Also it is necessary to stress that Marcela is a young professional who works as manager of a company and that until this Thursday, she was totally skeptical on the phenomenon, something that even worsened her impression of the encounter." The antecedents given by the investigator were obtained after interviewing the witnesses and a reconstruction of the event at the location where it happened.


Archskeptic Walter Werner announces that "UFOS generate confusion in Oststeinbek," Germany. He specified, "the extremely thin and without details communiqué creates confusion rather than information." He refers to a a phone call to the police to report UFOs above the industrial park in the night of Thursday, July 10, 2003, at about 09:30 P.M.. "The police officers did not really want to believe in extraterrestrials in flying saucers, but they followed the lead," said Walter Werner. He adds that when they arrived on the road of Heegen indeed two objects appeared in the sky as some "sharp color hounds without their leaches" (objects which moved like wild dogs?) "The objects flew extremely high and seemed under control. Then, they went up and disappeared," wrote the evening paper of Hamburg (Hamburger Abendblatt) in its edition of Saturday, July 12, 2003.

Danke an Walter Werner, CENAP.


LONDON - The witness states: "object was traveling southeast on July 7, 2003, at 1 AM, at the speed of a fast fighter jet, but was displaying no flashing lights. It would then at an instant veer off at right angels or near right angels for some distance and considerably increase its speed before resuming a smooth flight. The color was a soft white light that seemed to fluctuate in luminance. The night was fully clear and moon lit. The shape was a chevron formed by two sides of a slightly convex cigar shape."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


Ufologist Brian Vike communicates:

South Montreal, Verdun Quebec

Date: July 7, 2003
Time: 10:30 p.m.
Toll Free Hotline

"I received a telephone call on the UFO Hotline this morning from a gentleman who resides in Verdun, Quebec. Before he went on to tell me his story of what he witnessed, he first wanted to make it clear by telling me that he is a well grounded fellow. On the odd occasion when with a group of friends someone might bring up the idea of UFO, or that they may have observed one, the witness told me he would walk away and talk to some else, not believing there are unusual flying crafts out there. In other words very skeptical about the whole issue."

"The man now explains to me that he has been re-thinking the whole idea after what he saw, which was very strange indeed."

"On July 7, 2003 at 10:30 p.m. the witness took his dog out for a walk last Monday evening. He reached the corner of the street he resides on, heading towards the park which is across the street. Running diagonally from the witness, just above the streetlight poles at approximately 40 to 50 feet high the witness described seeing a Smokey gray colored object traveling slow over top of one of the homes in the area. He went on to say he had a good look at it due to it traveling slowly. The fellow described it as being approximately 25 feet in length with the head of it being wider than the tail and traveling maybe 10 miles per hour. The fellow also mentioned that it was not a bird, because he had such a good view of it as the sighting lasted for approximately 5 to 7 seconds. The witness said if he could sense anything about the object was that it had a slight whirling sound coming from it. (HBCC UFO Note: When I heard about the sound in which I object was making, I then asked if his dog took any notice of it, he said no). He went on to say he couldn't be 100 per cent sure the sound was coming from it due to the sound being so faint, but he was pretty sure. This sighting, he said stopped him dead in his tracks. The fellow mentioned that normally on his street folks sit out late when it is really nice out, but this evening of the sighting he said it was oddly quiet. The witness said, what I saw "I could not explain"."

"I would like to thank the witness for reporting their sighting to HBCC UFO."

Brian Vike
HBCC UFO Research
Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 1989 - Free call.
Editor: Canadian Communicator - Paranormal Magazine
email: hbccufo@telus.net
Website: http://www3.telus.net/public/wilbur8/hbcc_ufo_research.htm


NIANTIC - On July 6, 2003, two fishermen were anchored in their boat four miles offshore, and about 500 yards from Bartlets Light, at about 1:00 AM. They were planning on fishing all night so it didn't matter that there was a heavy fog. One fisherman laid down to take a nap, and the other was still fishing. The witness states, "I happened to look up towards the sky and saw a green flashing light. My first thought was the fog was just thick at low-level and I could see up some, and I could see an airplane so I began to look for stars or clouds, but could see nothing else but this green flashing light. After about ten seconds this flashing light began to zigzag back and forth. I've never seen anything move like that or so fast and I called my partner who got up immediately. He saw it head straight down towards the water, again, very fast. I thought it was going into the water, but it stopped at water level and the light was stationary as to be in a hover. After a few seconds it began to move slowly by us, still at water level. Then it flew straight up, in only 3 blinks of the light, then it was gone. He said, "What the hell was that?" I have no explanation as the way and the speed at which it darted, it had to be within 100 yards of us, and neither of us heard a sound. I am now a believer."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


EAGLE RIVER - On Saturday, July 5, 2003, the witness was putting the cover on his boat and noticed an extremely shiny (metallic/silver) cigar-shaped object traveling in an east to west direction. The object traveled at a very slow rate of speed" over the evergreen forests of Vilas County. The witness said, "There was no contrail, no wings, no windows, no lights or anything of a discernible nature." "The object seemed to reflect the bright sun off its surface, but then I noticed that a vertical band of light started to appear from the front of the object and traveled slowly to the back of the object. This band of light appeared every 15 seconds or so and traveled over the surface of the object from front to rear. The object did not change speed or direction for two minutes, and was the size of a small plane, at about a 1,000 feet. I am truly blown away."

Thanks to John and Jenny Hoppe of UFOwisconsin.com


On Saturday, July 5, 2003, at 12:10 a.m., five witnesses saw "a UFO come over the northwestern horizon over mountains" in Boulder, Colorado (population 94,673). It headed northeast after dancing in the sky for a few hours" until 5:20 a.m. "There were five of us who saw it, and we were facing northwest."

"It was a disc-shaped object with many different colored lights. Moved like nothing I've ever seen," the witness reported.

At first, "we noticed a bright light up behind the tree line. The light changed to many different colors but flashed a brilliant red the most. It rose to the top of the tree and hovered and flashed for about ten minutes or so." "Then it started making erratic movements up, down, left and right very fast." "There was a second object that rose from the same area but was closer and more to the south of the other object. It rose and flew to the right of the other object, flashed a bright white light and then vanished."

"The other object disappeared for about ten seconds, then reappeared over the top of us at a very high altitude. It danced from right to left in very fast movements. It then disappeared again and then reappeared back over the tree line. It flashed a very bright greenish-blue light at the ground. It did this in various spots over the tree line. It then started to rise back into the sky and disappeared."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFO Roundup, for this Email Form Report.


A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking declassification of historical intelligence budget data submitted by Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, an organization which is interested with learning on intelligence and black budgets, led to a Central Intelligence Agency assertion on June 27 that it was "unable to locate" aggregate intelligence budget figures for fiscal years 1947 and 1948.

In response, Steven Aftergood asked the Court this week for "leave to expand the scope of the lawsuit to encompass subsidiary agency budget totals as well as aggregate figures, extending from 1947 through 1970."


MANLIUS - On July 3, 2003, at 8:40 PM, a soundless, vapor less silver cylinder object flew east to west over the suburbs of Syracuse. The witness states, "I was facing south and spotted an unusual flying object that looked like a silver cigar tube. I was trying to find the wings or a tail section and neither was visible, if they existed. The object was in site for about ten seconds and it did not make a sound and made no vapor trail. It was traveling west about 15 degrees off its right side."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


A report by investigator Arturo Escalante of July 12, 2003, says that at 05:00 P.M. on July 3, 2003, numerous witnesses observed the evolutions of an enormous discoidal UFO near the sector of "La Hacienda" of Caricuao, in Caracas, Venezuela. One of the witnesses indicated that "it is not the first time that I observe this type of phenomena in the area," assuring that "little diffusion has occurred of this type of events." On the other hand, another witness commented that the object moved "linearly from north to south," soon to disappear almost instantaneously between clouds, in front of the overwhelmed eyewitnesses.

Thanks to ovnivenezuela@yahoo.com


The witness, Craig S., reported: "On July 3rd at approximately 8:35 pm on Broadfield Road in Manlius N.Y. my cousin and I observed a wingless oval shaped object traveling from East to West for approximately 15-20 seconds overhead, before it went behind the areas trees. The angle of observation was from approximately 85 degrees to 50 degrees relative to the horizon. The relative comparative size of the object was equal to the size of an aspirin tablet held at arms length. The object appeared to metallic and was a dark copper color and appeared to reflect the setting suns rays and as a result it had gold highlighting. The object emitted no sound or contrail. The objects speed was approximately the same as commercial jet airliner at a medium high cruising altitude. The night was clear except for a few cirrus cloud wisps, which the object was visually below. After the sighting we stayed outside for some time hoping we would see the object again which we did not, however upon leaving at 10:00 pm we observed a white light traveling a very high speed from Southern to Northern direction in the western sky, which covered the whole visible sky in approximately 5 seconds and then disappeared."

The report was filed with FAA Hancock airport Syracuse with the above details.

Thanks to UFOwisconsin.


The witness emails:

"I want to be brief, I do not want to elaborate on the matter too much."

"For reasons of serious memory problems, and after a psychothrerapy which suggested that a traumatic event prevented me from remembering, I followed a training course of "relieving-regression" this weekend, animated by professionals (doctor + psychotherapist) and I was schocked to remember that I had been "kidnapped" by extraterrestrials, ant that I underwent medical examinations... among them, samples were taken and I also receive "something" (???)"

"Searching on the Internet, I found this web site. I wanted to know if there are similar cases known in France? do you have any idea of what these "beings" introduced in my body?

"i forgot to tell that - I don't know if its related or not - as I remeber almost nothing of my past, but I know that I have an odd marking on the left hip... and constant pain in the neck."

1 - I did not have these marks on the hip when I was young,
2 - I did not have these pain in the neck."

"The marks are like parallel red features (3 features), not very distinct... one would say sorts of burns (but they are not burns)... the smallest is some 4 centimeters, the longest, 8 centimeters... "

"As for the neck, with the enduring pain, I sumbmitted to X-ray, and it was noted that the bones of my neck were abnormal, as if they had been cut... The radiologist had never seen that, and thought of a rare malformation. (but I do not remember a problem to the nape of the neck when I was younger)"

"... and I forgot to say that for 2 years now, I have caught a tumor at the level of the solar plexus (exactly at the right of the plexus)...

"thank you to remain serious, for I am very anxious. I am trying to know more about it."

"I am not joking! I make a point of remaining anonymous... and i do not want to speak too much about it, for fear of judgement, so, thank you for remaining discrete."


ST. IGNACE - Two campers were coming back from the showers at midnight on July 2, 2003, at 12 AM, and happened to look up and noticed a V shaped object with lights all along both edges. The witness states, "My sister and I saw the round and luminous lights, and it there was no sound and it seemed to be descending at an angle. The shape looked like a stealth plane and in two minutes it vanished. We both could not believe it and a woman near us said she wondered what that was as well. The next day our husbands talked to other people in the campground and told them what we saw and some other people reported seeing the same thing as well. This object was fairly large and the night was very clear and the stars were visible. We never saw it again."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


Communiqué (on UFO meeting, in France, in french):

Chers amis Bonjour,

Le prochain Repas Ufologique Parisien promet d'être intéressant par la qualité et la diversification de ses invités et je pense qu'il est d'un intérêt général de faire connaître ce programme.

Le prochain repas se déroulera le 1er juillet 2003, comme à l'habitude, dans les locaux du Restaurant FLUNCH, 21, Rue de Beaubourg 75003 PARIS - Métro Rambuteau, dès 19h00. Vous y êtes cordialement invité.

Au programme: Présence en force des EDITIONS J.M.G. (édition Jean Michel GRANDSIRE) un éditeur qui ose publier des ouvrages sur l'insolite. Seront présent, avec la participation de J.M.G., éditeur: Gildas Bourdais, le plus grand spécialiste Européen de l'affaire de Roswell, qui présentera son dernier livre publié chez JMG, Luc Mary, auteur de "3003, La Route des Etoiles" et Bernard Bidault auteur de "OVNI Attention danger!" - Tous trois (sous réserve d'autres participants, auteurs chez JMG, vivement attendu) dédicaceront leurs ouvrages sur place.

Bernard BIDAULT, prendra la parole au cours de ce repas afin de nous présenter son livre et ses théories relatives aux problème OVNI.

Nous recevrons également nos amis Belges, concepteurs de la dernière et importante rencontre ufologique de Bruxelles le 31 mai dernier et Didier BELPHANTOM nous parlera de la vague Belge, des dessous de cette vague et des enquêtes qu'il a menée sur des cas inédits.

Nous recevrons également Alain BLANCHARD, du Groupe OVNI MARNE, qui fait le déplacement pour nous parler de la journée OVNI qu'il organise dans le cadre de la grande foire régionale de Châlons-en-Champagne en septembre prochain . Il a le soutien financier et logistique de cette manifestation ou passeront plusieurs dizaines de milliers de personnes!

Compte tenu de l'importance de cette soirée et du programme chargé (d'autres invités surprises sont toujours possibles et attendus comme à l'habitude) nous demandons aux participants de venir dès 19 h. La partie conférence et échanges divers se déroulera après le repas, soit vers 20 h30.

Ces Repas, point de rencontre des ufologues et passionnés d'insolite du monde entier, se déroulent toujours dans une ambiance décontractée. Chacun est invité à échanger des info ou des idées et aussi à s'exprimer.

Vous pouvez me contacter directement pour de plus amples informations: lebat1@aol.com

Merci par avance pour votre concours, pour votre participation.

Gérard LEBAT
Les Repas Ufologiques Parisiens

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