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News and observation reports, May 2003:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in May 2003 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 10:30 p.m., the male eyewitness was outdoors at his home in Omak, Washington state (population 4,721), a small town on Highway 155 approximately 125 miles northwest of Spokane, when he spotted "a UFO heading north towards Alaska or the Yukon."

"The second one headed the same way at 11:10 p.m. The first one came from the southeast, and the second one came straight from the south over Omak. They were both heading north towards the Mackenzie Mountains."

"They both glowed green, and they looked like glowing green balls. They both seemed to be traveling fast when I saw them, till they disappeared about four seconds later."

"Sometimes I got the impression that they were trying to imitate a planet. They were in outer space with the stars."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this email form Report.


On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 9:45 p.m., Steve H. was at the Wisconsin Dells, a geologic feature 50 miles north of Madison, the state capital, when he spotted an unusual object approaching.

"The object was about the size of my thumbnail," Steve reported, "I was sitting outside, looking at the Big Dipper. It was a bright white light that appeared to come out of total darkness. I watched it slowly fade out or dim as it moved towards the south."

"About a half hour later (10:15 p.m.) I saw another object east of the Dipper which acted in the same manner. It was a clear night at the time of this sighting."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this email form Report.


On Sunday, May 25, 2003, a couple "was walking down a hill next to the street we live on" in the West Bay section of Dunoon, Argyllshire, Scotland, UK "when I turned to my right and saw a bright green-yellow oblong shape moving really quietly horizontally across the top of the Bishop's Glen (hills)," the female witness reported, "I said, 'Did you see that?' He said he saw the same thing and noted that there was no noise."

"It was travelling faster than the speed of the fighter jets that fly over here on training regularly. The object made no noise, moved quickly, was 'luminous' green/yellow, and I noticed slight pinkish tinges around the edges. Then it just disappeared."

"It was going from north to south, very big and very fast. Didn't know who to report it to. Found your Web site."

Thanks to Joes Trainor, UFO Roundup, for this mail form report.


NECOCHEA - Inexplicata reports that researcher Guillermo Gimenez is investigating the maneuvers of some ten UFOs flying over the Port of Necochea-Quequn on Sunday, May 25, 2003. The eyewitness is an engineer with the Necochea Power Station, belonging to the Centrales de la Costa Atlantica S.A. (CCASA) company. He claims the objects were of considerable size, white in color and were flying between 8:20 and 8:30 hours. The objects maneuvered in absolute silence and vanished in the direction of Parque M resort. Necochea is once more a constant area of UFO manifestations.

Thanks to Guillermo Daniel Gimenez, translation © 2003, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.


Press release.

Ica, Peru - The newly formed Ica Stones Association, a non-for-profit group dedicated to safeguarding the Ica Stone Library as a treasure for humanity, is now official according to Museum Director and Association Secretary, Eugenia Cabrera de Velasquez, daughter of the late Ica Stones researcher and curator, Dr. Javier Cabrera.

The immense collection of ancient engraved stones found in the Peruvian desert in the early 1960's comprises a sophisticated library of over 15,000 carved images. The controversial stones include depictions of a lost civilization with knowledge of medical transplants and advanced technology. The library is organized by subject matter including the races of man, animals including species of dinosaur, lost continents, and knowledge of an ancient global catastrophe. Early Spanish chronicles reported similar stones found in pre-conquest tombs.

The Ica Stones Museum located in Ica, Peru (two hours north of the Nazca Lines), is open by request to groups and individuals by contacting the Association. Membership is open to all persons who have a desire to maintain and support the Museum's presence and to safeguard the treasure of the Stone Library for future generations.

To inquire about becoming a member or visiting the Museum, contact us in writing:

The Ica Stones Association
Bolivar 170-Plaza de Armas
Ica, Peru
South America

For additional information on the Ica Stones Collection, please contact our U.S. Representative Kathy Doore at: kathy@labyrinthina.com, or visit her website at Labyrinthina.com.


On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 11:30 p.m., Ralee Gomez was outdoors at her home in Clearfield, Utah (population 25,974), a city on the eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake approximately 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of Ogden, when "a UFO suddenly appeared from the south."

"We were sitting on the porch, facing the southeast, looking at the sky," Ralee reported, "Then, appearing from the south, we seen a close-knit formation of three glowing UFOs zooming in, hovering for a split-second, then changing direction towards the west, then (to the) north very fast. Not a jet. Totally clear skies, no clouds at all, no shadows following the glow."

Ralee described the UFOs as "bright, glowing, whitish-yellow - three solid objects, triangular in shape, a perfect formation. Speed faster than any F-16 (fighter) or B-2 (bomber) we see everyday."

(Joe Trainor's Note: Hill Air Force Base is located two miles east of Clearfield, Utah.

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this email form Report.


The witness says: "On May 20th, I was setting up my telescope; an airplane flew over my head low in the sky, heading south. Then 3 lights appeared again in the sky almost exactly at the same position I noticed them last week, except this time they were dramatically bigger. All I could do was poke my dad and point to them, and he was absolutely astonished. They were very large this time, 3 very distinct orange/red rings, like 3 Spaghettios that again were heading east over Lake Winnebago, seeming to sway and swarm about each since he was a teen, and he had no explanation for what he saw, at least no earthly one. After doing some research today on the web, I hadn't found anything that really resembled what I saw until I saw this site. The video clip by Jim Jordan from 7-20-02."

View video at: http://www.ufowisconsin.com/video_gallery/v2002_0720_ufodaze.htm l, near bottom of the page, shows perfectly at one point how 3 of the lights moved about each other.

Thanks to www.ufowisconsin.com.


The witness reports his UFOs observation in the park of Laurentides, Province of Quebec, road 175, between the junction of Alma and L'Etape, Canada, at 02:25 A.M. on Monday, May 19, 2003. The duration of observation is 4 minutes. The written witness:

"I take a few moments to report the observation of a UFO phenomenon I have just witnessed last night. I am not someone who indulges in tellinh his personal stories but in this case I consider that it is my duty to share my experiment in order to help someone else or quite simply to get some hints and have someone tell me what I saw because I am still disturbed by it this morning on my arrival in Montreal."

"I left from Chicoutimi at about 2:10 A.M. to drive to Montreal. The night is hot and the moon strongly lights the forest of the park of Laurentides. When I arrived between the junction of Alma and L'Etape two lengthened and vers luminous elliptic discs fly over the forest on my left at approximately 50 meters of my vehicle. I start to observe them without quitting them from the eyes and I completely open the window to make sure that they are not reflections or something like that and they follow me during a lomg moment. The light which surrounds the two UFOS is whitish and their movement is very particular. They make abrupt movement and move fast laterally and ahead. I can perfectly see the two UFOS during approximately 10 seconds then they disappear a split second to reappear during a moment. I wondered during one moment if they followed my car because they followed me like this during approximately 4 minutes which were very long for me. Then whereas the two UFOS in the shape of lengthened discs follow me laterally, I see two other UFOs ahead which are movin in the opposite direction to join them and thus make a formation with 4 in rhombus, which move strangely with sharp and precise movements but always with logic. Approximately at the third minute there are not two only to move above the forest, but four luminous discs. The feeling I have at this this moment is both fear and amazement but I do not want to pull up for two reasons; firstly to not lose sight of them, then by pure fear that if they also immobilize their movements I would have quite simply lost my nerves. Thereafter, the four UFOs came above the road during a few seconds in front of my car (approximately at 70m), then directed themselves again to the forest on my left. Whereas I lost sight of them I see at the same time interval 5 seconds) a plane, helicopter or another apparatus which comes by in the North at the same place where I observed the UFOs, the pilot of this craft probably saw the phenomenon because he was at the heart of the phenomenon also. The size of the UFOs was of approximately the length of three long cars (could be smaller) and they flew relatively low at the tree top at certain moments."

"I do not write this story for the pleasure but to have answers to my questions, what I saw this night. If someone saw the same observations than myself this same night in the park of Laurentides please please let it be known (I believe that I crossed 10 vehicles in the 200 km of the park and none during the observations). a second question annoys me a lot, which was this craft at low altitude seen at the same time when I lost sight of the four UFOs, was this a plane, a helicopter or something else. If somebody can have access to the possible flights of aircraft at 2:55 in the morning in this sector of the park of Laurentides there are strong chances that the pilot saw the UFO phenomenon and could testify about it but who knows who this craft belongs to. One thing is certain is that if I have had a video camera people could have be shown a spectacular display who would have upset them, nevertheless I reported it back the best than I can and if somebody can enlight me do not hesitate to write to me."

Thanks to this witness. Any additionnal information can be sent to me at ufologie@ufologie.net and I will forward it to this witness.


"AMERSFOORT -- An extraordinary UFO sighting was reported on May 17, 2003, when multiple witnesses saw some strange flying objects. A 36-year-old limousine driver, took some pictures with his HP 620 digital camera. Around 13:45 he took notice of a large weird shaped object in the sky with two smaller objects beneath it. The smaller objects seemed to be under intelligent control by the larger object in some way. The object appeared to be round shaped and reasonably large. The objects were gray-black and didn't make any noise. They moved at a variable speed, about 30 km/h average, at first south, and then north. After ten minutes the UFOs disappeared over the horizon."

"The witness took three pictures of the strange flying objects that showed twenty perfectly round orbs that were not noticed by the witness during the sighting. Three orbs formed a triangular formation. Experts were contacted and couldn't explain the phenomena that was displayed. In Belgium last week, an erected cross "standing" in the air was seen by 9 witnesses."

Thanks to Toine Trust www.ufoplaza.nl Dutch UFO Disclosure and to Maj. George A. Filer, USAF ret., FilersFiles.


On Thursday, May 15, 2003, at 9 p.m., amateur astronomer Dennis B. was about to observe the lunar eclipse from his home in Baraboo, Wisconsin (population 10,711) when something unusual happened.

"I went out to watch the lunar eclipse May 15, 2003 in my backyard. With me was a pair of 16X50 binoculars, my 35mm camera and a video camera with a zoom lens. A polarized filter was placed over the videocam because of the glare of the moon."

"I placed the videocam on a tripod and aimed it at the moon. The Earth's shadow was just beginning to cover the bottom of the moon. Leaving the video camera, I watched the eclipse with my binoculars and took some photos with my camera. I saw a number of bright lights moving about the moon, which I tried to photograph. (The camera did pick up some of these lights - D.B.) The time was 9:15 p.m."

"At the same time, my video camera was filming a number of bright reddish-white points of light moving from right to left and left to right across the top of the moon. There were also points of light moving at the bottom of the moon, some seemed to be chasing each other, passing over other ones."

"During the same time, between 9:15 and 10 p.m., a number of the lights, which looked like very bright stars, moved toward the moon, slowed down, changed direction and went down below the moon, changing direction again. Meanwhile, other bright objects went from the left side of the moon, across the glare of the moon's surface, and came out on the right side. Some went from the right to the left."

"All of these objects--some were bright and some were dim - seemed suddenly to appear from the blackness of space, were bright near the moon, then faded away into the darkness again. The sky at the time was very clear. I counted about 35 objects, although some of them may have turned around to pass the moon again. This all happened between 9:15 and 10 p.m."

"Then I didn't see any more and concentrated on filming the lunar eclipse until it was total. I did not realize my video camera recorded these objects until I viewed the tape on my TV screen later that night. My wife was with me at the time. What these objects were, I don't know. I have been interested in astronomy for years, have a telescope, yet I never saw anything like this before."

Baraboo, Wis. is on Highway 136 approximately 45 miles north of Madison, the state capital.

Many thanks to Joe Trainor, and to John and Jenny Hoppe of UFO Wisconsin for this report.


WINNEBAGO, OSHKOSH COUNTY -- UFO Wisconsin Reports by Lee B. Two recent sightings to report: May 15, 2003. My dad and I were out in his backyard with a telescope and a digital camera, watching the lunar eclipse. At some point that night, while I was star hopping with my binoculars to locate a Messier object, I saw 3 very distant shapes move across my field of view. I instantly started following it/them through the binoculars. They were so faint I knew I wouldn't be able to find them again if I looked away even a second. My girlfriend was right next to me and I told her what I was seeing, and she said she could barely see something moving up there in the same direction. The objects appeared to me as 3 orange/red shapes, the light appearing in a ring about the object, not as a solid sphere of light. They moved steadily east, and eventually disappeared in the trees. At first glance, I was just intrigued. And I didn't think of them being odd until I saw how they moved independently! It wasn't one fixed set lights; all 3 seemed to bob towards and away from the other while they continued on their path."

Thanks to Maj. George A. Filer, USAF ret., FilersFiles.


CLINTON COUNTY -- Ashley M. for UFO Wisconsin reports, "A few friends and I had decided to go park on a hill and watch the lunar eclipse on May 15, 2003. At about ten o'clock, when the eclipse was in full swing, from the north, hovering over the trees we saw an orange/bluish orb. I couldn't really tell how big it was, or exactly how far away it was, but it was jerking back and forth at an impossible angle and very fast. It was shining a red light down into the forest as if it were looking for something. After a minute of hovering, it zigzagged back and forth its lights dimmed drastically. It started moving east at a medium speed until it was out of our range. My friends and I know that this was not a plane."

Thanks to Jenny Hope, www.ufowisconsin.com and George Filer, FilersFiles.


GOLETA - A California Highway Patrol officer (CHP) reports a lengthy sighting of a peculiar metallic-appearing disc in the morning sky on May 13, 2003, at 9:20 PM. Peter Davenport, the director of NUFORC, was contacted by an employee of the Federal Aviation Administration, inquiring whether we had received any reports from sources in California, describing a peculiar, metallic-looking, disc-shaped object in the morning skies in the vicinity of Santa Barbara. The employee provided us with the name and telephone number of the individual with whom the FAA had spoken, a CHP Officer, who had described to them his alleged sighting earlier in the morning. NUFORC spoke with the officer for 25 minutes, and he described having witnessed a very bizarre-looking, disc-shaped object in the skies above "the freeway" in the vicinity of Goleta, CA. The officer had witnessed the object for an estimated 30 minutes, and several of his family members had, also, witnessed the same object from a different location in Santa Barbara. The officer stated that he first thought the object might be some type of kite, but then abandoned that notion, as he continued to watch it. The object was circular in appearance, and it was "tumbling, end over end." He was facing north, and the object was moving to the north, away from his location, probably passing over the Santa Barbara Beach. He assumed that other reports might have been submitted to the Santa Barbara Police or Sheriff, although those two offices reported that, to the best of their knowledge, no reports had been submitted to them. It flew towards Vandenberg AFB.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org, and George Filer, FilersFiles.


BJAEVERSKOV - The witness was walking his dog and saw a very sharp white light that was a bit bigger than a big star on May 12, 2003. "It was in a position almost mid way between the Moon and "Karlsvognen" at 4:23 PM. I do not know the English name. The light lasted about 5 to 10 seconds before it faded out slowly and disappeared. It was not moving away. There was no sound. I continued to look for ten minutes but it never came back."

Thanks to Maj. George A. Filer, USAF ret., FilersFiles.


LONGWOOD/WINTER SPRINGS - The witness was driving along with a friend on May 11, 2003, at 2:45 AM, when they noticed a green shooting light, that was way too low to be a star, going really fast across the sky. "As I am a pilot, I didn't notice any other possible position lights, any distinct sounds or anything else abnormal. I can't think of it as fireworks as it didn't leave any sort of trail and it did not seem low enough. I estimate the altitude was 2,000 feet or so, going south/southwest at a very high speed. Couldn't see where the light went due to trees on the side of the road."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


LAGUAN NIGUEL -- The observers were celebrating Mother's Day on May 11, 2003, at 10:30 AM, by having breakfast outside on a clear, cloudless, morning. They had observed vultures and birds soaring earlier when they noticed a distant object overhead inland. A short time later they noticed the object made a reflection from the sun. "From a distance it was speculated to be a glider or balloon. Curiosity caused us to get a pair of 10X25 binoculars, and we then determined it was a disc like craft "soaring" in the morning sky slowly moving toward the ocean in a general northward path. We all took turns looking, as it slowly drifted over our location. As it swooped and floated much like a bird in a thermal, we could determine the top was a dark reflective shiny surface, much like lenses in a reflective pair of sunglasses. As it turned, it was very thin, almost flat, becoming almost invisible from the side. The bottom side looked like turbine blades in a jet engine, but they were moving slow enough to see. The underbelly was either translucent, or reflected the light from the ground on the surface beyond the "turbine like" blades. I was able to get several shots with a digital camera, but at that distance the quality was less than marginal. We attempted to get a video but the camera had a low battery and by the time we got it charged the object was out of sight. It was difficult to determine the size. As a layperson I felt it could be some unknown kind of domestic unmanned surveillance craft."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


LOUISVILLE - The witness reports the strange object moved slowly over his head and then rolled over several times and moved off in a different direction on May 11, 2003. At 8:55 PM, it was twilight outside and the craft appeared to be a dark color. The observer states, "It was shaped like a yellow jacket (bee) and looked like it had something like wings on both sides in the front and back. I did not see any lights on the craft and it moved slow right over my head. It was very cloudy out and the craft seemed to be just under the cloud cover. It flew right over my head, rolled over several times, and changed direction. I was yelling for my wife to come look at it but by the time she got out on the deck all she saw was a black dot on the horizon. I have never seen anything like this before. It may have been a large balloon like the size used in a parade caught in the wind but I don't know."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


TERRACE -- On May 10, 2003, at 10:55 PM, a witness living in Terrace, BC was outside burning wood in a barrel, his girlfriend had left to go inside. The witness was sitting on a bench watching the fire when he looked up into the southwestern part of the sky and saw a small white colored light heading to the northeast. The light was rather bright and traveling quickly. He viewed the light for about 15 seconds, it blinked a couple of times before it finally disappeared.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 1989 www3.telus.net/public/wilbur8/hbcc_ufo_research.htm

Note: an Irridium satellite maybe?


On Saturday, May 10, 2003, at 9:45 p.m., Veronica A. took her pet dog outside at her home in Blaxland, a small town in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, and saw a strange light approaching.

"I took my dog outside at about 9:45 p.m.," Veronica reported, "I immediately noticed a strange burnt orange/copper roundish object in the sky in the far distance. It looked like a star only a fair bit larger."

"I called to my brother, who came to the upstairs window. I asked him what it could be, and he said he didn't know. He called his wife, and she came downstairs with me, and he stayed upstairs. (I wish I had grabbed the videocamera--V.A.) At first I thought it was stationary, but then it started to move slowly towards the ground."

"I estimate that it was lower than the height (altitude in the USA--J.T.) of a plane and about 10 to 20 kilometers (6 to 12 miles) from where I was standing. It was over the bush. (forest or woods in the USA--J.T.)"

"After two to three minutes, I could no longer see it because of my neighbour's roof. I considered moving towards the bush, which is only a street away, to see where it went, but the sceptic in me made me not bother."

"We all discussed it later, and even my brother agreed it couldn't have been a satellite/comet because it lingered in one spot for too long. There was no trail. Just the roundish light. If you put four or five stars together, that would be the size."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFIroundup, for this email form report.


SAN FRANCISCO - The observers were watching the waves for good surf at Ocean Beach when they noticed a low flying, silent triangular shaped object about one mile south of the Cliff House on May 9, 2003, at 1:30 PM. The witness says, "We first thought it was a Stealth F-117, but I've seen them before and they are quite loud. Still not sure what it was so I thought I'd report it anyway to see if anyone else had spotted it."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


On Friday, May 9, 2003, around 10 p.m., Stephanie Hubricht was driving "between Algona (population 5,741) and Humboldt (population 4,452) in Iowa. Clear skies not a lot of stars. The UFO approached from the southwest."

"We were just coming out of Britt, Iowa (population 2,052)" on Highway 18 "heading west, when I saw a bright goldish-orangeish light in the southwest," Stephanie reported, "About two minutes later, I saw it again. A couple minutes after this, I saw two lights. Then, a couple more times, I just saw the one light. But it always seemed to be in the same direction as we were driving. I would look directly to the southwest each time I saw it."

"I have never seen a light like this, and I am curious about it. I always thought that if I ever saw a UFO, I would be scared, but I wasn't. I want to know if anyone else saw something like this the same night, same time. Big round orange light. It would appear, then disappear."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this email form report.


DURRELL/TWILLINAGTE NF -- It was around 10:45 PM, on May 8, 2003, and the witness was in bed talking on the phone, when both heard the same loud noise fly over them at the same time. It sounded like a plane was in trouble and about to crash. The other person on the phone lives about five kilometers away so the noise covered a large area. The witness reports, "I got up and ran to the window and just above houses on the hill was a sort of cone or triangular shaped object. (I couldn't really tell because it white/yellow, and green. They were blinking and the object was quite large. It hovered for about 2-3 minutes and zoomed off quickly. It looked as if it were spinning so fast the colors of the lights combined. It vanished over the hills shortly after. There were several people who saw it: Myself, my brother, a guy from school, my father and the person I was talking to on the phone could hear it. I'm sure there were others as well, but it o who are possibly witnesses. There are no military bases or airports in the area. I have seen planes and helicopters in the night's sky before but there is nothing to explain the sight I saw last night.

Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research, Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 1989.


"In the first week of May (2003), a resident of the city of Andolsheim (Alsace) reports having observed an object of shiny white silver color. It flew at about 2000 meters of altitude without emitting any noise and did two passes in the sky at high speed. We are looking for possible additionnal witnesses. If you have witnessed a similar display during the same period, do not hesitate in contactin us at: France.ovni@free.fr"

Note: Thanks for letting me know too (ufologie@ufologie.net), I live 30 km from there.


BOCA RATON - There were triangle shaped objects in the sky on May 7, 2003, at 9:35 PM. Each flying triangle craft looked like there were three balls attached together to from a single craft in the shape of a triangle. The eyewitness said, "Each craft was luminous like you could see through them, but you couldn't." Both passed directly under the moon making it easy to see that they were not weather balloons. There was no sound as they passed. No flashing lights could be seen and they both had a very soft silver/blue glow as they glided along. There was also aircraft with flashing lights that could be seen off to the right of the flying triangles. They veered off to the right. I ran through the house, grabbing my husband and son so they could also see them but the only thing left in the sky to see was the plane.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


On May 7, 2003, at 2 AM, the observer spotted a diamond shaped fuselage with multiple red and white lights. A thunderstorm had just passed the area, and the sky was relatively clear. The eyewitness stated, "Just above the clouds I saw a Diamond shaped fuselage with swept back wings, the lower fuselage was covered with fifty red lights in a grid pattern, while the wings were covered with forty white/silvery lights in a grid pattern, between the wings and fuselage. The object was black, which is why I could see the definite shape. It flew south in about thirty seconds and then went out of view in the clouds. I've worked in aviation for over 30 years and I've never seen anything like this!

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


BESSIE -- Jim Hickman writes, I got a call on Wednesday, May 7, 2003, from a teacher in the town of Bessie, stating one of his students had see a very bright light, then a big flash, and then reported missing time. Susan will do the investigation and forward the report to me, I will send it to you.

Thanks to Jim Hickman, MUFON, and George Filer, MUFON, Filserfiles.


On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 12:15 a.m., Gene Perry and his girl friend were strolling through Manor Park in London, the UK's capital, when they spotted a "white light turning reddish as it dimmed over a five-second period."

It was "as bright a light as a first-magnitude star," Gene reported, "and was moving from nearly directly above us, slightly north, to the south. I said to my partner, 'Look, it's a satellite.'"

"She looked up and saw it, too, and said, 'I'm getting my glasses.'"

"I watched it for another ten seconds before it turned dimmer and disappeared. Viewing time in total was 10 to 25 seconds."

"I grew up on American air force bases all around the world and have seen all kinds of aircraft in all kinds of weather and at all angles. This object was brighter than all of the satellites I've ever seen. Weather was clear with no moon. If you held your hand at arm's length, the distance (the UFO) traveled was about two inches. It also had a slight curve in its path."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this Email Form Report.


CHESAPEAKE -- On May 6, 2003, at 12:45 PM, the witness was on his way to work and saw a cigar shaped object at about 1000 feet altitude. The object appeared to be hovering. The observer says, "The craft was dark gray, and possibly had black markings, it was hard to tell since I had to keep my eyes on the road half the time. I only saw the craft/object for about 10 seconds. I reported the cigar to a local news channel. I most definitely noticed that this craft did not have any wings, nor did it have any resemblance to a helicopter. This was something of a different type."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


Simferopol' -- On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 9:20 PM a UFO was observed again over flying south over Mrs. Lenura Azizova house at 13 West Street. Like on April 23, it was moving in a zigzag trajectory without any sound. The six c ornered in shape UFO had a clearly visible single bright red blinking light, but not like an airplane, that changed color to brighter white. The impression was that the first red light was a navigation light and the bigger white light was the shining plasma envelope around the alien craft "on a standard route to underwater alien base in the center of the Black Sea."

Thanks to George Filer, FilersFiles.


On Tuesday, May 6, 2003, 2:20 p.m., eyewitness E.G. was driving near the Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, California (population 94,869), on Interstate Highway I-8 about 11 miles (17 kilometers) east of San Diego, when she noticed a strange silvery glimmer in the eastern sky. E.G. reported, "It looked silver-gray in color and was as big as an airliner. It was a long oval shape. It caught my eye as if the sun had hit a mirror. Then I watched, as I thought it might crash. But it just floated straight behind the cloud. I pulled the car over to wait, but it never showed up again."

E.G. described the object as "a cylindrical UFO with no wings" and "about the size of a Southwest Airlines jetliner."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for this Email Form Report.


HOLLAND -- On Sunday, May 5, 2003, at 6 PM, the witness was outdoors and noticed a bright pulsating light "dancing" overhead at 10:15 PM. He reports, "Dancing means that this object maneuvered quickly left and right, at one point appeared to backup, and there was no sound. I called my wife outside and she witnessed a more subdued motion as the pulsating light moved over the house and continued northward. The nature of the light reminded me of an episode on Discovery - with a light powered disk using laser pulses for propulsion. The craft however must have flown a considerable distance, even if it was small and close. The movements were quicker than any plane I've ever seen and the path was erratic and beyond the scope of any publicly known aircraft."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


SHEFFIELD - The witnesses were out in the woods walking their dog and looking at the stars on May 5, 2003, at 1:43 AM. They saw a shooting star or so they thought. "My brother Elliot said the star had stopped." They looked up and saw the star and two more appeared then. The witness states, "We got scared and two more came. They were slowly getting bigger and we noticed they were coming nearer. We could vaguely tell they were saucer shape. There was a vibrating sound, we panicked but we didn't move. The objects stopped and lights could be made out. The flashing lights were weird after a few minutes the objects started humming really loud and just shot off in the same direction."

Thanks to George Filer, FilersFiles.


CRIMEA -- New UFOs were observed over the Crimean peninsula, south of Ukraine, on Monday, May 5, 2003, starting from 12:30 AM until 3 PM. A large strange and definitely outlined lens-shaped cloud hovered over Chatyrdag Mountain and plateau south of Simferopol.' The large cloud was present in an almost cloudless sky. Despite the laws of atmospheric circulation, this cloud had a definitely outlined form and shape for over two hours DESPITE THE WIND. This was noticed by many local residents of Simferopol', and Anton Anfalova, ufologist, photographed this strange cloud. The clear impression was that this was just camouflaged hovering UFO, no less than 50 meters in diameter.

Thanks to George Filer and Anton Anfalov.


SAN SABA -- The observers were trying to videotape flying objects called rods, on May 4, 2003, at 2:40 PM, when they left their camera on, they managed to capture something else. The eyewitnesses report, "We have ten black UFOs in our video that maneuver all over the sky that were caught on hi-8 format video with a tripod and its very clear with no shakiness and or digital zooming."

"We have looked at the video, and at first blush, the objects appear to be dark colored birds. However, one of the lead birds performs a sudden movement, and then stops, in a manner, which we believe is uncharacteristic of birds' in flight. We suspect the objects are birds, but we have no explanation for the strange, sudden movement of the one element of the formation."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org

I have seen the video too and I am totally convinced it shows a flock of birds: I could distinguish their wings flapping using a video software's phantom image effect. It is true that one of the birds seems to suddenly rush up but I do not see why this would be impossible, with the benefit from some front wind.


CISU reports:

The number of reports of sightings of UFO phenomena, occurring in Italy during the month of March and collected to date by the Internet working group for the caselog of the Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU), has totaled 27.

As a result, last month saw the number of gathered reports cut in half, with respect to the previous month, bringing in the month of March at its usual average and the first quarter at the same levels of preceding years (with the exception of 2002, which was "richer" by 50%): i.e. 177 cases.

The quarter's reports were concentrated more than usual in the northern regions, which alone account for two-thirds of the total, with a further concentration in Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia, as opposed to Piedmont and Liguria.

On the contrary, there was nothing anomalous about the type distribution: 70% were nocturnal lights and 8% daytime objects. As of special characteristics, there occurred three cases involving effects on the surrounding environment; three featuring photographs; thirteen involving filmed sequences; and a good six objects observed as falling to Earth.

The complete list of cases along with the update of tables for the last three years, the related statistical re-downloads and graphs are already available, as always, on the CISU Website.


MARKHAM -- The witness states, "There was only one white spot in the sky on May 3, 2003, at 6:15 AM, that was no larger than a pencil eraser at arm's length. I figure there is no way that it could be a plane because it was too high, and a plane would have left a contrail that high in the air. It was a small cigar shaped object moving south in the early morning sky with a few clouds and it moved slowly as it passed overhead."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


HICKORY RUN STATE PARK - On May 3, 2003, at 9:40 PM, the witness was camping for the night, and noticed a high-flying sphere miles above. He states, "I told my friend who was with me outside our tent, and he agreed that it wasn't a plane, because there were no blinking lights and it moved too fast for its altitude." I told my other friend inside the tent, who was changing, that we saw this thing. He poked his head out, saw the object, and said, "You've got yourself a damn UFO." The object moved above our heads and we lost sight of it a few minutes later."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, www.nuforc.org


ALMERE -- Two witnesses spotted a triangular shaped object flying over the highway on May 3, 2003. The witness reports, "At 12:30 AM, I was driving my car north with my brother when I noticed a police car with lights coming from the side lane, so I changed lanes and looked in my rearview mirror and saw two red lights in a horizontal line flying southwest across the highway. A second later there was a third light, which was flashing white/green. That is when I realized the craft had a triangle shape. I shouted to my brother that there was a UFO. The craft hovered over the highway. The red lights were not flashing. It hung over an open field for a minute and than sped off. I got off the highway and started following it. I stopped the car and got the camera out and we started recording for 20 seconds, but it was already far away. It shows one red light as a dot in the night sky and no sound. We knew it had to be a UFO because of the shape of it.

Thanks to NUFORC, www.ufocenter.com


ST. CLAIR - The witness reported seeing a bright light hovering above on May 3,03, at 2:45 AM, and states, "Traveling to work in my car I noticed a greenish-blue light at the altitude of a small aircraft that appeared to be hovering or moving very slowly above a nearby treeline. As I slowed to view the object, it shot away to the east at high speed."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, www.ufocenter.com.


On Friday, May 2, 2003, at 11 p.m., Trevor Thomas was in Belfast, Northern Ireland, when "facing east" he saw "what at first I thought was an aircraft light shining in my direction, from approximately 1,000 feet in the air over Belfast. It shone continually without flickering, and there was no sign of any pilot lights. It shone for approximately 10 minutes without moving at all."

"There was no sound of motors or any engine to accompany it. Then, without a trace of engine or aircraft sound, the light just disappeared. May I point out that the light was at least three times the brightness of the North Star. It was a white light, round, spherical shaped."

Thanks to Joe Trainor, UFOroundup, for releasing this email form Report.


CHILLIWACK, BC - The Mother was driving her son home from work on May 1, 2003, when they saw a red flashing light just to the left of the mountains in the west. It was flashing consistently and sitting in one spot. The son says, "I told my mother to stop the car as we were on a back road that had little traffic and I rolled down my window and looked at the strange red light." At 10:30 PM, we noticed that it would move south horizontally in little spurts, but mostly stayed in one spot. We drove home and could just see it over the roof of a house. I noticed the light drop down a bit, so I stood up a bit straighter, but the light dropped down again. I moved over to where my Mom was standing, and we observed it clearly. It was staying in one place again. Suddenly a bright flash of light came from about the same place I'd initially seen the red light. It happened again a few seconds later, closer to the location of the red light that was now fading, and the flashing wasn't as brilliant. After fifteen minutes of viewing I went inside.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


WEST SEATTLE -- A married couple were walking into their house on May 1, 2003, when something caught the wife's peripheral vision at 10 PM. She looked up and said something like "What the hell is that?" She states, "A triangular craft was moving across the sky above us at an altitude similar to airplanes in this part of the city near Boeing field, not far from SeaTac Airport. It had a light at each of the points that was a dim orange and the lights seemed striped rather than solid. The craft was completely silent. We watched it fly in a northeasterly direction until it encountered the city light reflection in the sky and we could no longer see it. Our dog was trembling and became lethargic and lost his balance."

Thanks to George Filer and NUFORC's Peter Davenport.


WAUCONDA -- On May 1, 2003, the witness who lives in a very rural area with no city lights nearby stepped out of the back door and observed a circular blue-white light about 3" in diameter at arm's length coming from the north. It was heading toward the southeast at about satellite speed at 10:45 PM. When I first saw the object it was about 20 degrees elevation in the north. The object became gradually smaller as it proceeded across the sky until in the southeastern sky at about 70 degrees elevation it instantly returned to a 3" size at arm's length again and shot off.

Thanks to George Filer and NUFORC's Peter Davenport.


BUENA PARK -- On May 1, 2003, the witness who has considerable technical background noticed round spheres of light above his home at 10: 42 PM. He states, "There were four spheres of light that were very noticeable. They were each about two to three feet in size. The one sphere of light was west of me where I stood. The other two spheres of light were north of me. The last sphere of light was straight above my head and my home. The four spheres of light were white in color and I heard beeping sounds from one of the spheres.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC.


MILWAUKEE -- On May 1,03, at 2 AM, the witness reports seeing a white flicker in the sky, then another, and another till there where five flickering lights. They seemed to have made a box with one craft on the outside moving away. Then the others followed. The remaining four lights shined unsteadily at a half second pace simultaneously and then came together in a line. They moved on the same path as the first light and they all slowly departed. As they left a bluish color replaced the white light.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, and George Filer, Filerfiles.


The witness reports about his observation on May 1, 2003 at 11:15 P.M. in the département of Seine et Marne, France:

"In the evening of May 1 2003, the sky was very clear after a day rainy, we had just returned home and put the kids to bed. My partner decided to go outside to smoke a cigarette, I accompanied him/her."

"We looked at this very clear and starry sky when we saw a satellite fly over as one can often see in such a case, a luminous point moving at high speed. We followed it when an incredible "thing" crossed the trajectory of the satellite which we looked, perpendicular to it."

"Of course, we then quit followin the satellite with the eyes to follow this approximately rectangular craft, with two notches on the sides of "alumiinium" or whitish color, moving at an altitude which I estimate between 1500 and 2000 meters at an incredible speed and without any noise!! Not even the noise of the air flow which should have been produced around this craft, which was approximately the size of a soccer field!!! (We live in a quiet place and there was no noise at this time there which could have disturbed the listening of this object)."

"It followed a rectilinear trajectory towards the east, levelled (without going up nor down) and without any light. (or with all lights turned off)."

Thanks to this witness.


POTTSTOWN -- The witness was driving on Highway 422 west on May 1, 2003, when he noticed a reflective white "tube" flying 100 feet or so under a low flying passenger plane during daylight at 1:30 PM. The witness states, "The passenger jet had red and white paint with white words, that caught my attention, because it was flying lower than usual. I stopped my car in middle of the intersection when I saw a sunlight glint moving about 100 ft. underneath the jet. A "reflection" followed exactly with the jet but it was 1/5th the size. The best I can say it was either a "steel pipe" shape or tube. Absolutely stunning, it moved with the jet perfectly timed but definitely an object, as it moved it stopped reflecting the sun, and I saw it had white color, then it faded away. Cars honking behind me made me move. I pulled into a parking lot and could see the passenger jet, but not the object. I watched for about 30 seconds. It was broad daylight, great visibility that day. I stared again and again to try and make out more, but it was mostly a bright "reflection," like shiny metal. The object seemed white when the reflection of the sun died down. It was about the size of an automobile in relation to the jet."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC, www.ufocenter.com and George Filer, FilersFiles.

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