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News, April 2003:

Pheno,emon photohraphed in France, April 4, 2003:

The witness communicates to me by eMail on April 17, 2003:

"Saint Saulve 59880"

"It was approximately 09:12 and 56 seconds P.M., on Friday April 4, 2003, I am used to take a walk in my garden, the night was clear and cold and I was immediately attracted by this gleam of the ball of fire type, very orange, which moved from East to West, and at low altitude compared to the stars. Very surprised, since I am accustomed to look at the sky, I returned very quickly to get my digital camera (CANON G1) and I took the photograph."

"No noise, no resonance, not flickering, I stayed at least 1 minute to observe the phenomenon which evolved from East to West. The gleam thereafter changed direction, going directly to the South increasing its speed and its altitude."

"I still wonder what it was?"

"More surprising is this other whitish gleam in the shape of a line on the top of the photograph (left higher corner) and completely in the diagonal of my observation!?"

"what am I the witness of?"

"Thanks for letting me know"

An interesting point is that there has been several reports for the same day originating from the USA, mentionning similar phenomena but at various times (both earlier and later). Refer to the news section for April 4 for details.

The attached picture:

Neither satellites nor meteors are expected to change direction or speed. The other whitish gleam on the photograph, which the witness mentions, is most probably a nearby insect, it was not seen in the sky like the other object was. The principal object of the testimony appears too remote to allow a formal identification. It could be several things, such as a balloon carrying a lamp, a plane, space junk, or even an extraterrestrial spaceship. On the photograph of dimension 1024*768, it appears as follows:

Note that the object appears in double, the double being probably a ghost image caused by a camera move.

Here a luminosity-enhanced extract of the image, increased x10:

There is a third very light ghost image caused by camera move.

Here an interpolation enlarged extract (pixels are added by averaging nearby original pixels, note that this type of enlarging adds false information on which no interpretation should be based):

The original untouched picture:

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