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News and sighting reports, December 2001:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in December 2001 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

12.25.2001UFO seen by family in Ipswitch, U-K.
12.23.2001UFO sighting in Tessin, Switzerland.
12.23.2001Alleged impressive UFO footage taken in Scotland.
12.19.2001Belgium UFO sightings on the raise.
12.17.2001Popocatepetl watch continues.
12.16.2001German ufologist Karl L. Veit RIP.
12.15.2001UFO sighting in Tourcoing, France.
12.15.2001Triangular UFO and spheres in North Carolina, USA.
12.15.2001Bright object with rings, Florida, USA.
12.14.2001Possible UFO Aircraft air miss, Cuba.
12.14.2001Flying triangle and light near Edwards AFB, Washington DC, USA.
12.11.2001UFO sighting in Wisconsin.
12.10.2001WTC UFO stupidities.
12.08.2001Flying saucer lands in Arizona Mountains, USA.
12.06.2001Sightings in La Florida, Chilean AF surprised but will investigate.
12.06.2001Sighting in Maisons-Alfort, France.
12.05.2001UFO encounter in Australia.
12.04.2001UFO sighting over Seville, Spain.
12.03.2001Space Junk out there here and there.
12.02.2001Cylinder in Northern Alabama, USA.
12.02.2001Flying cylinder and light in New Jersey, USA.
12.02.2001Observation in Lille, France.
12.01.2001Strange noisy flying crafts in Louisiana, USA.
12.01.2001Luminous phenomenon near Palaiseau, France.


Nick Richards writes in the newspaper "Ipswich Star," Suffolk , England that on December 29 a UFO has been spotted over Ipswich by a family who asked not to be named.

They saw the strange flashing object from their house in Valley Road. The mother of the family told the Star: "At about midnight my husband noticed a very bright light. He called me to look at it and I saw what seemed to be a large star. The strange thing was that our room was illuminated by the very strong light, which it emitted. I would normally have likened it to moonlight, but there was no moon to be seen. My husband continued to watch it as I fell asleep. He called me a few minutes later to tell me that it was flashing and emitting a blue hue around its base. He also saw two diagonal protrusions from either side towards the bottom."

The object, which was oval in shape, was smaller than the moon but bigger than a star and was viewed from Valley Road towards the Portman Road area. The family said that they knew it wasn't an aeroplane, a helicopter or even Christmas lights. They said that if was a star it would have been there the following night, but it left the Ipswich skyline after performing its ten-minute light show.


A car driver has reported he has seen a UFO on December 23, 2001, as he was driving on the A2 highway between Chiasso and Lugano.

He told that the UFO first has the shape of a boomerang, and finally changed its shaped into a triangular one. He first spotted it at Coldrerio near Chiasso, says it was luminous, and that he could observe it all the way as he drove North until he drove into the San-Salvatore Tunnel.

The Ufologische Zentrum der italienischen Schweiz is confident in the sincerity of the report. In a communiqué, they said it is the fourth occurrence of the same phenomenon since 1995. Unfortunately the press that reports it does not say if it is meant that it is the fourth overall UFO sighting or the fourth similar sighting and the geographical sector meant here is not indicated.

Nevertheless someone from a Centro Ufologico said that one hundred UFO sightings reports are made every year (Note: In Tessin?). They interview the witness and then conduct an analysis of the report. The press report quotes Centro Ufologico: "Currently there are 84 cases of UFO sighting in Tessin. But people are often mislead by aircraft and weather phenomenon", though, the press reports fails to indicate the period for the 84 currently reported sightings and the number of misinterpretations found by the analysis.

Thanks to Heiner for the news clipping.


Andrew Hennessey from a group called "Transformation Studies Group Edinburgh Scotland" reports that he has "world shattering" shot on digicam at night by steve X associate of Russell Penman on Sunday, December 23. According to him the footage clearly shows 3 massive motherships over the estuary beside the city of Edinburgh, capital city of Scotland:

"The ships one half to one mile long [best guess at this time] are elliptical, clearly curved at the front - the front terminating in 3 giant headlights. The 2 hours of substantial dig cam footage clearly show one many windowed and many layered mothership issuing forth bright shiny podshaped ships or beings glowing white - and over the course of the 2 hours - these ships [or entities] are disgorged by the mothership [in clear focus] as they fly off in twos or in formation or singularly over the City of Edinburgh and its suburbs."

"There are 2 other ships of similar configuration further off in the distance. This wonderful footage is of earth shattering significance, but also comes by way of several other amazing photographs and other stills by the Penman 'group'."

"This is the clearest evidence I have ever seen that Alien life has a massive social engineering program for the human race. - and though we could not clearly see the other two ships doing the same - as the light capsules were tiny in proportion - the other two ships were also decloaked simultaneously - in the drop zone of the Lothians."

"On top of other fabulous daytime footage by Brian McPhee also of the forth valley at Stirling, near Edinburgh - the City of Edinburgh and in particular, east central Scotland is again confirmed as one of the hottest hotspots on the planet."

"Over the piece, I watched hundreds and hundreds of little lights fly out of the mothership at all levels of the structure, sometimes haging back so the others could catch up, they flew and scattered in all directions over the sleepy Capital of Scotland - a city which antiently was once thought of as a Jerusalem with its seven hills and its masonic/atlantean connections and secrets. We may not know - we cannot tell, what the intentions of these Beings are - but pass the Word - WE ARE NOT ALONE."


UFO sightings have been on the increase over Belgium this year and a young woman reported seeing a square shaped craft with four lights in each corner, just over the border in Northern France. Many sightings similar to this have been reported to Belgium investigators as the sightings increase, mostly near the Belgium/France boarder. The newspapers and TV stations have featured the sightings reporting "A new wave is hitting Belgium." On December 19th, a newspaper report mentioned that the objects now have blue, orange, red, green and yellow lights on the underside of the craft. A TV station aired an interview between two men who had a close encounter with a cylindrical object, and reports of the 'old' triangular craft are also in the area. Several people have had the black triangles fly low over their homes in virtual silence, whereas, the military jets that fly over, rattle the windows; this does not happen when the UFO's fly over.

One witness stated: "Brussels has been well visited by UFOs recently, and that's where my personal sightings have come from, making me a true believer, a massive UFO show occurred here. The UFO I saw was quite massive (the only other possibility considering its size would have to be a Zeppelin), silver in color, sending out strange green orbs almost like a laser show. Oddly enough, on this same day, people reported the peculiar square shaped UFO as well, some even stopping their cars along the roadside to watch."


One of the pioneers of European ufology, Karl L. Veit, deceased on September 16. He was an editor since 1933 (Urgemeinde-Verlag), and he created Ventla Publishing, in Wiesbaden, in 1956, the DUIST group (Deutsche UFO/IFO-Studiengesellschaft, where "I" means "Interplanetary", not "Identified!") and the well known magazine "UFO-Nachrichten" ("UN"), which has just announced the sad news in its latest edition. In 1988, Veit had almost become blind after an operation of detachment of retina and he had to stop the publication of "UN". In 1994, Werner L. Forster restarted "UN" (which still exists) and Jürgen Gottsleben continued Ventla Publishing (according to the American contactee George W. Van Tassel, the ETs call their machines "ventlas"). Ventla-Verlag published many books by contactees translated in german, including the works of Adamski, Fry, Nelson, Klarer, Angelucci, Dibitonto, etc.


Troy Allen notified George Filer that he is regularly observing UFOs over Popocatpetl, one of the tallest active volcanoes, located sixty kilometers east of Mexico City. George filer writes: "Troy is not located near the volcano but monitors the volcano's observation camera. Troy noticed on November 27, 2001, around 8:00 AM there were dark objects circling the volcano. Their speed and size ruled out birds or aircraft. Numerous UFOs have been sighted and caught on the volcano's observation cameras. Over sixty UFOs were spotted this summer alone. The volcano is active and often has cloud cover, but the UFOs are comparatively dark and can frequently be seen through clouds. They appear as dark specs but move like a powered craft. UFO s have had an interest in the volcano since its December 21, 1994, eruption, ending decades of slumber. Residents of the Popocatepetl area have also reported seeing lights that "fly" over the volcano for several years. Troy says, "After almost a year of repeated surveillance and a few thousand photos later, it is my belief that the so-called UFO flying saucer phenomenon in fact is a very real thing that is accruing throughout the world."

I confirm entirely the above statements: I have received two photo camera picture of a UFO flying over the volcano a year ago, not taken from the webcam, but from observers with cameras. Later I read that the volcano is under survey of two webcams managed by CENAPRED for eruption alerting. I have watched the webcam for a mere 2 or 3 hours and detected similar images. I have documented this and indicated to the visitors of this web site that I accept pictures from the webcam saved by Internet users. Within the past 12 months I have received about 200 pictures from about 30 different people. Some include objects entering the clouds over the volcano. Most of them show one round dark object, some of them show up to six objects on series of frames, allowing movement evaluation. I have now enough material to update the section of this site that already has the first pictures I received.

Thanks to Troy, to George Filer and the many visitors that watched the volano and sent me pictures.


Ufoweb-France published the following account: on the 12.15.2001 at 6h40 a lady about sixty year old saw a small luminous cylinder of orange yellow color which moved slowly in the sky from East to West, from Mouscron towards Tourcoing (dep59) during 30 seconds. her astonishment changed in true stupor when she suddenly saw a very large triangular mass that instantaneously lighted itself up and slowly moved across the sky.

"It was huge even seen from far away, at the beginning this object was above Tourcoing or Neuville En Ferrain but it moved like it was slipping towards the district where I live and I had all the time to observe it in detail even though I did not dare to leave the house as I was so afraid," told Mrs D. She especially saw the lower part of this triangle which advanced point ahead. She also noticed six large lights or spots at the tops and along the sides though what was more obvious is that there was blue fires pr powerful fixed lights, not dazzling and which did not lighten the surroundings, which remained dark. "I was like hypnotized by this triangle, behind my windows, I moved back and nothing in the world could have convinced me to go outside. The object was less than 100 meters away."

Many thanks to ufoweb.


"Saturday night, December 15, 2001, my wife and I with a friend went out to eat at the Carrabbas restaurant. We had a two-hour wait outside sitting on the bench; I noticed a very, faint amber colored triangular shaped object moving to the southeast at 7:20 PM. The UFO phenomena has always interested me so I am always looking, but 99.9% of the time I can identify anything in the sky, but this time it was strange. As it got closer, I noticed that within its triangular structure it appeared to have many spheres or "orbs" interchanging within it. The entire craft remained the faint amber color, although the spheres appeared to be more translucent. My curiosity in the object attracted a crowd who also saw the same thing. One lady let out a startled yell, another said they were just balloons. However, the size of the object at that altitude would have meant the balloon cluster would be huge, and it retained a definitive shape, but the rest of the craft did appear to morph somewhat. We watched it fly off towards Fayetteville at a 1000 feet. Initially it looked like a jetliner with its lights on shrouded by heavy cloud cover. This was clearly unidentified."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC


"My daughter phoned to tell us, there was a really strange light moving down the St. John's River. From our patio, we scanned the sky at 7:30 PM, and saw the bright object moving south above the river. I knew it was not an airplane because there was no sound. When the object cleared the tree line we nearly freaked out. It was a bright round object with rings around it. I grabbed my binoculars and was amazed. The object inside the rings seemed perfectly round and had a silver gray color. There were bright flashes of light on the surface and it looked like Saturn. It moved very slowly down the river and at times seemed to hover over the water. After a while it drifted behind the clouds and we never saw it again. This was definitely not of this world."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC


X wrote about an aborted night landing on the night of December 14:

"(...) I thought I would share what may turn out to be a UFO encountered by the pilots of a Canadian charter airplane I was a passenger on."

"As our Airbus 320 Skyservice plane (flight SV524) was making a nighttime approach to the airport near Cayo Coco, Cuba, we were startled when we heard the engines get louder and felt pushed down into our seats. This was shortly followed by a near weightlessness sensation. The captain announced that his instruments detected a false signal of another aircraft in the area and in the interest of safety he took evasive actions. This was the reason for what we felt."

"My final destination was the next airport near Manzanillo, Cuba, but all the passengers were asked to disembark at Cayo Coco so the aircraft could be cleaned for new passengers. I spoke with a few of these passengers who said they saw our plane "go around" after seeing a single red light fly low over the airport as we were coming to land. They thought it may have been a small plane but could not explain why only a red light was observed. Apart from our plane, there were no others on the ground at that airport that night."

"Getting back in the plane, I told the flight attendant standing by the door next to the cockpit about the red light seen by passengers at the airport (in a loud enough voice so the pilots could hear too who turned their heads in my direction). She suggested it may have been a UFO and said she would find out for me. I never heard back from her. I later told the passengers seating next me who experienced what I did and they thought they would be more comfortable with the explanation of a near collision with a UFO than the thought of flying in an airplane with faulty instruments."


Watching the meteor shower on December 14, 2001, the witness noticed two lights that seemed to be changing directions in their movement:

"The brighter of the two was actually three lights in a triangular formation. The smaller light followed the triangular lights back and forth across the sky at 11:30 PM. They were faster than a jet airplane but not extremely fast moving. They seemed to be at a medium altitude, perhaps 5,000 to 10,000 feet. This made the actual size of the object undeterminable. After some time the triangular light vanished in an instant and the other light turned in the opposite direction and flew off. I thought this might be a military aircraft since I live near Andrews Air Force Base, but the triangular shape is what sparked my curiosity and made me think that something unusual was going on. It may very well be an air force plane, but it remains for me a UFO nonetheless."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC


The witness who wished to remain anonymous reported to UFOWisconsin about a sighting on December 11 at Stevens Point in the Waushara County:

"I was in a parking lot full of running semi trailers, so I am unsure as to whether there was noise to go with this "sighting"... but."

At approx. 7:30 or 8pm, I was out in the parking lot having a smoke. At first I noticed what I perceived to be airplanes off to the southwest. I didn't make much of it until I saw a bright orange flash out of the corner of my eye. I then followed the airplanes (little blinking lights, about 5 sets) as they traveled from the southwest to a direct southern view. At this time I was joined by an older woman, and pointed out the lights to her. We were trying to figure out exactly how many there were, when again, the orange flashes occurred. They looked very much like large meteors at about 35 degrees. There were two bright orange flashes, running in parallel, and they didn't seem to be at the right height for a meteor (they started too low in the sky). The blinking (twinkling?) lights then dispersed, and at least 2 headed south, below the tree line. Within minutes, the lights were gone. At this point, a guy came from behind a semi and said 'were you watching that?! What was that?'"

"I don't know. Did anyone else see this? Probably just marsh gas ;)"

Many thanks to


Fantasies with no rime or reason circulate since the terrible WTC tragedy, claiming that UFOs have been videotaped shortly before, or during or after the event. The three main video are inconclusive, it is quite reasonable to mention the flight of a bird ("the UFO flies like no aircraft does"), an out of focus near object (the video starts at the precise moment when you might think the object comes from behind the WTC) and the usual Real Video encoding artefacts, depending on the video. It seems that it is often forgotten that if one or more UFOs have flown around, they would have been visually sighted among the huge number of watchers.

One circulating item explains that a Japanese site has done "a devastating piece of investigative journalism" and provides "incontrovertible evidence that UFOs are involved in this whole sorry saga." The item goes so far as to add: "What does this mean? Why were the aliens there? We just don't know. But that's mostly because the site is all in Japanese and we don't understand a word of it."

Yet we must believe that it is "a devastating piece of investigative journalism."


CASA GRANDE. -- The witnesses viewed a saucer that landed in the mountains and took off again on December 8, 2001. The saucer was the size of an aspirin at arm's length with tan or beige exterior lights that flashed sequentially. One witness was using his cell phone at 10:04 AM, and said the device changed station and became heated. One witness is 68, one is a 45 year old educator, and the last was a 16 year-old male. They saw a transparent dome on the top of the craft. There was transparent or invisible barrier around it. The exterior lights flashed and an emission trail was seen. There was a pulsating sound as the craft landed and took off after one minute.

Thanks to Filer's Files #51, 2005, George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern.


The Chilean newspaper "Las Ultimas Noticias" of December 6, 2001, reports that a gigantic and flaring light lands for hours in the vicinity of San Ramon Hill, filling local residents with fear. A colossal light with a blinding glare has caused a commotion among those who dwell in the vicinity of San Ramon hill, a large area which goes from La Florida to El Caijon del Maipo. Residents and ufologists alike are on alert after the wave of 17 sightings of unidentified flying objects seen in November over the sector. "UFOs are being seen again," note the experts.

Jessica Serrano manages some tourist cabins in a place known as Los Rulos, on the way to Lagunillas. On November 16 at 22:00 hours, she was in the company of some friends at work when a white light emerged only meters away from the place. "It lit up everything, it was as big as a stadium. The light was reflected everywhere and was 15 minutes in the air before disappearing," she recalls.

A few days earlier, some guests of the cabins where she works (an Israeli and a Cuban woman) fled their rooms in fear. "The guests were inside the cabin with the lights out and suddenly the place became lit by glaring light... they ran out in fear, yet there was nothing that could have caused that phenomenon ", says Jessica.

Alberto Urquiza, a researcher with the GEO UFO group (Grupo de Estudios Ovnilogicos), notes that 17 sightings of unidentified flying objects were recorded between November 6 and the 25th in the pre-Cordilleran region.

"These are large lights that descend to earth and remain suspended a short distance from the surface. The witnesses we've interviewed have seen them at some 100 meters distance. Some of the lights have remained suspended in mid-air between four and six hours," he says.

Urquiza, who witnessed the phenomenon on November 10th, stated that he received simultaneous phone calls regarding sightings from five communities of the Metropolitan Region which were seeing the same phenomenon that was occurring near the hill, in La Florida.

"It was an intense white light that assumed a yellow-orange tone over San Ramon hill. It was possible to see an object lighting up with great power until a fog or mist appeared. At 00:30 hours, witnesses saw a large flash that was extinguished in a matter of seconds," explains the researcher.

The ufologists verified that there were no unusual stellar alignments that evening, and that there were no helicopters nor airplanes plowing the skies.

"Planets have a movement of 15 degrees an hour and this object remained static for six hours. The radar on Cerro Colorado did not detect anything unusual and there were only a few flights scheduled for Argentina at Pudahuel airport. There were not helicopter flights taking place at the Tobalaba Airdrome," adds Urquiza.

"We are facing an unknown situation, states the ufologist, and this "occurs perhaps because there are very few people in the vicinity of the hill, or because UFOs actually want to let themselves be seen."

Juan Soto was in the vicinty of Tobalaba with Walker Martinez this last November 10 at la Florida: "I saw four very bright objects in the sky after 22:00 hours. Three of them were over the Cordillera and another could be seen halfway up the mountains. They vanished quickly."

The Committee for the Study of Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA), a dependency of the Chilean Air Force (FACh), is waiting to receive the material gleaned by the GEO ufologists in order to launch an official investigation into these sightings. Gustavo Rodriguez, the agency's secretary general, states that "it is surprising to speak of 17 sightings. We have never received word of anomalous phenomena in the area in question. It's quite a novelty." He adds that CEFAA is a highly pragmatic agency.

Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology With special thanks to Gloria Coluchi and Scott Corrales.


The witness described the following observation on Thursday, December 06 at 11:10pm, from Maisons-Alfort in the Val-de-Marne region. He is the single witness of this twenty seconds observation reported to

"I was smoking a cigarette on my balcony when I saw a very large rectangular shape with small points over all his length; it went quickly and it did not have anti-collision lights planes have. Can you tell me if what I saw is anUFO or my imagination? Thank you."


Glennys Mackay,, continental MUFON Director for Queensland Australia in Brisbane, has received a report from a man returning home from work at Acacia Ridge (suburb of Brisbane) on arriving just out of Ipswich his wife contacted him by mobile phone to pick up some milk on his way home.

The man, named Malcolm, a truck driver for many years, was stopping just this side of Brassall at a small shop, Time approximately 7.35pm being approximately 15 minutes drive from home in Fernvale. As he drove along he became aware of a bright light on the horizon he said that usually he drives at around 100 kilometers on this stretch of road, but found himself doing 135 kilometers.

As he drove on, the light became bigger as he got closer, it seemed to be stationery then as he got closer his immediate thought was that it as someone on a motor bike. as he got closer the color seemed to change from the color of a halogens light to the reddish/orange (color of a sunset,) this light went over his car and was about 45 degrees above the trees on the passenger side of the car,it seemed to keep abreat with him and so he sped up.

When G. Mackay asked him how big this light was, he said "if you stretched out your arm it would be about 8 inches in diameter," he would gauge the height it travelled was about 20 feet above the trees. He contacted his wife by mobile phone and asked her to go outside and look in his direction at this object in the sky. She said that she watched it for about five minutes before it flew in a South West direction.

Malcolm claims that he watched it for a good fifteen minutes. He had phoned to G. Mackay to report the incident at around 9.15pm. Mackay asked him if there was anything different regarding his car or clothes, skin etc. He was asked to wait while he checked out his car. Malcolm came back to the phone rather puzzled, he has found a type of dust imbedded in his car on the passenger's side, roof and the front of the bonnet - when he shined a large spotlight on the paint work he found that the colors imbedded into paint work of the car - like a brown, creamy color and other colors seemed to glitter. When he ran his hand over the paint work he found that the dust particles were imbedded into the paint. Mackay asked him to scrape off some of the residue so that it can be examined.

On questioning Malcolm - it would appear a time distortion (lapse) had taken place. Usually it only takes him about 15 minutes to reach home from Brassall, the time he arrived home 8:50pm. It would appeared that he has lost time.


The Sociedad de Investigaciones Biofisicas (SIB-Betelgeuse) reports on December 4, 2001 under the provisional Case Designation 200011204/Ese, that Jose B.S., one of the S.I.B's collaborators in the province of Seville, has contacted them to report a UFO sighting he witnessed only minutes ago.

According to his testimony, at 10:58am on 12.04.2001, while driving his vehicle past Km. 12-13 of Hwy. 116 (between Brenes and National IV) heading toward Mairena del Alcor, he noticed the sudden appearance of an oval-shaped object (similar to a lipstick, in his own words) that was white in color. The object followed a NE-W trajectory and plummeted in mid-flight before flying horizontally again, stopping, ascending and disappearing toward the West at high speed.

The approximate distance to the object would be some 10 Km. The witness places the object over a town called Cantillana and was almost able to cover it with his thumb. We can therefore estimate a relative size similar to that of the full moon or larger.

As an anecdotal note, the witness points out that toward 10:30am, jet airplanes flew low over Seville Airport.

Logically, all this data is being analyzed, but given the urgency of the subject, the SIB calls upon the international UFO community to aid in determining any concomitant sighting. On the other hand, SIB welcomes any information from friends in the province of Seville.


A visitor reports: "the sightings of Dec 02 were numerous in France, Belgium, UK, and even the US."

In the United States NORAD explains that the remains of a Russian rocket re-entered the atmosphere on Dec 01, which is totally consistent with the sighting reports and photographs of amateurs in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. A sonic boom was often reported.

According to Nicholas Johnson who heads the space junk office at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, it was the higher stage of a Russian Proton rocket who has put three GLONAS navigation satellites into orbit on December 1st.

A Michigan visitor notes that the state TV news first said it was an "unusual fireball," then "a satellite", and finally announced it was the remains of "some rocket."

Patrick Jaecques, Chairman of Astro Event Group in Belgium, said it was the remain of a telecommunication satellite GLONAS launched at Baïkonur at 07:00pm and that what fell was the top part of the rocket.

The AP explained without much details that space junk fell, and quotes a meteorologist of the National Weather Service who stated that NORAD reported to the FAA office in Minneapolis that some rocket burnt into the atmosphere.

CNN and, then other, added that a spokeswoman of the Japanese Space Agency announced that a JERS-1 one ton satellite launched in 1992 for an Earth science research mission re-entered the atmosphere in the Antartic at about 08:28am EST today Dec 03.

Finally let's mention that India has launched a PSLV-C3 rocket that put into orbit 3 satellites among them one Belgian and one Korean these days, though I have not found the exact time and date.


A witness reports from North Alabama to NUFORC that on December 2, 2001, he/she observed a slow moving oblong shaped object metallic in color heading East at 1:35 PM. The object made no noise and disappeared in a flash.


"Bonnie" writes on December 2, 2001:

"I rose early, around 5:00 AM to run before the day starts; I let the dog out, most mornings." It's predawn, there is a full moon high in the sky, and to the east the sky is just getting purple. The dog is doing her thing. The moon is so pretty I stare at it for a bit, and under the moon is a thing, it's invisible in a night sky, but it is outlined by the moon's glow. I try to make it a plane, but it has no wings, no tail, and no nose. It is cylindrical, has flat ends, I think it looks like a pole. As I stare at it, it starts to move like a blimp, slow. It was lying horizontally under the moon, and it moves in jerky movements (like a rubber band, hard to explain) until it is vertical. Then it stops. Then a light came out of one of the ends, and it looks like a star. Indistinguishable from the other stars. (had I not seen it I never would have known). Then I believe I saw the first "shooting star" I've ever seen, when it took off in a southeasterly direction, which from here is the Atlantic ocean. The whole thing took place in a 15 minute span of time, at no time did it occur to me to get a camera, or call a family member.

Thanks to Bonnie.


On Saturday, December 2, a witness made the following observation, of 30 seconds duration, in Lille in department 59.

"This Saturday December 2 at about 11:30pm, I saw a phenomenon in the sky of Lille, it seemed strange enough to me, so I want to share it with you. I clearly saw a series of 5 to 6 luminous trails which crossed the sky opposite me, passing from left to the right and horizontal. No noise. It looked like a formation flight. At the beginning of my observation, I saw the trails had a white color, then when they were opposite me them color was orange, then becoming white again as they moved away. I am not usually watching the sky, but frankly they were neither one nor several planes, nor a comet or a series (of comets). Their course was quite horizontal and not as if these "machines" (?) crossed the atmosphere as "shooting stars" do. So if you have been informed of other observations of same type there this evening, or if you have the explanation, I would be very happy if you contact me."

Many thanks to


On December 1, 2001, the witness heard a tremendous roaring sound, making his house vibrate, so he went outside on his deck to see two large low altitude craft flying over at 8:45pm: "The craft were about 2,000 feet or less in altitude. They had a strange lighting configuration. Both craft had very bright red lights in the center, and bright white lights on front and back. It was a clear night for viewing. The craft had no wing lights or small tail lights, just lights spanning the length of both craft! They had no green light or other lights that FAA requires. The craft were extremely noisy, rumbling and roaring, to the point, I feared a crash was about to occur! They were in view for too long to be conventional jets, judging by their size and altitude. Being so low and large, it was hard for me to comprehend how they could stay airborne. There may have been more than two, but when I went outside, only two were evident. Both were about the size of B-52 bombers."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC,


The witness emailed to me on 12.02.2001:

"Just for information... last evening, that is, 12/01/2001, at about 11:30pm, in Palaiseau on the balcony of a flat oriented towards South-East, sithing of what we first took for a shooting star but the course was parallel to the horizon... Object was shiny of a white/yellow color with a contrail (somehow similar to the contrail of an airplane, but much shorter and fluorescent.) then this same object split in 8 or 10 smaller objects in close formation still following the same course... To cross a visual angle of about 180 degrees (from left to right) estimated duration 15 sec... Phenomenon observed simultaneously by 4 people... no engine noise heard before or during the observation... Well that's it. I'd like to know if other people sighted that thing in the evening. Thanks."

Thanks to this witness.

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