UFO over Popocatepetl, again an again:

The long awaited eruption of Mexico's gigantic volcano Popocatepetl ("Smoking Mountain" in old Nahuatl language) that took place Monday, December 18, 2000, brought not only fear and uncertainty but also unexpected events captured by merely accident, on several occasions.

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Few people have noticed that the CENAPRED Webcam is available online.

Click here to watch for UFOS for yourself, and may I kindly ask that if you witness UFOS, you save the picture (right click it with your mouse) and send it to me at ufologie@ufologie.net ?

Please take note that the fixed small colored light you will see in the night are merely stars.

Here are some supplemental pictures saved from the webcam by myself or visitors of this site.

Thre is nothing certain or very spectacular up to now, but some results are shown underneath:


Two pictures I managed to capture myself at close interval. There is nothing very conclusive or spectacular.


Captured by by Jean Guy from Canada on 03.19.2001, who kindly sent it to me. Jean Guy said: "This is all I could see for now. I do not believe this is a UFO because it is too small to tell. But I though I send it to you anyway." I found the same capture on another site who commented it as a bona fide UFO, at least the picture is an authentic picture from the popo webcam. As far as I am concerned, I these pictures may be UFOs, and maybe not.
CENAPRED picture


Cliquez! At the time I published Jean Guy's picture above, I had a look at the webcam's images. This is the first frame I saw, which I quickly saved. In the serie underneath, click on the images and you will get the original untouched frames in real size.

06:42:24, local time.

Cliquez! 25 seconds later, on the next picture, no trace is left. If it has been a flying machine, maybe it wen out of the camera's sight.

06:42:59, local time.

Cliquez! The dark spot or object reentered in the picture, like if it had moved up and down to the left, it will appear again at a different place immediately on the next frame, and will not change its apparent position afterwards until it vanishes. So as for now I have captured a series of 4 consecutive images where this spot or object seemed to have moved.

06:47:28 local time.

Cliquez! The spot or object or baloon or insect or video error (or whatever it is) is hovering without displacement. An enlargement shows a vague discoidal shape, inclined to the left.

06:48:04 local time.


06:48:51 local time.


06:49:09 local time.


06:49:44 local time.

Cliquez! The object had no apparent displacement, but is bending to the right now.

06:50:50 local time.

Cliquez! Should we still think it might be an insect or a balloon? it has been hovering and maybe oscillating exactly at the same apparent position for more than 15 minutes now.

06:51:26 local time.

Cliquez! Still visible, at the same position, still seeming to oscillate sometimes from left to right, until a last picture at 07:14.

06:52:31, local time.

Cliquez! There will be nothing else interesting occuring until 10:15.

07:15:00 local time.

Cliquez! Except some image transition problems, and the sudden appearance of an image from a PC monitor showing pressure and temperature measures, nothing else is to be noted before 10:16:46.

07:28:34 local time.

Cliquez! About 3 hours later, an isolated frame shows an anomalous dark spot or object, which, provided it is a flying machine, is in front of the volcano. It does not appear on the previous and next frame.

10:16:46 local time.

Cliquez! The next frame, consecutive to the one above, shows nothing at all.

10:17:24 local time.

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