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News and observation reports, September 2001:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in September 2001 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

09.28.2001British TV documentary presents 20 minutes UFO footage.
09.27.2001Two boomerang shaped objects, New York.
09.27.2001Triangular shaped UFO near Perpignan, France.
09.26.2001More UFO events in Northern Norway.
09.24.2001Silent "helicopter" searched by Norwegian Police.
09.15.20012nd cylinder sighting in New Jersey.
09.14.2001Oklahoma UFO in steep climb.
09.10.2001Louisiana football shaped UFO, USA.
09.08.2001Virginia golden lights, USA.
09.07.2001Carteret, June: after FOIA request, FAA reports radar detection of UFOs.
09.06.2001Wisconsin bowling balls lights.
09.06.2001Observation of beer mats in Germany.
09.01.2001Luminous spheres in Bielorussia.

British TV documentary presents 20 minutes UFO footage:

Four Sheet Films, a TV production company from Nottingham, UK. looked into dozens of sightings across the East Midlands and collected recent UFO videos in the last 6 months. A English filmmakers Owen Gaffrey, John Arnold and Trevor Howes, said that some of the footage they had collected was "beyond belief".

Three ex-miners from Shirebrook UK saw a bright triangular shape. They managed to film the strange craft for twenty minutes. Then two helicopters come along to try to intercept it and it just disappears. The Civil Aviation Authority and the MoD later claimed there were no helicopters in the area at the time.

There will be a preview at the Broadway cinema in Hockley this autumn and the film is supposed to be shown later in the year on English TV.

Twho boomerang-shaped objects, New York, USA:

The witness reports that two flashing objects in the sky appeared as if they are "talking" to each other:

"At 11:33 PM, on August 24, 2001, my father and I witnessed two objects in the sky a ways apart, flashing different colors, from red to blue to white. At first my father believed that they were "quasars" but one of them moved and reappear a short distance away from the original spot. When looking at these objects, I could notice that at one point it appeared they were shaped like a boomerang, and then they would "change" into a circle. Both my father and I are law enforcement officers."

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director UFO Reporting Center

Triangular-shaped UFO near PErpignan, France:

The newspaper "L'Indépendant" of 09.29.2001 published an article about a UFO event at Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque, near Perpignan, In the night of Wednesday 09.26 to Thursday 09.27 at 02:00am under a clear and starry sky.

The newspaper first reminds its readers that the area is accustomed to some mysteries because of the presence of a "secret" base of the DGSE, the french couter-intelligence service.

A young woman, apparently the only witness of the phenomenon, reports that shet just shut down the TV set and went towards a window, when she noticed that several dogs barked simultaneously in the street and a few moment she saw a triangular shape in the sky, coming rather quickly from the direction of Narbonne and moving on to Perpignan. The shape has a quite well defined silhouette in a rather brightened sky: a triangle of rather dark color, with rounded angles carrying three luminous fixed spots.

The witness estimates that the UFO was to six or seven hundred meters away, flew horizontally and "much more quickly than an airliner" and no particular noise was audible: "maybe because of the distance..."

The journalist author of the article phoned to the air control center of the airport of Perpignan-Rivesaltes and to the gendarmerie (French military Police), and did not obtain any confirmation or additional information.

Thanks to Pascal from

More UFO events in northern Norway:

The Annanova web news agency informed that Aftenposten in Oslo, Norway, reported that the UFO fever rises in Northern Norway.

Police in Helgeland, north central Norway, have been "inundated" with UFO sighting reports. Police chief Roar Tøgersen does not see any reason to doubt that people are describing what they actually saw. He stated that several more people have come forward after news reports carried the account of three people in the town of Mosjøen who dove for cover when they saw a low-flying, whirling object hurtle through the night skies. We learn that the three people in Mosjoen say they hid for cover and felt threatened - although it is not specified what they thought the object was - when they saw a low-flying, whirling object pass over them. Police said there were no reports of missing helicopters in the area. (see 09.24.2001 news item).

In the recent days, lights and craft of different sizes have been seen throughout the north of the country. "We also have several other witness observations of the same phenomenon in the same time frame on Sunday," Tøgersen said. He has been in contact with Norway's Department of Defense, but says they have not made any observations of their own.

Other people have reported sightings of additional UFOs that apparently resemble small, brightly lit balls. While the larger object over Mosjøen emitted no noise whatsoever, Tøgersen says the smaller objects are reported to have made a hissing sound.

One woman from the town of Bodo is claiming that as she went out of her house to smoke a cigarette, a small flying object suddenly landed on her lawn, stood there a while, and then lifted off and flew away.

Others have reported silent larger objects.

Helgeland police chief Roar Togersen said "We also have several other witness observations of the same phenomenon in the same time frame."

According to Aftenposten, two other separate individuals reported the same sighting, at the same time, on Saturday evening. One of the two was driving his car when he spotted it flying over Vefsnfjorden, while another saw it while out on a veranda. Both reported that it was brightly lit.

Silent "helicopter" searched for by Norwegian police:

Norwegian Police are searching for an unidentified flying craft that witnesses described as similar in appearance to a silent helicopter on 09.24.2001.

Three were sitting in a car when they saw the object flying low over the city. They believed the craft was going to fall into the sea when they called the authorities, and officers in Mosjøen could not find any trace of the craft.

Roar Tøgersen, from Helgeland police stated "They were three sober and trustworthy people and we have no reasons to doubt them."

2nd cylinder sighting in New Jersey, USA:

Peter Tarlton in Sea Bright reports he was on the coast about four miles as the crow flies to New York City. He writes:

"I witnessed an illuminated/energized silver/mercury 300'+ cylinder at about 1850 feet in altitude, on September 15, 2001, at 3:30 PM, the second in two weeks. The cylinder appeared and disappeared in the exact location in the sky as the first one on August 21. I watched for an additional 3 minutes to insure it was a NOT a commercial craft nor a silver reflection in the sun. There is little or no air traffic in this area, sadly, making ideal viewing."

Thanks to Peter Tarlton and George Filer.

Large silver object in steep climb in Oklahoma, USA:

Shelley reports seeing a strange object on September 14, 2001:

"I walked out of my office near the Tulsa International Airport and immediately noticed a bright large silver object with two bright spotlight looking circle lights side by side. It was hovering in the northern horizon and had an eerie glow all around the huge object. It just hovered in the same spot for two minutes. I was looking for coworkers to come out and one finally saw it. Minutes later, it took off almost straight up to a very steep climb to the west and was gone. It climbed at a steep angle much too great for a plane to make and it WAS NO AIRPLANE." My boss also saw a strange bright object in the sky two hours later while driving north on Highway 75 about 8:00 PM. It also seemed to hover and fly erratically going south then suddenly making strange turns that a normal airplane could not make. He pulled the off road and the object took off quickly."

Thanks to Shelley and George Filer.

Football-shaped UFO in Louisiana, USA:

NICAP's witness reports on September 10, 2001:

"My close friend, and I went outside about 10:30 PM, and saw a football shaped object. It seemed to be made of a pipe type structure, like a drawing on a 3-D model on a PC without the skin. It had only two very dim white lights towards the bottom, that looked like they where low wattage bulbs behind cloudy white glass. The object was less than 400 feet away from us. There is a "BellSouth" Tower behind my house, so I used the tower as a gauge for size and distance. The object moved slowly horizontal, but very fast vertically. This was my first TRUE experience seeing such a thing. I am glad someone else was with me."

Thanks to Francis Ridge NICAP Site Coordinator,

Golden glowing bal in Virginia, USA:

Near Manassas in Virginia, USA, on September 8, 2001, four adults and one 7-year-old child witnessed numerous balloons at sunset at 9:15 PM. The witnesses soon realized that it wasn't balloons at all. All are credible witnesses, two local city government employees, a mechanic and an office accountant. What looked like a large group of illuminated balloons was coming north in our direction and we began to see they were large hazy golden glowing balls about the size of the face of the moon. There was a haze around the balls so you could not make out what was inside the haze. Just in front of the glowing Ball, was about four, maybe five, tiny star-like objects. They seemed to be in a formation just in front of the larger object. All stayed exactly in their formation and flew over our heads going north against the wind, without changing or blinking nor making a sound. The tiny star like objects seemed to be taking or leading the larger object away. We all agreed that we could not identify the object as an aircraft nor could we think of anything it could have been, other than a UFO.

Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

FAA radar reports nomalous objects were over New Jersey, USA:

The National Institute for Discovery Science on July 25, 2001, sent a FOIA request to the FAA requesting radar tapes (Tracon) for the July 14-15, 2001 time frame around the Carteret UFO incident. NIDS also requested the tower voice tapes for the same time period from Newark International Airport. A preliminary analytical report that details unidentified flying objects without transponders detected on air traffic control radar in the airspace around Newark International Airport on the night of July 14-15, 2001.

By far the most noteworthy aspect of this communication is the large number of objects detected that DO NOT have transponders (all commercial aircraft have transponders - so that controllers can track them) in the airspace around Newark International at the same time that an estimated seventy eyewitnesses on the New Jersey Turnpike and a further fifty (estimated) witnesses from Staten Island reported unidentified lights in the same area of sky. A request to randomly check for aircraft without transponders at the same time on a DIFFERENT night produced the result that there were no objects without transponders in the air around Newark International airport on that second, randomly chosen, night.

This "control" study lends support to the notion that such a large profusion of objects without transponders in the air around one of the busiest international airports in the world is unusual. Secondly, the fact that multiple objects without transponders were in the same airspace while over one hundred eyewitnesses on the ground were watching several unidentified objects over Carteret might be of interest.

George Filer notes: Peter Davenport also requested a similar FOIA From the FAA. George Filer's contacts with military and Coast Guard radar operators have revealed similar information concerning unknowns. A dozen anomalous targets possibly circling targets flew over the Newark International Airport general area on July 15 around 12:30 AM. These anomalous targets flying through controlled airspace illegally flew in wide variations in speed. Most were moving relatively slowly around 60 mph. One was moving at 250 mph and a high-speed craft flew through the area at around 600 knots (690 MPH). Speeds varied from 580 to 620 knots (670 to 720 MPH) faster than any normal jet traffic. Numerous slow moving targets were also reported that flew slower than any normal aircraft traffic from 50 to 80 knots.

At the time of the Carteret sightings, I checked a local newspaper and found that the case was dismissed after a former hoaxer reconginzed that the "UFO" video did show the familiar characteristics of the well known "candles on a stick" hoax. The accounts of the witnesses themselves seemed to reinforce this theory. Seemingly I have been wrong: if the UFO were tracked on radar at the above mentionned speeds, then there was more than the old candles hoax.

Radar detection of UFO has been a reality since reliable radar exist, back in the 1950. The numerous radar and radar visual cases have lead many scientists involved in UFO studies to conclude that the UFO phenomenon is for real. For example, the French Government's official UFO study project SEPRA, by public statements on radios and TV interviews and debate from his responsible J.J. Vélasco concludes that there are indeed sufficient proof that, on occasion, flying devices are crossing our skies, whose flight is under intelligent control and whose performances and capabilities are far beyond any possibility of human aircraft even the most advanced.

Thanks to George Filer, NIDS and MUFON's Director John Schuessler. See report at:

Bowling ball lights in Wiconsin, USA:

UFO Wisconsin in Sheboygan received this report:

"This information was given to me by my son who is 17 years old who was driving out of Howard's Grove on September 6, 2001. He saw two red lights going near a field over a home. The lights were the size of bowling balls about thirty yards away. They started to go higher and then suddenly split into six red lights. They started to twist and spiral around each other. They went higher and higher and then suddenly vanished."

Beer mat sighting in Germany:

The Annanova online news agency reports that a driver who claimed UFOs caused him to crash later admitted he was distracted by beer mats being thrown by children.

German police were convinced the 19-year-old had been drinking when he claimed to have seen UFOs prior to crashing. But after he gave a negative breath test they discovered beer mats on the road.

The teenage driver from Warstein, Germany caused nearly £3,000 worth of damage to his car and another vehicle. He admitted the beer mats could have been the "flying saucers" which distracted him and he was allowed to go home.

Luminous spheres in Bielorussia:

Pavel Zayats, a well-known Byelorussian musician, and his girlfriend Ira Zapolskaya, saw a strange shining sphere over Bulduk Lake on September 1, 2001. This is one of the system of the Blue Lakes - a unique natural reservation, with untouched woods and deep clean lakes north of Belarus. Pavel says, "About 4:00 AM, I woke up because of a strange terror inside of me and knew something was wrong. Through the window I saw a light that turned into two rays as if someone moved to the cabin with handy electric lights. I was scared. I went outside and stood awestruck by image of a two meters across, light sphere hanging above the ground in the trees. Many small light balls were flying around the sphere. I shouted and woke up Ira and we watched for twenty minutes. Then the sphere slowly merged into the two rays of light again and disappeared. A neighbor woman told me that she had seen a similar phenomenon and it is dangerous and will drive you mad. I noticed later in the day there was sparkling lights in our cabin."

Bulduk Lake is well-known for strange fish or animals with six meter humps.
Thanks to Vadim Deruzhinsky, Editor-in-Chief of Secret Researches Analytic Journal Tel./fax: 375 (172) 84 60 33 vd@gtp.

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