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Flash in the sky sparkUFO theory, U-K., 2004:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Evening News, Worcester, U-K., on Saturday 14 February 2004.

Flash in sky sparks UFO theory

A CITY pensioner is hoping someone can shed light on a gigantic flash across the sky over his house which caused his radio to lose its channels.

John Reynolds, who lives in St John's with his wife Margaret, said he was stunned by the phenomenon, which happened at around 10pm on Wednesday evening.

"I was putting milk bottles out for the next morning, and I saw the whole sky light up like a gigantic explosion," said the 63-year-old.

"I thought it was a bomb because it was so vivid, I've never seen anything like it before.

"It lit up into a yellow colour like a sheet of lightning, but it was so white that I thought it wasn't lightning.

"When I came back in the house my CD and radio player was going berserk, and we have now lost every channel on the radio."

Mr Reynolds, who works as a printing agent, said he saw a friend the following day who had a similar experience at his St John's home.

"He was in the shower at 10pm the same night and the water went off for a few seconds," said the father of two.

"This man's central heating had a clock, which has now gone wrong."


Worcester police said they had not had any calls reporting unusual lights over St John's.

Evening News weatherman, Paul Damari said there was no thunder and lightning in the area at the time.

"No-one has reported anything unusual to me," he said.

Michael Soper, spokesman for Contact International, which collects and analyses data on UFO and crop circle reports, said he had no idea what could have caused the gigantic flash, and did not class the incident as a UFO sighting.

"If there had been several flashes I would have wondered if it was a covert signalling system," he said.

Did you see anything on Wednesday night? Perhaps you have a suggestion as to what the light might have been. If you have, contact the newsroom on 01905 742256 or alternatively e-mail:

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