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News and observation reports, November 2003:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in November 2003 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


Reminder: ESA's Mars Express probe is scheduled to arrive at Mars at Christmas: the Beagle 2 lander is expected to touch down on the surface of Mars during the night of 24 to 25 December.


UK TV channel Channel 4 has shown this evening their "faked UFO" documentary. The featured UFO was built by a special effects company in London, for £50,000.

It was flown using 20 controllers, over Avebury, in late August. It was about 25ft wide, used helium for life, and worm fans for control.

Pictures were brought to SKY News, the next day, and aired. The contact supplied only 1min 40 secs of material, put online on the Internet.

Although the video was accompanied by fake testimonies, ufologists quickly found out that a local newspaper published witness accounts which exposed the fraud. These accounts were available on the Internet. People on the location actually saw the hoaxers manipulating the fake saucers. It thus required more media "intervention" to "restore" the credibility of the hoax. Witnesses' statements had then been deliberately altered or even created to cause a completely different view of the event.

This did not prevent UFO fans to criticize ufologists for "not investigating" and "not giving publicity" to the "dramatic evidence."

Since I quickly learned at the time that this UFO was faked by a TV crew, I did not report it, except that I explained the hoax to those who asked me personally. Media and "anti-UFO" people have set up hoaxes to discredit witnesses and ufologists ever since the UFO question appeared.


SICKLERVILLE - The witness who just completed his grad diploma in astronomy reports photographing an object moving across the Moon on November 9, 2003, during the Lunar Eclipse using his Sony digital camera: "I happened to notice that in the series of photos, I had captured a small red star-like dot which first appears on the lunar horizon, and then moved several degrees across the face of the moon and slightly north. A blow up of the object from several shots reveals the same structure. Something like two red donuts stuck together. I suppose some people may say its an artifact caused by the camera, but I doubt an artifact would look like donuts. I should add, I am somewhat familiar with the subject of Transient Lunar Phenomenon."

Thanks to WUFOD and Bruce Cornet and FilersFiles.


On Saturday, November 8, 2003, at 7:45 p.m., G.C. and his friends decided to go out to "a partially wooded clearing at the end of a dead-end road" just off Huron Avery Road in Huron, Ohio (population 7,598), to watch the lunar eclipse.

"Me and about a dozen or so people were outside on the north side of a barn, attempting to witness the lunar eclipse, which was giving a decent view with just a few clouds," G.C. reported, "I walked around to the east side of the barn to relieve myself and watched an object in the sky," which approached from the southeast.

"It resembled a huge metal kite," observed G.C., who added that he was "looking towards the Huron River just south of Lake Erie" at the time.

"I could see quite well because of the moonlight. Then it started to descend. My curiosity turned to fear when I saw that it was disc-like with rotations underneath. Approximately 100 yards (90 meters) away, slow descent, almost floating. Then hovering about 50 feet (15 meters) over a neighbor's house for about two seconds, then moving east. Then it "hyperdrived" and vanished.

Huron is on Ohio Route 6, which runs along Lake Erie's south shore, about 45 miles (72 kilometers) west of Cleveland. (Email Form Report)

Thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFOroundup.



On Saturday, November 8, 2003, at 8:15 p.m., eyewitness J.B. was outdoors in Brookline, Massachusetts (population 57,107), a suburb 5 miles (8 kilometers) southwest of Boston, "when a strange object approached from the northwest (Cambridge, Mass.--J.T.)."

"On the night of the recent lunar eclipse, a boomerang shape of about 30 small white lights moved silently across the sky," J.B. reported, "At its closest to me, it was about the width of my fist at arm's length. I couldn't see any object, just the lights. It was far lower than the usual planes and much slower. It moved steadily until it disappeared behind some houses."

"The lights were white; nothing else was visible," he added, "Its height was perhaps 1,200 feet (360 meters) high. Departed to the southeast (North Quincy, Mass.-- J.T.)." (Email Form Report)

Thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFOroundup.


On Saturday, November 8, 2003, at 8:15 p.m., eyewitness Randy H. and his wife were under "a clear and cold sky with clouds in Detroit, Michigan," watching the lunar eclipse, when they spotted some UFOs.

"Me and my wife were out in front of our house, looking at the eclipse with our 10 X 42 binoculars from 8 to 8:30 p.m.," Randy reported, "At approximately 8:15 p.m., I was out on our front porch alone. I focused on the moon, then after that a jet. Less than a minute later, I saw a formation of four, maybe five, grayish, kind of small, jet-shaped objects moving together, fast and quiet, and heading east."

"So I quickly focused on the four for about a second, and they were gone!"

"I would guess they were going approximately 700 to 900 miles per hour. When I first saw them, I thought they were a bird or duck formation. But after focusing on them briefly, I realized that they were too fast, and I'd never seen anything like these. To me, they had to have been UFOs. No lights on these craft."

Thanks to John and Jenny Hoppe, UFO Wisconsin, www.ufowisconsin.com.


West Chatham - Two observers were watching the lunar eclipse on November 8, 2003. One is a 63 year old floor covering salesman who noticed four white to "reddish" lights move into the area of the sky close to the eclipsed moon at 8:50 PM. The lights would move quickly then stop, then move quickly again. They were generally together but obviously moved independently of one another. One light then moved quickly in a northerly direction while the other three moved quickly in a southerly direction and out of sight. The entire episode lasted about 30 seconds. The lights were not pinpoints, but rather had some small area to their origin. It was clear and cold at the time of the sighting.

Thanks to UFO Casebook on-line reporting Ufocasebook@aol.com and George Filer, FilersFiles.


Canadian ufologist Brian Vike reports on a sighting in West Central Minnesota, Saturday, November 8, 2003, at 17:30:

"Object was oval in shape. Coming from the east and horizontal. As it gets very close it turns to a vertical position and emits a red glow. Remains 'sideways' for a few seconds then simply blinks off. Just disappeared. The moon was rising to the southeast of vantage point, air was surreal and it was quiet. No other remarks."

Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research, Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 1989 - Free call. email: hbccufo@telus.net, Website: http://www3.telus.net/public/wilbur8/hbcc_ufo_research.htm

Note: a photograph of the object was provided; however the photograph does not look different than effect of a digital photograph of the moon or an analog long exposure photograph of the moon.


NAVAL BASE KITTERY - The witness saw a set of five white lights, with very bright beams on November 6, 2003, at 9:09 PM, a mile from the Navy base. The beams were at a 34 to 45 degree angle and hovered through the cloud cover. The witness states, "I watched it come closer through the clouds for about five minutes when part of the object broke through the cloud cover exposing two of its five lights. There was a crescent or cylinder shape behind the lights that was darker in appearance than the sky. It hovered for minutes, slowly retreating into the cloud cover. I watched the five lights for ten more minutes. The width of each light was twice as large as any airplane I've ever seen. Finally I watched the lights disappear, remaining in circular shapes and all moving simultaneously until completely disappearing from sight."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


The witness writes on November 7, 2003:

"I wanted to let you know about a nocturnal sighting of yesterday evening. I live in Lille [big city], I am 25 years old and I am a UFO believer. This is my third unexplained observation (in 2 years)."

"At about 11:15 P.M.,, I went outside on the balcony of my flat to smoke a cigarette, the sky was clear, slightly misty and the moon was full. My attention was drawn for a moment onto moving objects, which flew very low, I am unable to tell if it was a single object or rather a formation, it more resembled one formation of 3 objects, 3 spots as I call them, a little bit translucent, of white color and with an egg shape. They were in tight formation and moved in a rectilinear way at a constant speed, they passed at some twenty of meters above the top of the roof of my building, without any noise, in total silence, I had the impression which they "quietly slipped" into the sky and flew above the city, the observation was very brief, a few seconds but I had never seen anything like this. I quickly dismissed certain assumptions such as plane, helicopter, balloons... for my part it was also not a natural phenomenon or a standard comet... I do not know what it was."


Here is a UFO Wisconsin Report Form Submission by Frank Scassellati, of a sighting on November 3, 2003 6:30PM, in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, USA. The witness wrote:

"I sighted a huge triangular-shaped U.F.O. on November 3,2003 in the town of Dunmore, Pennsylvania. I was visiting my fiance, who lives in Dunmore, Pa. It was 6:30 in the evening and we were travelling to a local Sunoco gas Station to fill my fiance's car with gas. We were near the Dunmore Cemetary, close to the Sunoco gas station, when we noticed a huge, triangular- shaped U.F.O. in the evening's sky. It was black, or dark in color, with three huge, glowing lights on each edge of the triangle. The object was approximately 500 feet in length, and about 300 feet above the ground. The object did not move. It remained motionless in sky. The sky was clear. The temperature was 60 degrees Fahrenheit."

"My fiance also saw the U.F.O. She was driving her Toyota Corolla to the local Sunoco gas station to be filled with gas. I was a passenger in the front seat of the car. My fiance and I gazed in amazement at this wondrous vehicle. My fiance exclaimed, "What's that? It doesn't look like an airplane. It's not moving. Maybe it's a U.F.O.". I agreed with her. I believed it to be a U.F.O. As we entered the Sunoco gas station, I rolled down my window and put my head outside to get a better view, but the U.F.O. had vanished, it was nowhere to be seen."

"I told my friend John Peruka, author of the theory "The Secret of Olyphant", about this U.F.O., and he is familiar with this area of Dunmore, Pa., and will try to investigate to see if someone else had seen this U.F.O."

"This is my third U.F.O. sighting experience. My first was on September 25, 1970, in Jessup, Pennsylvania. My first U.F.O. sighting involved encounters with the "Men-in-Black". My second U.F.O. sighting experience was of two diamond-shaped U.F.O.'s in Peckville, Pa., about one mile from my first U.F.O. sighting. This third U.F.O. sighting occurred in Dunmore, Pa. only a few miles from my first two U.F.O. sightings. My friend John Peruka and I believe this area, including the town of Olyphant, Pa., to be a "Doorway", or portal between dimensions, used by extraterrestrial, or perhaps interdimensional, entities, to enter into our world."

"I am searching for answers to my U.F.O. sightings, and for answers in the U.F.O. enigma. I believe that much is being kept hidden from us about U.F.O.'s, and the extraterrestrial, or perhaps interdimensional, presence. I, and many others, are fighting for full disclosure about U.F.O.'s. We, and all of humankind, have the right to know the truth."

Frank Scassellati

Thanks to the witness and UFOWisconsin www.ufowisconsin.com/outofstate/r2003_1103_jessup_pennsylvania.html


On Saturday, November 1, 2003, two luminous discs "were seen floating over the city of Buenos Aires," Argentina's capital, "in the plain light of day."

"One of the two objects was floating near the moon for several minutes, while the other accelerated swiftly to the northern end of the city," the neighborhoods of Dorrego and Frederico Larco, "where it too remained stationary for several minutes. Then the two UFOs flew slowly (north) towards Tigre and the Rio Parana in formation."

"This flight was videotaped by Argentinian observers on the ground, who captured 10 minutes of video footage," ufologist Ricardo E. D'Angelo reported.

Thanks to Ricardo E. D'Angelo and UFOroundup.


Three people spotted a UFO about seven miles (11 kilometers) west of Parkersburg, West Virginia (population 33,100) on Saturday evening, November 1, 2003.

According to Mark, an eyewitness, the sighting took place at 5:30 p.m. on State Route 47 and "was witnessed by three people."

Ohio ufologist Kenny Young reported, "Just after parking their car in a friend's driveway around 5:30 p.m., Mark and his wife had gotten out of the car and spotted an unusual object in the eastern sky."

"Mark stood in the driveway and asked his wife to go inside the house to get their friend to witness the object also."

"The object, Mark said, had a smooth and consistent steady glow that was white in color, not a brilliant silver-white but a dirty, fuzzy, off-white hue. It did not have soft or diffused edges but had clearly defined edges."

"The UFO, from his perspective, was perhaps as big as a 2-inch (5-centimeter) object held in his fingers at arm's length."

"'The object was like a dome on a half-round bubble,' Mark said, 'I could see it crisp and crystal clear. The bottom edge was horizontal, flat. It had a rock-steady motion of flight. There was no shake or wobble.'"

"Mark said the object was flying along at the speed and height that an average low-flying aircraft would move across the sky, not abnormally quick."

"The object was first seen in the eastern sky at an estimated 30 degrees" above the horizon "and had a path from south to north. As the object continued its flight, Mark walked to the end of the driveway to get out of the trees and see it from a clearing. By this time, however, the object had departed to the north. All three witnesses agreed that the object was NOT something they could identify."

Many thanks to Ohio ufologist Kenny Young for this report and to UFOroundup.

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