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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO seen and videotaped in Bahrain sky:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Bahrain Tribune, Bahrain, on October 15, 2003.


People from around the country have reported seeing an Unidentified Flying Object in the skies of Bahrain emitting strange lights for about a minute at around 11pm on Friday.

Bahraini Mohammed Jaffer Al Hajer was sitting with six of his friends outside his home in Qurrayah village near Budaiya when they noticed the UFO in the distant skies. Al Hajer 'caught' the strange object on his digital video camera as the lights appeared twice – once when the UFO emitted a bright yellow light and the second time when it split into two before disappearing.

"We first noticed the strange light appear to the left of the Batelco tower in the village," he said. "We saw it again just above the tower when I reached for my camera and began to video tape it." Al Hajer videotaped the object for about 40 seconds before it disappeared. The pictures were not clear because of the high speed of the object and the low resolution of the camera, according to Al Hajer. People in Manama also reported seeing the UFO at the same time and placed it between Manama and Muharraq, in the same vicinity as Al Hajer claimed.

However, sources at Bahrain International Airport tower told the Tribune that the radars there did not register any abnormal activity during that time.

The article was also published on the Bahrain Tribune web site,, at with the video frame underneath:

The caption was:

The lights emanating from the UFO as it split into two, as recorded by Al Hajer. The red blur is the Batelco tower light.

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