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News and observation reports, June 2003:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in June 2003 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


The witness writes to me via email on July 1st, 2003:

"Here is what I saw on this Sunday, June 29."

"After the last confederation game I went out down of my building to smoke a cigarette. It was approximately 11:30 P.M., the sky was clear, I was trying to locate satellites among the stars when I saw these UFOs. They were in fact a multitude of small luminous points which flew fast in a V formation like a flock of birds. I saw them crossing the sky in a few seconds on a southern course. These points shone less than the majority of the visible stars and I think that they travelled at very high altitude because no noise was audible. I noticed that the interval between these points was not fixed and varied appreciably; they went closer and moved away one from another and turned around one another."

"I live in a small city close to Annecy in Haute-Savoie. I would like to know if you received similar testimonys from this area."

Thanks to this witness.


RYE - The witness writes: "In the last few weeks, on the few nights it hasn't been raining and/or overcast, I've seen small blue lights traveling slowly from SW to NE. (Between 9 PM and midnight). They appear to be smaller or the same size as the less brighter of the visible stars. They appear to be much higher than regular commercial aircraft would fly. (Plus, they're so tiny). They do not blink, twinkle, or stop. If they were not moving, I would say they were stars, without question or doubt (unless I was an astronomer, Aand knew by their position that they were not known stars... which I am not). I have seen 5 or 6 of these in total, over 3 or 4 nights. In one instance, the object simply disappeared as it moved. The rest of them always just moved slowly, going roughly SW to NE. Only one of them seemed to be traveling SW to N. My first thought was that they could be satellites, but I was under the impression that seeing this many in so short a time would be unlikely. My girlfriend has been with me on all but one night of seeing these, and suggests they are military aircraft, just patrolling."

Thanks to George A. Filer for this E-mail report.


SARATOGA SPRINGS - A former investigator writes, "This is in response to Debbie who wrote to you about a UFO landing in Saratoga Springs, NY. There were five crop circles formed in a field on Glenmore Avenue. I investigated the circles but found no witnesses that saw a UFO. A neighbor living near the field heard a high-pitched hum, but saw no strange lights or UFOs."

Thanks to MDelvec144 and to George A Filer, FilersFiles.


On June 28, 2003, an amateur taped a bright light slowly moving in the sky above the city of Maipu, Chile. CEFAA, the officiel UFO investigation group of Chile, has analyzed the images and found out that the taped object is real and is the International Space Station.

Thanks to CEFAA and the web portal


COUNTY Gazette readers are being called on to help identify mysterious bright lights over Wellington and Taunton. The appeal follows two sightings by a married couple in Wellington, the first at about 11pm on June 28 and the second two days later.

The couple saw what they thought was a beautiful star to the southwest, but within a few seconds the light tripled in brightness with a golden light, turned blue then immediately disappeared.

If anyone has any information or saw one or both of the sightings, they are urged to call Caroline from Cosmic Research UK on 01823665519.


The "Sirius UFO Organization Turkish Intelligence (MIT)" seems to claim to have received an official request from CIA for UFO reports from the Turkish Air-Forces and Turkish Airlines. This UFO group had previously claimed, for example, that a meteor witnessed by pilots was an extraterrestrial spacecraft.


Lucy Guzman of reported on July 1, 2003 that on June 23, 2003 at 13:10 hours, a group of at least four professionals witnessed an object from their office windows at an 80 degree angle of elevation. The dark object, described as being "the size of a pinhead," remained static until it moved swiftly against the general movement of the clouds. The episode lasted only a few minutes and the object lost itself amid the city's buildings. The incident was reported to by


GIJON - An alleged UFO was videotaped in Northern Spain on the Bay of Biscaie on June 23, 2003 at 11:55 AM. Anyos Luz News reports, "The sighting took place within the framework of the traditional celebrations of St. John's Eve.


VALE OF PEWSEY - "During the early hours of June 22, 2003, brilliant lightning bolts without thunder, or rain hit the area. Shortly after midnight, until well after sunrise, bizarre orange lightening bolts shot around the sky even though the air was very calm and still near Avebury, in Wiltshire. Orange lightening was also seen to leap between the clouds and orange lightening appeared in the form of a momentary circular glow in the clouds, as though the affected clouds had been punched- through by a giant cookie-cutter. Another bizarre factor was that these orange lightening bolts frequently occurred in pairs, with a separation of something less than a second. We were situated on Knapp Hill, and the orange lightening bolts formed an arc across the horizon in front of us, and our area remained unaffected. This relative calmness ended at around 7 AM, when the wind picked-up speed, and the clouds blew over our area. As dark clouds massed overhead, a barrage of small hailstones and heavy rain hammered down on our car. East field, directly below us, was then pummeled by normal looking, blue-white lightening and earsplitting thunder. This location is known as being a hot spot for crop circles, and UFOs."

Thanks to Steve Clementson.


PORTLAND - The witness writes: "Early this morning just after midnight, my wife and I were watching the skylight on June 18, 2003, as there was a storm well off in the distance. In between the flashes of the lightning, we were looking up at the stars and at the same time we both pointed out a bright object moving at a constant rate of speed. I thought at first that it was a jet, but it was much too high in the sky to be so. It traveled from north to south and was not blinking like lights on an airplane would be. The object looked exactly like the other stars we were gazing upon. We watched this object travel through the sky - it did not appear to increase nor decrease its speed - until it faded from our view as it came within proximity of another star still well above the horizon."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, and George A. Filer, FilersFiles.

Webmaster note: why could this not be a satellite?


In a message dated June 18, 2003, VegasPoker007 writes to George Filer: "Over the last few days UFOs have circled the White River in Indiana as though they were waiting for something."

Thanks to VegasPoker007 and George A. Filer.


Norway's most renowned spot for mysterious aerial sightings, the village of Hessdalen in South Troendelag, is experiencing a dearth of sightings. The valley community's measuring station has registered 120-130 unidentifiable light phenomena since 1998, but only one in the past year, newspaper VG reports.

Project Hessdalen began in 1983 and is managed by Oestfold University College. The project introduced sophisticated monitoring equipment in 1998 and posts incoming data their web site

Project leader Erling Strand told that not only have the mechanical sightings dwindled recently, but also the observations made by the local populace.

Strand said that they cannot explain the sharp drop in sightings but believes one key factor is technical problems connected to newly installed camera equipment. However, if the visual sightings be local people have also diminished as indicated, I think that the diminution may be a real diminution.

"We are now in the process of reinstalling the equipment and then we believe that registered sightings will pick up again," Strand said.

Project Hessdalen has attracted international interest, including a group of scientists working at Italy's Institute for Radio Astronomy who study the Hessdalen phenomena.

Professor Massimo Theodorani, PhD, an italian astrophyician who directed missions Embla 2001 and 2002 in Hessdalen had written a paper indicating that the possibility that the phenomena in Hessdalen represents extraterrestrial vehicles visits is not to be excluded.


ARNOLD - The witness went out to check the thermometer in his driveway on June 17, 2003, at 1:30 PM. "In a wooded area I heard a sharp shriek very close to me. My wife came out and asked what it was? I told her, "I don't know, get back inside NOW" I was very frightened and looked around the woods and over in the valley I saw a very dim object. It was a strange color that I've never seen before. It was not any kind of color, more like a shade. I was sick to my stomach just looking at the thing in the sky about 200 yards away. My wife came back out and asked what I was looking at? I said, "I don't know, go back inside!" It had an extremely low hum and the shade got brighter and it made the loud shriek again. My wife thought it was fireworks, but I knew it wasn't."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, and George A. Filer, FilersFiles.


OCEAN GROVE - The witness reports, "I was walking toward my home around 11 PM, on Monday, June 16, 2003, when I noticed a bright star. Then, suddenly it began to move and slowly became dimmer then finally it disappeared. The object was not a satellite, or space debris. It made a sudden movement from a fixed bright star or planet to a short movement forward. Then it seemed to stop and grow dim... no trailing off or anything or reappearing somewhere else. It was great, truly my first UFO observation. I was in the airline business for 20 years and know what aircraft look like at a distance, and how they behave. This was none of that!"

Thanks to and George A. Filer, FilersFiles.


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - In an email report on June 16, 2003, at 11:05 p.m. the witness writes, "I think I saw a UFO as I closed my blinds on my window that faces north. I saw a single blue light traveling very slow towards the east. Then it flew slower and slower, and came to a complete stop, and that's when I opened my window to see if I could hear any sound and I couldn't. Then it flashed a big bright white, yellowish light and made a sharp left turn and moved faster towards the north, the light fading as it moved. I lost sight of it over the high buildings in the downtown area. Do you know of any aircraft that has this kind of lighting and can move like that?"

Thanks to Brian Vike, independant researcher, HBCC.


On Monday, June 16, 2003, at 7:08 p.m., eyewitness N.C. "saw a UFO appear from the left" in Hendon, near London. He reported, "It was flying high with green flashing lights. It was heading left, and my friend, who had binoculars for Sports Day, says he saw little red men. I then fainted. It was all very scary. Before I fainted, I took a quick look and saw something red." N.C. added that the UFO "was shiny with green lights round," and was at an estimated altitude "of 1,500 metres (5,000 feet), unsure of speed."

Thanks to UFOroundup for this Email Form Report.


CAMBRIDGE -- Walking down the street with my friend on June 15, 2003, at 4:10 PM, we saw this big long cigar shape but with spikes all over it. It came right above us, then lowered down and suddenly shot off at the speed of sound (very fast) away."

Thanks George A. Filer, FilersFiles.


CRESWELL - "My friend and I were outside playing basketball in front of her house and I noticed two bright lights blinking at a very rapid speed. It was moving extremely fast through the sky on June 15, 2003, just a few minutes after midnight. One minute it was in one spot and the next it was on the other side of the sky. We watched it for about five minutes as it zigzagged left and right and also up and down. We noticed it dropped something small and red. Then it kept trailing off into the sky and then it finally disappeared. It seemed to have a pattern: left, up, dropped down fast, then it went up really fast, then it went right, then all of a sudden it went left then disappeared. What we both thought was very odd was how the object sailed all the way across the sky in about 30-45 seconds and then disappeared and ended up turning around while repeating the pattern 5 or 6 times. Then all of a sudden it came really close to the ground and paused for a couple of seconds. When it came down close enough to see, it for Aa minute looked like a plane but then I noticed running lights: red and orange."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, and George A. Filer, FilersFiles.


SARATOGA - Debbie writes to ufologist George Filer, "I have recently heard a report of UFO sighting in Saratoga Springs, on Glenmore Avenue on June 14, 2003. A UFO supposedly landed in a field and set off car alarms in the neighborhood and got the dogs barking. Please advise if you have heard anything regarding this issue."

Thanks to George Filer, FilersFiles, and to Debbie.


WKMG TV in Orlando, Florida, USA, reports on its web site on June 13, 2003 an "unidentified object seen floating outside ISS" and that the object is "possibly from space station:"

"NASA is trying to identify a small object spotted floating outside the International Space Station Thursday, according to a report." The report also says that "No unusual events have occurred at the station that might explain the object."

"Astronaut Ed Lu spotted the object outside the window of the U.S. laboratory and took pictures of it, Local 6 News partner Florida Today reported." "Ground controllers are analyzing Lu's photos but don't yet have enough information about the object's direction of travel to determine where it came from."

According to the NASA report the object, which has moved out of sight, is likely from the station itself. They asked the U.S. Strategic Command to use its resources to gather more information about the object. "Strategic Command was able to track a small object seen floating near Columbia shortly after the shuttle entered orbit on its last mission."

See also: 06.14.2003, Unidentified object near ISS identified: a drifting cable tag.


DOUGLASVILLE -- A Delta Air Lines employee writes that, I want to report a short sighting on my way to work this morning on June 12, 2003, at 4:47 AM. I was heading south on North Burnt Hickory Road, about one mile south of the Cobb/Douglas County border. "A green tear shaped light flew in front of my vehicle moving from my left to my right, at about 1500 feet (the point of the tear was at the back like a short tail). The speed would be hard to estimate, but it was somewhere between the speed of a shooting star (it was slower) and an airplane (it was faster). It appeared to be about 1/4 inch in size and made no sound. There was a vehicle directly behind me, but I don't know whether or not that vehicle saw the light. I watched it disappear behind a tree and as I drove south I caught another glimpse of it once the tree moved out of my field of vision. It appeared as it would crash but I never heard any noise. It may be psychological, but for a second I felt as if I had passed through an electrical field. There are high-tension wires in the general area (about 1/2 mile or better north)."

Thanks to George Filer, Filersfiles, for publishing this Email report.


An impressive phenomenon in the sky has intrigued many people in New Zealand between Auckland and Christchurch, according to a report of "Today In New Zealand News" of June 12, 2003.

The report states that a large number of people reported a green fireball with red flames and a whiteish trail visually as large as the moon in the morning. Immediately, Jenny McCormick of a skywatch organisation in Auckland has declared that the phenomenon was "space debris," remains of some satellite re-entering into the atmosphere. All so immediately, Richard Hall of a skywatch organisation in Carter declared that it was a meteor.


LENEXA -- Six small silvery-white spherical shapes were seen moving very rapidly across the daytime sky on June 9, 2003, one at a time, over a 15 minute period around 12:35 in the afternoon. The eyewitness states, "I suddenly sat bolt upright, the realization hitting me that I couldn't identify what I had been watching, and said to my friend, "What the hell is that?" He didn't see it, but suddenly there was another, coming from the northeast. I quickly pointed this one out to my friend, and he immediately spotted it and began tracking it across the sky. Now, I consider myself a serious aviation enthusiast, and I know military aircraft better than most people, even other enthusiasts. I served in the Air Force as a flight line mechanic, and my buddy who was with me served in the Navy where he specialized in guided missiles. The objects didn't "float" on any breeze, they were on a laser straight course and moving at a very high rate of speed. They didn't seem to be burning or breaking up as any other meteor does, they didn't emit any sound and left no vapor trails or contrails. They didn't disturb the air at all. And any aircraft moving as fast as these were would most certainly have broken the sound barrier and delivered the telltale thunderous 'clap'."

"As we stood staring in utter disbelief at the sky, the object quickly disappeared beyond the horizon. After a minute or two there came another object, again moving from the same general direction. Some looked slightly larger than others, giving the indication of a difference in altitude or size. I dialed my brother in Idaho and excitedly told him what we were witnessing, as we spoke. They kept coming, a few minutes apart, until we counted six altogether. At one point, I watched one of the objects (which seemed either larger or lower in altitude) moving at a slower pace than the rest. As it neared the far horizon, roughly 70% of the way across the viewable sky, it seemed to suddenly accelerate. This was my first sighting of anything I could consider as even possibly having been of a non-terrestrial nature.

NUFORC Note: Peter Davenport spoke with this witness on several occasions, and found him to be exceptionally credible.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, and Maj. George A. Filer, USAF ret.


LYON - On June 9, 2003, a brighter than bright fast object with a dark shadow around it was observed about 11:30 "...I need to know I'm not going mad? I saw a round bright faster than fast thing shooting downwards out of the sky, then it was just gone in a couple seconds. That light was so bright I cant believe it."

Thanks to NUFORC.


HIXSON - The witness spotted a UFO with a fiery glow with a glowing light going from side to side on June 9, 2003. He says, "It was about 100 to 200 feet above me moving north at a controlled speed at 10 PM and looked like a stealth aircraft but with a bright orangeish fiery glow. It was a clear night and the object was extremely visible. I ran back into the house to get the camera and took a picture but it was already far off. I wish I didn't hesitate on getting my camera."

Thanks to NUFORC.


The witness reports, "I personally viewed 5 of 6 objects moving from one horizon to the other at a great altitude and at a great rate of speed at 11:35 AM on the morning of June 9, 2003. My neighbor, whom I was visiting, suddenly jumped up and pointed to the sky and said "Jesus what was that?" I had not seen the first of what was eventually to become a total of six objects that came streaking across the sky from horizon to horizon at a great altitude and an enormous rate of speed. The individual objects appeared one at a time at about three or four minute intervals, all coming out of the southwest and bearing to the northeast in what seemed to be a fanning out pattern originating in the southwest. Each of the individual objects streaked across our plain of view from horizon to the top of a tree line 30 degrees above the northeast horizon in six to eight seconds. It flew a vast distance in a relatively short amount of time. None of the objects had a wingspan or tail and they appeared to me as being just bright silvery orbs streaking across the sky without a vapor trail or a mechanical noise such as is found in commercial air flights or military flights."

NUFORC states both witnesses are former members of the military and quite credible.

Thanks to NUFORC.


On Wednesday, June 4, 2003, at 12 midnight, eyewitness Juliet S. was outdoors at her home in Athens, Georgia (population 100,266), a city located 67 miles east of Atlanta when a UFO appeared from the northeast.

"It was a big bright light that lit up the whole area," Juliet reported, "I saw it in the sky floating, and it flew along about 20 feet in the air over my head. Bright purplish in color, sort of a magenta, and it looked like a big raindrop. And I heard a noise that sounded like electricity mixed with a type of gerbil noise. It went about 70 miles per hour."

"I was freaked. I thought my family was in danger. It was not seen by anyone else in the part where I live."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this email form Report.


CNES, the small french NASA counterpart, informs that the Mars Express was succesfully launch from Ba´konur in Russia in the evening of June 2. The craft is corrctly on its way to Mars, which it should reach in the end of December 2003. CNES reports: "The probe carries the Omega and Spicam instruments, developped under french expertise with support from CNES. In addition to the search for water and for possible lifeforms, scientists mainly hope to get a global view on Mars: its geology, its evolution."



NASHVILLE - Two friends were playing tennis at McGavock High School on Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 3 PM. The eyewitness says, "I only saw the object for a couple of seconds that was a white square with no reflection." There was a large yellow blimp flying overhead in the distance, going west and the sun was behind me on a partly cloudy day. I looked up, saw the blimp and some airplanes and a white rectangular shaped object, that may have been a dull silver color. It was very small, but not too small to tell its shape. It appeared to cut across the path above the blimp while we were relatively close to the airport. I only saw it for a second, then it was gone. I kept looking, but did not see it. I told my friend, but he did not see it. He knows me well enough to know I was not lying."

Thanks to NUFORC and George Filer.


CULLMAN - The observer reports, "I saw a yellowish green oval shaped object with red and white lights surrounding the outside of the flying object on June 1, 2003." "The object appeared to be bigger than a full moon at 10:30 PM, and was moving south brightly lit up. My dad told me to run get the video camera and I got the object on video. I ran and got the car and my mother and I tried to follow it, so we could get more video, but we were unsuccessful. It was moving too quickly for us to film it, but we could see it in the distance very briefly." Three family members sent in reports concerning the sighting.

Peter Davenport reports they are investigating locally to establish whether the object might have been an illuminated blimp.

Thanks to NUFORC and George Filer.


The newspaper El Diario de la Pampa reports, "Raul Chaves and Ester Urban, field researchers specializing in animal mutilations pointed out that "so far this year we have accounted for some 60 mutilations in La Pampa and Buenos Aires." They noted that "thanks to the fact that they already know us and know that we research the subject, cattle ranchers inform us when mutilated animals are discovered. We then obtain samples which we send to the University of Buenos Aires and document everything on videotape." They refer first of these took place in the "El Martin" ranch 45 km northwest of the Pampan capital and involved a year-old calf weighing 200 kgs. On the left side of its head, the absence of the outer ear was evident along with the entire inner ear, its eye, and an oval-shaped flap of skin, measuring some 30 cm. in diameter. The absence of vulva, edge of the anus, larynx, and pharynx and a segment of the trachea, as well as part of the upper muscular. In a property located 30 kilometers north of Santa Rosa, it was a 2 year-old calf weighing 250 kg missing half of its tongue with a cauterized incision and missing the left ocular orb. In both cases professionals secured samples for subsequent study and analysis. They invite those interested in the subject to visit their website at

Thanks to Guillermo Daniel Gimenez, translation © 2003, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, and to FilersFiles.

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