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UFOs in the daily Press:

U-K. UFO researchers investigate mysterious Hanbury orbs, 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Bromsgrove Standard, Worcestershire, England, August 14, 2003.

The truth is out there... but in Hanbury?

It could have been a case for Mulder and Scully when glowing orbs were spotted in the Hanbury night sky at the end of July.

But several reports of hovering lights in the area and one onlooker managing to film the mysterious objects has now led to a UFO research organisation to launch a full investigation into the sightings.

Tom Hines, a BBC cameraman, was looking for a location to shoot a private film in the area when he spotted the lights at the end of July.

He filmed what he could see, and the eerie record of three lights suspended in the air has convinced Contact UFO Research International to take the sightings seriously. So much so that it is now doing more research to see if the lights could in fact be UFOs.

Michael Soper, spokesperson for the organisation said that the film of the sighting made it more credible than other reports.

He said: "We are very interested in this case and we have had several reports of comparative sightings in the same location.

"There have been 40 cases since then end of May."

He added that the association will be conducting further studies of the area to determine whether the lights were in fact Unidentified Flying Objects.

A UFO is classed as anything in the sky which is not natural and has not already been recorded as a man-made object.

Mr Soper said that the organisation hopes to travel to Hanbury from their base in Oxfordshire to investigate further.

He said: "We will talk to other witnesses and try to determine if there is anything else it could be, "Then we would like to come to Hanbury to take a look for ourselves."

If anyone else thinks they have seen something which may be a UFO, they can contact Mr Soper and his colleagues on 01865 726908, or write to them at PO Box 23, Wheatley, Oxfordshire.

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