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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO sighting, Grimsby, U-K.:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Grimsby Telegraph, of Grimsby, U-K., on October 6, 2003.



Could little green men soon be arriving down Grimsby's Freeman Street?

Steve Musson (38) and his wife Caron (36) had a close encounter when they spotted what they believe was a UFO spinning across the sky near the shopping area. They saw what Steve described as "a black shiny disc turning over and over in the sky."

The UFO was in the air above their Bodiam Way, Grimsby, home for several minutes before Steve went inside and grabbed his video camera.

The footage, which he gave to the Telegraph, shows an intriguing black object, which comes in and out of view and catches the light on regular intervals.

It is in view for just over a minute before it completely disappears. On the film Steve can be heard to say: "It's just gone. I can't see it."

Speaking after the strange incident, he said: "We were just sitting in the garden when Caron saw something in the sky.

"She pointed it out to me and we had no idea what it was. It was very high up and was easily at the same height that planes often fly at.

"In fact, just after we stopped filming, a plane flew past in the same location, but it was no way as high as the black disc.

"I'm glad that I was able to run inside and grab my camera. Otherwise nobody would believe what we had seen.

"We've asked our neighbours but they saw nothing. It was very hard to spot and Caron was lucky to see it.

"From now on we'll be keeping our eyes on the skies, just in case we see anything like it again. It was very strange."

The footage has been given to Grimsby para-psychologist Robin Furman - a national expert on all things weird and wonderful.

He was intrigued by the video and decided that it should be sent away to a laboratory to be enhanced. He described the results as "very interesting".

Mr Furman said: "In most cases you find that UFO footage is either too good that you can see it must be a fake. Or so bad that you can't make out anything.

"However, this video falls squarely in the middle and raises some very interesting questions about what it is.

"I can't say for definite that it came from outer space.

"However, I can definitely say that it is unidentified and will probably remain so for some time."

Have you seen a UFO?

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