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News and observation reports, August 2003:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in August 2003 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


Channel 5, of Cleveland, Akron, Ohio, USA, reports on October 15, 2003, that a woman says she captured a UFO on video. The woman, Michele Braun, and her daughter Stephanie claim to have seen a light which hovered above the woods near Huntsburg in Geauga County, Ohio, on August 29, in the evening.

"A light hovering above our woods." "It would start off like a little ball, like a little white light coming toward us and then it come like a half-circle, a rod," Braun said.

"Just like going in circles and then she jumped on my mom; on her shoulder and then on her head. Like it was weird," Stephanie Braun said.

Channel 5 says, "Neighbor kids had a backyard bonfire going. But in the distance away from the rising smoke came unusual movement. Those who saw it could neither judge its distance away nor its size, saying they only know what they saw."

"From the backyard gathering, a boy grabbed his video camera. It was an eerie sight unfolding, like a fiery ball which changes its shape, Bibb said. Even the family dog became unnerved."

Channel 5 adds, "Just off Chardon-Windsor Road in Huntsburg there have been other accounts of mysterious events, Bibb said. Sometimes people say the compass behaves wildly with their needles not always pointing north."

To view news tape report inc. actual video of object, go to: http://www.newsnet5.com/news/2553384/detail.html


KPLCTV in Lafayette, Lake Charles, USA, reported on September 2 that late last week Calcasieu people said they saw something out of the ordinary, and they were able to capture it on home video.

Witness Dwayne Wilks said, "My daughter called and said dad come outside there's something really weird in the sky. It was sometime after 9:00 p.m. last Thursday night. Never seen nothing like that before in my life."

On Paul Bellon Road in north Moss Bluff, some residents said they saw a very strange string of bright lights. They say it happened in a field, just above that tall group of trees. Wilks says, "I know there was 10 of us and all of us saw the same thing." Wilks' father Daniel said, "There was definitely lights out there. Now craft I couldn't say yes or no because it was dark and I couldn't see any craft, but i did see the lights."

Another family saw it too, and Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office stated another report of it also came in that night from Iowa.

Some unnamed people said that it was consistent with aircraft landing lights, but Wilks says the people who live here say they've seen lots of aircraft pass through the area, but nothing that resembles this, "I been living here all my life and never seen nothing in that field so it wasn't just some object out there.. It was high enough off the ground. It was something in the air... You couldn't hear it. It was strange.. Totally strange."

The Lake Charles Regional Airport had no reports of any strange objects that night, and they say the airport radar didn't pick up anything.


The newspaper The Whitehaven News published on 28.08.2003 that "A UFO was spotted over Whitehaven on Saturday night."

It says that people in the Corkickle, Valley, area of Whitehaven saw "a big star surrounded by white lights and what appeared to be a framework." a resident reported to The Whitehaven News office that "It was pear shaped and came in from the Solway Firth over the Valley. There were no navigation lights, just white lights all round it and some sort of fabrication linking the thing up. It was very unusual. I had never seen anything like it – and none of us had been drinking."

"Just as it went off in a south-easterly direction towards the Lake District, some broke off or was jettisoned, falling to earth like a flash of light."

Webmaster note: the "framework", the parts falling to earth like a flash of light are highly suggestive of the old "candle on a stick" hoax, ie some candles attached to sticks lifting a plasting bag in the air.


On August 18, 2003, the german newspaper Augsburger-Allgemeine reported on a multiple witness visual sighting on "a transparent flying thing with a torch like light in it", "An unusual flying object over Ottmarshausen? Roland Keutler from this Neusaesser quarter saw something, which could fall its opinion after under the designation UFO."

On August 19, 2003, the journalists understood and reported the explanation, which is the old classic hoax of getting a candle inside a plastic bag lift off in the air. Such hoaxes started in the US and were quite massive in 1973. The hoax is generally easy to discover by reading the visual witness descriptions which are often accurate, in this case, a witness described the UFO as "looking like a glass case in which a torch stands."

Thanks to the Augsburger-Allgemeine.


You can now buy for a mere 17 Euros cheque three CD-Roms for all operating systems containing 1007 allegged UFO photographs which were gathered and more or less studied by USAF's Projet Blue Book in the 50s-60s at:

Hansjürgen Köhler, Limbacherstr.6, 68259 Mannheim, Germany.


OLD BRIDGE - On August 15, 2003, Sam Sherman writes: "My wife and I were driving east on Cottrell Road at 8:43 PM, and just as we approached Route 34, my wife noticed an odd lighted object hovering over some trees. From the distance it looked like a football shaped object, self illuminated fully (from within) by what looked like pure white light. I decided to cross Route 34 and get closer to the object, which apparently was hovering in place. After driving around a few blocks to get a clear view without trees obstructing the view, I stopped the car and took my monocular from the car trunk. With the monocular, I got a clearer view of the object. It had a white strobing light on top and a similar light on the bottom. On the side of the object I saw some darkened pattern, but could not make out what it was. Seeing this pattern gave me the idea that it might have been an advertising blimp, not a true UFO, but there are concepts against that. First, I could see no pilot's cabin or gondola on the bottom of the object and the bottom white strobing light was right on the bottom of the object not under such a gondola. Second, if it were an advertising blimp the message (dark part) on the side was impossible to read clearly and would never have been noted by the unaided eye -- what would be the purpose of such advertising? Third, if there were flashing lights on it to warn planes, it would seem that those should be red not pure white. Fourth, the object as seen appeared very similar to the British sighting as written in the email post -- below. I have gone to the FAA website and downloaded the Official Regulations for AIRSHIPS (BLIMPS)- They MUST have a RED and a GREEN LIGHT. They MUST have a light at the FORWARD END and a light REAR END. The object we sighted did not meet these regulations. My wife and I are leaning to the opinion that what we observed was a non-terrestrial craft of unknown origin. It may not have been a Football Shape but a Lenticular (lens-shaped) object such as a flying disk -- of which we only saw one side view making it look from that side as "football shaped"."

Thanks to Sam Sherman and to George A. Filer, FilersFiles.


SALMO RIVER - On August 14, 2003, at 11:20 PM, A husband and wife were traveling to Nelson, BC on Highway #6, along side the Salmo River when to their right flying at the top of the mountain was a round red ball of brilliant light. The witnesses said it moved very quickly, too fast to be an airplane and hugged the contour of the mountain. No sound was heard.

Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC and to George A. Filer, FilersFiles.


On newsshopper.co.uk, England, Richard Simcox informs on Aug 22, 2003

"A retired aviation enthusiast says he has never seen anything like an unidentified object which flew over his back garden."

"Douglas Wragg has been watching the skies for more than 50 years and knows everything there is to know about aircraft and weather balloons."

"But on a clear day in Petts Wood, he says he witnessed a cylinder-shaped flying object which was "nothing to do with aviation"."

"Mr Wragg, 71, asked his wife, Pamela, to verify he was not hallucinating after tracking the object through his binoculars."

"Describing it as like "two rolls of carpet covered in black plastic", one on top of the other, he initially thought it was a kite but ruled that out when it climbed to about 20,000ft."

"He said: "I know a lot about aircraft but I’ve never seen anything like this." He contacted Biggin Hill airport to warn them because it appeared to be in the flight path."

"Biggin Hill air traffic control did not spot the flying object and it did not appear on its radar system, which only operates for a limited radius around the airfield."

"Mr Wragg has worked for several major firms such as American Airlines and Alitalia, and started his career at British European Airways in 1955."

"If you can explain the sighting at 2pm on Tuesday, August 12, call our newsdesk on 01689 885703 or text the Editor on 07781 482502 (standard network rates apply)."


"WITH reports of mysterious happenings in the sky, News Shopper contacted Biggin Hill Airport to see if there could be an earthly explanation. Airport director Peter Lonergan said: "We don’t often get calls about UFOs, although we did have one on Saturday night. A lady left a message saying she had seen a bright light in the sky which was not moving but that is the first for a very long time. "Quite often people mistake the police helicopter for a UFO because they hover with their lights on but not all queries can be solved so easily and I don’t have any answers for this lady’s sighting.""

Webmaster's note: The lady's "bright light in the sky which ws not moving" was probably Mars. Douglas' sighting seems much more interesting.


On Monday, August 11, 2003, at 10:15 a.m., many witnesses saw "a silver spherical UFO flying over the city of Piracicaba in Sao Paulo state" in southern Brazil. "The object was in the form of a soccer ball, and it was colored an opaque white, very bright, like silver. The object alternately moved slowly and then remained stationary in the sky from time to time. Then it gained altitude very quickly and flew away to the north. Approximate time of the sighting was three to four minutes."

Thanks to Eustaquio Anddrea Patounas and UFOroundup.


EcoDiarios (www.ecodiarios.com.ar) of Necochea, Argentina, reports on August 8, 2003 that a UFO has been seen from Barrio Norte:

"A resident of our city was startled last night by a strange flying object that crossed the sky. She alerted her neighbors to the sighting."

"According to comments made to Ecos Diarios by a resident at Inmediaciones 60 y 49, sighting took place around 21:15 hours by a friend of hers who lives in Barrio Norte."

"The startled woman defined the object as a "flying saucer" but did not provide greater detail on the surprising phenomenon. At the time, the sky was completely clear and viewing conditions were optimal."

"For a number of years, our city had not recorded UFO sightings, or at least accounts of this nature were not been made public for a long time."


The newspaper The Gazette, of Hemel Hempstead, reports that there is again a UFO sighting report, about an observation on Thursday, August 7 over Hemel Hempstead, from Deaconsfield Road where Ray Tomlin saw two strange objects giving off a bright orange light shortly before 1am. The witness said he is mystified as they made no noise, but moved too fast to have been any sort of hot air balloon. There have been over 20 reports of unexplained bright objects in the sky over the past two weeks.


NEAR THE IOWA BORDER - The witness reports: "On August 5, 2003, at 5:08 AM, we woke up and had no water. The circuit breaker was OK, so it had to be something going on in the well house. I left the house at 5:00 AM, driving west on a gravel road lined with cornfields in heavy rain. The cloud ceiling was about 9,000 feet, with a temperature of 62 degrees. As I rounded a curve I saw two red lights in between a band of white light. I got a little closer to these lights and decided to turn on my high beams to see better. Immediately, the white light in between the two red lights went off, and the two red lights started to move at a faster speed over the next hill. I could make out two red lights at about 25 feet altitude moving west parallel to the road! This placed the lights ten feet above the electric wires. I saw an occasional beam of white light come from the craft directed at farmhouses as it passed. The red lights then went over the hill and I sped up to see and one of the red lights zoom off to the west. The other red light now 65 feet high stopped dead."

"The red light then turned on three banks of white and red lights with six lights in the top row, eight lights in the middle row and six lights in the bottom row. The UFO was above a farmhouse and moved 300 feet to the north and stopped. The object turned a pale shade of lime and I could make out the distinct shape of a black saucer with some sort of "stem." The saucer turned on a multitude of lights with lime green beams that lit up the grove of the farmhouse."

"You could see the black of night in between the shafts and it lit up the whole grove. I parked and watched this display 1/8 of a mile away from it. To the west, I saw the night sky light up from saucer #2. I watched for a couple of minutes, and a few other cars slowed down, but did not stop. I then turned south and headed for work with saucer #1 still blazing light lime green while saucer #2 was throbbing with orange light."

"Later, I left work to get parts to fix the well. The passing saucers, who could have been pinching electricity, probably fried the solid state-switching unit in my well. When I came back, my wife said, "She had heard a noise similar to a gunshot and the electricity had gone out." The local electrical provider came out and found a problem with a transformer and had to replace a section of underground cable on the road where I saw the two saucers."

Thanks George Filer, FilersFiles, for this E-mail report.


DENVER - The eye-witness claims, "Seeing UFOs from my office window happens frequently and at 12:20 PM, on August 4, 2003, I was phoning a client, when above a bank of clouds comes a bright white, flattened oval. It was a disk shaped object flying in a path that would bring it directly overhead. The object was 1/8th of an inch wide at arm's length flying at altitude of about 12,500 feet, with a speed of 250 MPH. It was elongated to the left and right sides with no fuselage. I watched it for a few seconds to try and determine what it was, and asked my client if I could call her back. Outside a few seconds later, I never caught sight of it again in the blue-sky, so I was surprised and disappointed, when I couldn't find it."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


STRATFORD, ONTARIO -- Brian Vike reports, "On the evening of August 4, 2003, two friends were sitting in the hot tub around 10:30 PM, and saw a slow moving light headed east." The eye-witness states, "Then I noticed an airplane coming in fast approaching the light as if it were giving chase; it flew a big curve in its flight path to catch up and come up behind the light. It looked as though he passed to the left side of the light slowing down just before passing. Then the two disappeared beyond my sight due to the house. I'm not a huge believer in UFO's, but maybe this was one? My friend in the hot tub also saw it."

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research 1 866 262 1989


LONDON - The witness was sunbathing in Crystal Park on August 3, 2003, at 4:45 PM, and was enjoying the hot weather, and watching planes flying overhead. He states, "I could see clearly see a large shiny silver ball flying above us. The object seemed to shake every now and then, but hovered at the same altitude for about ten minutes. A large jumbo jet started flying towards it, and the ball started moving up apparently to get out of the way. The plane passed and I watched as the ball continued upwards. The sky was blue with a few wispy clouds. As the ball passed through one of the clouds the cloud lit up for a split second, as if there was a lightening storm within, although it was clearly not a storm cloud. The ball became faint and was like a small star in the bright blue sky."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


BIRMINGHAM - Two drivers in two cars in phone contact were 15 miles south of Birmingham on I-65 when they noticed a perfect rectangle shaped UFO, like a flat non-reflective white 2-by-4 board. The huge object seemed suspended in air. If it was a single-level passenger craft, the fuselage average passenger height is twelve feet high. One witness asked the other, "If he had noticed the bogey at 2 o'clock? The second witness, a Marine Sgt. noted that although he knew of an airport close by, he had noticed the object and that it was certainly not moving, nor was it a contrail. He described it as Rectangle shape, like a flat non-reflective white 2-by-4, that seemed suspended in air - no movement.

Thanks to NUFORC and George A. Filer, FilersFiles.


TIOGA -- The witness writes, "Saturday night on August 2, 2003, at 10:52 PM, a group of us (three who had seen this object, and two who had not) crawled up on a roof of a picnic area at our park. My friend and I had seen the light in the sky twice and my sister had seen it once, therefore, we thought we would see if it would come again. We wanted to look at it closer with binoculars. At around 10:50-10:58 CST it came, for about 2-3 minutes or less, it looked like a star not blinking, it moved quickly and then it just vanished after a bit of flying. My friend looked in the binoculars and said it was spinning and looked like a disk."

Thanks to NUFORC and to George A. Filer, FilersFiles.


BRISTOL - On August 2, 2003, the observer reported, "My son and myself were standing in our driveway talking at 7:45 PM, and we both saw a disc in the northern sky. At first, I thought it was a balloon and called my wife to bring the binoculars. Through the binoculars, the object was flattened; and perfectly disc shaped. It was wobbling and rolling side to side, and up and down. As it flew a little closer to us, the disc reflected the sunlight as it turned. It was positively metallic, smooth, and disc shaped. We watched it for a while, and I ran in and got the camcorder and digital camera. I have about five minutes of absolutely fantastic footage on the tape, but the digital camera failed miserably. The object slowly moved NNW until it was out of sight. I am ex-military (13 years) and proficient in aircraft identification and this one was not in the books! All I can say is I got proof!"

NUFORC Note: We have spoken with the witness by telephone, and he sounds adamant as to having captured a UFO on video. We have looked at still images taken from the video, and they indicate a round, dark object against a daylight sky. PD.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


PRESCOT -- The sighting took place at 23:40 hours on August 2, 2003, from Paul Hobbs' back yard five miles east of Liverpool. The object was dark gray or a black triangle with 4 or 5 dull white lights along the leading edges, but no lights on the trailing edge. Paul estimates the object was the size of a 737 airliner flying at 1000 to 1500 feet. Paul saw the craft in the clear evening sky directly above him and within eight seconds it flew behind a neighbor's tree. The craft was flying from the northwest to southeast and was totally silent. Five minutes after the sighting he saw two the wings and tails of white doves flying in the opposite direction, which he had never seen before at night. He insists that the UFO was not birds, because the formation of lights was perfectly fixed with no deviation in the formation.

This case is now under investigation by the Mereseyside Anomalies Research Association www.mara.org.uk and Bill Bimson

Thanks to George Filer, FilersFiles.


TELKWA, BC - On August 2, 2003, a father and daughter called to tell Brian Vike that they were watching an object that was falling from the sky at 1 AM, which was orange in color and looked as if it was on fire. They claim that at a couple of points in the event the object came to a complete stop, then continued on it's way. They have taken photos of this while it was sitting stationary in the sky.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research 1 866 262 1989


Mr X Y [Name and firstname]
Les chaumes
58400 Chaulgnes [France]
Tél: [Retenu]

Madame, monsieur,

I send this email to you because I want to bring my testimony concerning a rather intriguing observation which I made yesterday evening to which I would like to require other witnesses of these strange phenomena.

Date of observation: 08/02/2003
Time of observation between 10:45 P.M. and 11:30 P.M.
Location: Chaulgnes (58400)
Weather: clear sky

I was out on my doorstep, I have been an amateur astronomer for more than 10 years I like to observe the sky frequently.

As I live in the country, I frequently observe the sky on the horizon which covers the portion of the South/West/North sky.

More precisely I frequently look in the direction of the West (direction of the Air Base of Avor (18), an air base having nuclear tactical weapons)

At aproximately 10:30, I observed the sky towards the western horizon when suddenly my sight was drawn by a white point similar to a satellite, following a West-to-East trajectory, but did not follow a strictly rectilinear line, it tended to slightly turn at some times as for a correction of trajectory. No preceptible sound, only the luminosity, slightly wavering at times.

Of small luminous magnitude, the point progessively increased magnitude as it advanced. On several occasions this object slowed down slightly, then took speed again, then I followed it with the eyes taking an East/South trajectory, and obviously the point regained altitude for I saw his luminous magnitude decrease and I lost sight of it within the 10 seconds which followed.

Total duration: aproximately 2 minutes overall

Oddly in the 5 minutes which followed the event, I observed two twinkling luminous points (similar to the lights of military planes) coming from North which oddly also took the trajectory that the point I had observed did follow. But there was smthg unusual in these objects, because the 2 objects kept a constant distance (as if they had a cable which connected them and maintained their distances, they veered at the same time, at the same speed... but no engine sound... silence... moreover the traffic lights (if that was what they were) had a very fast flickering frequency for the white and the red.

At about 11:00 P.M., while I was still observing towards the West, at 15° degrees of altitude, I observed a white flash which really disturbed my vision, more extremely than a photographer's flash (as if one put a flashlight to you in full sights during a moment.)

Within the 5 minutes which followed this flash, I saw the Western horizon "flash" with a bluish dawn ... (atmospheric phenomenon?)

I do not have an idea if the weather services had annoucned storms, but anyway these observations seem disconcerting to me. I believed initialy in atmospheric re-entries of meteorites, or space junk, but these two flashes seemed really unexplainable to me.

This morning I felt visual nauseas and problems with puffs of heats... perhaps related to this flashing phenomena? (exposure to radiations?)

After these flashes, I sent back to bed.

These intriguing observations made me think that the were:
- maybe athmospheric re-entries with impact to the ground (bluish flash)
- maybe a UFO phenomenon
- maybe the experimentation of drones and secret weapons (done at night, missiles fired in nocturnal tests...)

--> proximity of the air base of Avor at less than 50 kms of my home and a missile test range (GIAT industry in Bourges)

Maybe with a little luck other witnesses will had the benefit of such observations?

thanks you in advance for your interest Mr X Y [Nane and firstname withheld]

Note by this site's webmaster: it is very highly probable that these were manoeuvrers by the French Air Force, frequent in this location and regularly reported for their possible connection with the UFO phenomenon. Here is an example of a similar report from the same area of May 24, 2000:

"Spot of light located at North (10° of the celestial horizon) appearances between 22:50 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. seen twice May 24 and June 15, 2000. Interesting facts: appearances after passage of interceptors (direction Avor-Dijon line: ceaseless jet interceptor scrambles between 10:00 P.M. and 11:30 P.M., repeated passes... maybe it is night exercise, but oddly they always follow the same trajectory and even the same altitude. Spot of light: flash, then descending movement (lasted 3 seconde) then disappears white a flash (similar also to a ball of fire). Diameter estimated from 4 mm (thus object of large dimension because the distance is important)."


SALEM - The witness reported: "I was over at friend's house on August 1, 2003, looking for shooting stars at 12:20 PM, and said, "Look at that one, its bright." I was convinced it was a shooting star, until it made a random course change. The object looked about the size of an airplane flying high. However, the lighting was too bright indicating that it was close. It flew from the center of the sky to the horizon in about five seconds, and made a hard turn to the right through a set of clouds flying south towards Marblehead. The object had three lights on the front in a triangle shape, and the lighting was orange. It definitely traveled through the clouds, because the clouds were illuminated as it passed through. It moved way to fast to be a plane."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.

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