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News and observation reports, April 2004:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in April 2004 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.


Ufologist Brian Vike communicates on a sighting in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, Canada, by two witnesses from inside a car ontop of Fraser Mountain, April 30, 2004, at 10:10 P.M.

The shape of object was barbell, two bright flashing lights with a very long and slender middle horizontally.

The witness said: "I saw an object as we were heading up Fraser Mountain in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Me and my one passenger on my left side were almost to the peak of the road when I noticed a large shining light to my left. I asked my passenger "what the heck is that thing?". They responded with "I don't know?". We pulled over and viewed the object with two very bright lights, whiteish blue, flashing on an offset pattern horizontally from one another with no visible shape in the middle and flying very quickly and at a very low altitude coming towards us. It was at about 10:10 p.m. EST and was very clear and dark night with a few stars out."

"We turned around in a drive way and started to ascend down the mountain. I pulled over and looked back and the object was a minimum of 300 meters off the ground at the peak of the mountain hovering with both lights now staying on at the same time very brightly. We then drove away quickly to the bottom of the hill and turned right. This was 5 minutes into the viewing. I asked "where is it?" but it was nowhere in sight. Twenty seconds later as we were driving towards Melmerby Beach Road I saw the object again, both lights flashing offset again coming towards us at a very low altitude and quite rapidly. I have no idea how the object got from the top of the mountain to in front of us in that short amount of time and with such grace. I periodically asked my passenger " are you seeing this?", "do you believe this?"."

"We turned into a road on the left to park to again view the object coming towards us it was getting larger and larger, the closer it came. Both lights were now flashing at the same time and both were still bluish white. This was viewed in a heavily populated residential area but no other vehicles or people were visible to us. It was about 1000 meters away now and I turned left to go down the Melmerby Road back towards Fraser Mountain. I looked back, the two lights now vertical from one another (one on top of the other with a space in between of darkness) as it the object went straight up in the air. The radio began to crackle at this time. This was about 8 minutes into the viewing. We took a right and were in downtown New Glasgow and then took another right and were on the road heading towards the power station in Trenton. This is about 10 minutes after we first saw the object, we both looked to our right in the sky and the object was now visible in the sky at a quite low altitude. Once again the blueish white lights were flashing offset they were horizontal from one another again with the shape in the middle not visible. As we drove down this road both me and the passenger rolled down our windows and there was no noise whatsoever. The object slowed to a halt, it flipped vertically so the lights were now one on top of one another and for the first time we saw a very smooth, grayscale shape in the middle not very wide at all, like a dumbbell. The object the fly away very quickly and that was the last we saw of it. The viewing ended at about 10:23 PM EST."

Brian Vike, Director, HBCC UFO Research
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Thanks to the witness and to Brian Vike for the report.


On April 30, 2004, US information channel News Channel 8 explains that they are not accustomed to talk about UFOs but that a US citizen visiting his family in Iran now believes in extraterrestrial spaciships visiting our planet because he videotaped one.

The images show something with a striking resemblance to Venus videotaped on digital camera using zooming, as explained here for a similar previous videotape shot just a bit north of there.


The witness wrote to Brian Vike:

"Hi Brian,"

"I would like to report a sighting."

"I was sitting, today [April 19, 2004] at 2121 hrs, on my steps looking east when a silvery low flight disk flew right above me. The object was actually silvery but translucent...clear round shape but looked a little " watery ". Object was roughly 40-50 meters high and had a diameter of +- 6 - 10 meters. It would be hard to spot but it flew right into my vision.. and disappeared straight west. Very fast speed because I could see it only for 3 - 4 seconds. I was by myself."

Brian Vike
Director HBCC UFO Research
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email: hbccufo@telus.net
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As usual, Agence France Presse (AFP) echoes a report, so poor in useable information (places, times, durations etc.) that it leads nowhere.

According to unnamed correspondents, inhabitants of the north of Iran believed to have seen a string of UFOs moving at low altitude and emitting various colors, said the agency of Persan press IRNA on April 15 2004.

A witness, Saina Haghkish of Tabriz, is quoted saying that she saw one moving object only, at low altitude with flashing red, green and blue lights. Identical observations arrived Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Ghonbad-Kavous, near the Caspian Sea.

Astronomy professor Ajab Shirizadeh said to IRNA that although the presence of extraterrestrial spaceships above the Islamic republic cannot be excluded, one could allot these observations to espionage or communications satellites.

German debunker Walter Werner seems sure that it was the star Sirius. It seems that nobody thought of planes and helicopters, equipped with flashing lights of various colors and flying in the sky (which is not exactly the case with Sirius and not really the case with satellites either).


The witness writes on April 7 avril 2004:

allow me to write to get your opinion (and explanationset if you have it of course) on a phenomenon which - my friend and myself - have witnessed yesterday evening. we were returning from Paris driving on the A4 highway in the direction of Epernay, it was between 09:15 PM and 09:45 PM."

"the geographical location is difficult, let's say we were located between the paypoint of Marne-la-Valle and the one at Fertee-sous-Jouarre (i think). we were driving when my friend [female] aked me to look on the left, i had a quick glance (we were on the highway so!), i then saw "something" in the sky: it looked like a big "V" made of 6 or 8 round lights, very bright and almost white. another luminous point but flashing, this one, was at the point of the "V". It looked quite big (like a Boeing which would fly at a low altitude)."

"My friend, who was not driving, coule observe it more carefully and also noticed the very surprizing trajectory of the "thing": it seemed to go on a large flat "8", like the math symbol for "infinite" but more elongated.

"when it was passing at its lowest, it seemd to pass at a few meters only of the treetops of a row of tree located underneath the phenomenon."

"not stoppin, we quickly lost the phenomenon from sight. that's it; i want to stress that my frind is ABSOLUTELY not a ufo phenomenon fan, and that this observation has left her in doubt, but she too has no explanation for what we saw."

"hoping you can enlighten us on what we saw and ready for you if you need more information."


On Monday, April 5, 2004, at 10:30 p.m., the eyewitness, Mr. Hailburg, "spotted a UFO coming in" to Stony Plain, Alberta province, Canada (population 8,274), a suburb about 20 miles (32 kilometers) west of Edmonton.

"It was coming from the west," he reported, "It was about 10:30 p.m., and I went outside and started to shoot a tennis ball in my backyard with my dog. Then I glanced up in a westerly direction and noticed this odd, ship-like thing. It had three lights -- one red, one green and the other white. But the object all of a sudden turned on this really bright white light, and it looked like just a flying, glowing white ball. Now, it came in from the west and probably came as far as Main Street. It then began shifting left and right, probably about 100 meters (330 feet) north and then about 100 meters left (south--J.T.). It did this a few consecutive times."

"It then turned off the really bright white light, and I saw only the three lights -- red, green and white, and it was just hovering there for about 30 seconds. It then turned on the really bright white light again and flew up really high, about 30 meters (100 feet) in a diagonal direction. It then turned off the light and sped away really fast, off to the south, and it vanished. It didn't make a sound."

Thanks to Joseph Trainor, UFOroundup, for this Email form report.


According to the agrentinean newspaper El Diario de Parana for April 7, 2004, in Entre Rios, a province in northern Argentina, and in a town close to the city of San Benito, Police sources said that on April 3, the sheriff's office of a neighboring community was visited by a farmer from a rural area who identified himself as Emilio Fernandez Kint, 59, who stated that on that day he had noticed that one of his animals was missing. Immediately he went in search of the stray bovine and found it laying in a thicket.

"Upon approaching to see what was wrong, he found that the animal was missing a left eye and flesh in a 5 centimeter circle around its belly. What startled the farmer the most was the absence of blood on the soil or anywhere in the vicinity."

"Kint stated that he called a private veterinarian who visited the site and attested to the missing organs, but who otherwise was unable to offer an explanation for the animal's death."

"During his exposition, the farmer also noted that a few nights ago he had seen strange lights in the night sky, precisely over the place where he had found the animal."

"He added that not far from there he found a large circle of flattened grass whose cause was unknown."

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