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UFO sighting reports and news for November 2001:

Some of the UFO observations in November 2001 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

11.29.2001Alleged UFO explosion in Brazil: possible hoax, continued.
11.27.2001A UFO did NOT sink a Portsmouth boat, UK.
11.25.2001Alleged UFO explosion in Brazil, ufologists warn: possible hoax.
11.24.2001Three UFOs in San Pedro, Chile.
11.21.200116 UFOs or balloons filmed over Mexico State.
11.18.2001Observation in Silicon valley, USA.
11.18.2001Flying wing in Idaho, USA.
11.17.2001USA Mount Adams UFOs still a mystery.
11.16.2001Laser in Essex, UK.
11.15.2001Teardrop shaped UFO, New York.
11.15.2001UFO or bird photographed in Turkey.
11.14.2001Oregon man witness strange red light in his yard.
11.14.2001Argentinean aerial mystery.
11.13.2001Cerro Moreno a UFO passageway?
11.12.2001USAF statement about chemtrails.
11.11.2001UFO videotaped in Chile.
11.11.2001Disc in California, USA.
11.11.2001Flying triangle over North Carolina.
11.11.2001Cigar shaped ufo seen near New York.
11.10.2001Silvery cigar shaped UFO or blimp in Missouri, USA.
11.10.2001Aircraft or other craft in Oklahoma, USA.
11.10.20013 observations in Wisconsin, USA.
11.08.2001A UFO flies around a mountain in Arizona.
11.08.2001English UFO hotspot Dales, another sighting.
11.07.2001Close encounter with car failure, North East USA.
11.07.2001Halloween night flying triangle, UK.
11.06.2001Fireball seen in Pennsylvania, USA.
11.06.2001Strange object seen on TV by viewer in Missouri.
11.06.2001British intelligence no longer studies UFO reports.
11.05.2001Bonsall UFO video: what £20.000?.
11.05.2001Newspaper reports strange UFO seen by one in Connecticut, USA.
11.04.2001Transparent disk seen by aircraft passenger, UK.
11.04.2001Light falls straight down in Wisconsin.
11.02.2001A UFO flies Westwards in Arizona.
11.02.2001Texas UFO sightings continue.


While few news agency reported the story of an alleged UFO crash in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul, adding that a peasant says that his cows have been blinded by the explosion, A. J. Gevaerd, editor of the Revista UFO, a leading Brazilian UFO Magazine, has warned that the whole story is a hoax:

No flying saucer did fall in the city of Corguinho, the story is commercially exploited by members of a "Projeto Portal" as a tourist attraction, alleged signs of radioactivity are not confirmed, witnesses contradicted themselves in their depositions, and the wounded cows story is unrelated.

In addition, a farmer Getulio Alves said the explosion burned nearby trees but the police say they haven't found any evidence.

Maria Lucia Vidal de Souza, of "Projeto Portal", has told the newspaper "O Estado de Sao Paulo" that five other villagers in Corguinho, south-west Brazil, also say they witnessed the crash, and that she is heading the investigation. She said: "The blast happened in a hard-to-reach place, we still haven't found the wreckage, but soon we'll find it and prove it's all true."


The magazine "Yachting Monthly" has reported a news item on November 27 with the unfortunate title "UFO sinks fishing boat."

As a matter of fact, the three letters "UFO" in the title refer to an "Unidentified Floating Object" who hit and sunk a fishing boat shortly before 11:30 on November 26. The three fishing vessel crew were quickly retrieved.

As for the unidentified floating object, which has probably nothing to do with the phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects, everything suggests that it was probably a lost container, though it is not certain because bad weather prevented any search.


The Brazilian newspaper Diario Las Ultimas Noticias wrote on 11.25.2001 that the alleged explosion of an unidentified flying object (UFO) drew attention to the small Brazilian city of Corguinho, a community of 3,800 people in the southwestern corner of the state of Matto Grosso do Sul. The "silent explosion" that lit the skies over Corguinho occured around 23:00 hours last Saturday attracted a group of UFO researchers with Projecto Portal, an organization dedicated to alleged extraterrestrial activity.

"Between 15 and 20 people witnessed the explosion," stated María Lucia Vidal de Souza, a member of Proyecto Portal, who guided the group of tourists who saw the phenomenon. The group included Fabio Jr. a well-known Brazilian actor and singer. "We reached the site at midnight on Saturday after having received notice from a local landowner of lights crossing the sky from one end to another. Finally, the light intensified. Since [the explosion] occurred in a hard-to-reach location, we still haven't found any remains, but we hope to do so soon," concluded Vidal de Souza. In spite of this, the sheriff of Corguinho, Marco Antonio Balsamini, who visited the site on Monday, claims not having found any trace whatsoever of aliens.

NOTE: The Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)M has received cautionary messages from Esdras Martins in Brazil and Luis Eduardo Pacheco in Argentina regarding the possible fraudulent nature of this case.


Along with the nocturnal celebrations held the night before last in San Pedro de Atacama, UFOs also staged an appearance mentioned in the Chilean newspaper "El Mercurio de Calama".

At least three objects were seen in the early hours of Saturday morning in the skies over the town of San Pedro de Atacama. Although Carabineros (Chilean state police)'s duty log does not show any reports or information on the subject. According to versions presented by the townspeople, strange lights were seen in the sky in the early hours of Saturday morning. At that time, the sky was rather clear, enabling people who were awake at that hour to notice objects in the heavens. What surprised locals the most was that the strange movements made by the objects were not those of a normal airplane. This raised suspicions among witnesses of the phenomenon, leading them to believe in the presence of UFO's in the heavens over the peaceful inland community. In any event, the police blotter of the Carabineros headquarters in San Pedro de Atacama does not present any entries regarding the situation, although they maintained that events of this type are common in San Pedro, and for this reason, scant attention is given to them and they are not entered in any file, unless the event has a level of relevance that draws the attention all of the community's residents.

Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.


Sixteen metallic-white objects were sighted at 9:32am on November 21, 2001 as they flew over in the municipality of Naucalpan in the state of Mexico. Fourteen of these objects remained close together while the remaining two stayed apart. The sighting lasted 15 minutes enabling Mrs. Guillermina Vargas and her son to see the objects through binoculars, record them on video, and even count them one by one from their own home. Antena Vortice has in its possession a three minute video of these objects. In an interview, Mrs. Vargas stated: "the objects moved slowly toward the center of Mexico City. What saddens me the most is having not been aware of the moment in which they disappeared."

There are for now no details to make sure whether what is reported is or isn't a group of party balloons.

Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan, and Scott Corrales.


The witness joined the WOTS list under the pseudonym of "Noble Eagle" to report the following:

"Between 3:00am - 4:00am on Sunday, November 18, 2001 during the meteor storm I was looking northwest sky. I was looking out from my balcony atop an apartment building located in Silicon Valley."

"Couldn't believe what i saw. (not just meteors). I saw an extremely large boomerang (v-shaped) thing in the dark. At first I thought it might be a flock of night birds, or smoke, or fog, or maybe even a stealth fighter on it's way to the MidEast. The "Boomerang" craft appeared and disappeared within 10 seconds."

"I got my wife, she said I was crazy, and then 5 minutes later they appeared again. This one was larger, and behind it was a smaller V-shaped formation. Each time they passed over they were visible for 10 - 15 seconds before going out of sight, or blending into the night sky."

"They appeared to be flying over the "Stanford University" dish, that I believe is being used to assist in the SETI project. (not sure)"

"There is NO commercial air-traffic in the air at that time, or in that airspace. I thought it might be some type of US Stealth Fighter (NASA AMES RESEARCH) is only a few miles away, but the wing span on what I referred to as the "mother ship" was miles long."

"In the course of one hour I saw 8 Vshaped Boomerang craft. 2 Flying Triangle Craft with light on each point, and one other unknown light streaking, hovering, and zooming in the sky in the direction of The Stanford Dish. (not a meteor) I also saw one helicopter later fly in that direction."

"I figure anyone else from SiliconValley who was watching the meteor storm may have also seen this? Does anyone know what these Boomerang / things were? I will keep looking up tonight, maybe the fly by all the time, or maybe they were just taking advantage of the Meteor Shower so that they could blend or something. I dunno, but it was freaky. thanks."

"P.S. This was my first sighting. Never seen shit before this one. Other Factors in The Silicon Valley Triangles/Boomerangs: *No Sound, *Camouflaged into the sky, *Clear Sky, Only Ambient light, *Meteor Shower."


D. Kennedy at Nampa reports: "a flying wing entered our line of sight as we were watching the Leonid meteor shower on November 18, 2001. It flew directly over us then off to the south at 2:45 AM. It made "NO" noise, and had "No" lights. There was a faint temperature glow on the leading edge of the wing, tip to tip. Altitude was impossible to tell. If it were higher than 5,000 feet the craft would have been extremely large. It did resemble a B-2 Stealth bomber, but without the sharp angles. All the edges were rounded, more like a boomerang. My wife observed it as well. The color was dark, possibly black with a rounded boomerang shaped flying wing with temperature glow on leading edge of wing. The height and speed are unknown. The higher it was? The larger and faster it would have been.

Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan.


The KPTV TV channel in Portland broadcasted a television report about the Mount Adams, in south central Washington, UFO activity in the last years. Mount Adams is home to what some call UFO's and others call naturally occurring lights or satellites. Hundreds of people have claimed to see the lights, and one man who lives near the mountain even claims to have contact with the extraterrestrial beings who are behind the lights.

James Gilliland built his home just outside Trout Lake, Washington, he had no idea it sat right in the middle of a UFO flight path. He and hundreds of other who frequent his 70 acre property near the mountain believe the lights are UFOs. Gilliland has recorded over 15 hours of video of the strange lights.

Gilliland also claims he has had direct contact with the inter-dimensional spiritual beings who control what he calls light ships.

"These are very advanced beings technologically, spiritually we have to rise to the occasion," said Gilliland.

Others say the strange lights are just natural occurring nocturnal geo-thermal lights or satellites. OMSI planetarian director Jim Todd, says the images on James Gilliland's video look like ordinary satellites to him.

"I can understand their excitement cause they see something moving across the stars. I've seen a lot of satellites space station shuttle and their fun to watch they really are," said Todd.

More than 30 years ago, scientists from around the country began documenting the strange light phenomenon. In 1972, "The Investigation of Nocturnal Light Phenomena at Toppensh, Washington" was released. The report outlines several encounters, such as the following: "The light moved so fast it gave the impression of a streak. It would appear stationary for a moment and then almost instantaneously appear some distance away."

Now, over thirty years later, there are still no clear answers to the mysterious lights, but Gilliland does say the aliens have a message for all of humanity, in the traditional way that the "contactees" of the Sixties, he states: "we need to clean up our consciousness. Clean up our environment and raise up and lead a spiritual way of life."


The annanova news agency reports that a suspected UFO in Essex was actually a laser pointed at the sky from a nightclub celebrating its opening night.

The lights that made circles in the sky came from Fraziers nightclub in Wickford.

Residents say they were convinced the lights were from a UFO. Police received several worried calls.


The witness was in a Brooklyn Park on November 15, 2001: "I noticed that the clouds were being blown by the wind, and from behind the clouds I noticed a white glowing sort of teardrop shaped craft. Behind the teardrop craft was a little blue dot, tailing it. It seemed to be attached to the teardrop or was being pulled by a blue glowing beam. It was moving pretty fast, but it seemed to circle the whole park, which is at least four miles in diameter. Then it just left it made no sound at all."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, NUFORC director,


The Milliyet news reports a UFO was photographed recently by a person who was actually preparing an article about Denizli and was talking to the farmers and village people. When they climbed to the Sogut Mountain, he decided to take pictures of the village people who were guiding him. At that time he accidentally took the picture of a UFO. His name is Okan Ilhan and he is a dentist. Sirius in Istanbul and TUVPO are investigating.

Thanks to Leyla Degirmen and TUVPO who starts to investigate.

Editor note: the photograph shows something fully compatible with a bird. Unsurprisingly the photographer did not see any UFO while taking the picture.


The witness reported to NUFORC: "While taking photos in my yard a bright red burning ball of fire appeared in my camera lens. I lowered the camera and no more than 10 feet from me was a ball approximately two feet in diameter; with an outer glow that extended it to about 3 feet. The shape was almost a perfect circle. I did not feel any heat irradiating from the ball, yet it was burning bright red and emitting heat waves. It remained about 20 seconds, then started to rise vertically, very slowly to about 60 feet, where it remained motionless for a short period. It then made a 90 degree turn and then accelerated out of site. I have a color photo of this event. I called the police to report it and they had another report of a fire ball a block away."

Eric Byler of Oregon UFO Review released a follow-up investigation report:

Hi Peter,

I just got back from an investigation at the coast where I got the picture you see here along with the negatives. I am still working on the report and have to make one more follow up call with him to clarify something, but the long and short of it is that the photographer is a ((deleted)) year old man of (partial) American Indian heritage by the name of ((deleted)). He lives alone with a rather large ((dog)) in a very nice home on the coast of Oregon in a small town named Florence.

((He)) spends a lot of time on his yard as it looks quite good. On the day of the picture, he was out with his camera...a ((high quality SLR camera)) mm 1:3.5 - 4.5...using 35 mm 400 film... a very nice camera that he chooses to keep on automatic for the simplicity of pointing and shooting. He had already made a number of pictures when he approached the plants you see in this picture.

According to his testimony, as he was looking through the view finder and was about to shoot, this image appeared in his view finder. He quickly hit the shutter button and dropped the camera to see what this was. He estimated the object as being a couple feet wide and glowing like fire with an outer lighter glow that emanated like a heat wave. He pointed out however that as close as he was, only a few feet away, he could feel no heat. He thought this as odd.

After a few seconds, the object began to slowly rise until it reached tree level which is quite high as you can see in the picture, the whole time just watching in awe thinking, "'what in the hell is this?" Then he realized, hey, take another picture. He brought the camera up to began lining it up with the object when it did a 90 degree turn and shot away from the house traveling west towards the ocean. He immediately took the film down to have them developed to see if he indeed had got the object on film. I have checked out the negatives and the package with the number of pictures that were developed and is does appear that he stopped taking pictures in his yard by the time he got to the picture in question. My thought is if this were just a reflection of some sort on the lens then it probably would have only shown up when the pictures were developed and he would have continued taking pictures. The fact that he did indeed stop taking pictures at number ten (the roll goes backward from 24 to 1) and then developed the pictures tell me that he may have indeed seen something of a nature that points away from simple lens reflection and does add up with his story.

I spent some time in the house with ((witness)) and I found him very easy to talk with. ((Witness) is a big man but soft spoken. His house is very nice with lots of reference to his heritage seen in the art work on his walls. He has three ((medals)) permanently displayed on a side table as he was in WW2. A wall in another room had a number of framed certificates of achievements and education showing his many accomplishments over the years.

In his main den where we talked there was a large volume of books on shelves. I saw no books pertaining to UFO material as many were related to American Indian heritage ((Witness)) does not have a computer for internet access but does have basic television. He has no idea what he saw. He did contact the police who came over and took a report. The following day he says he talked to the assistant fire chief while in town and he (the chief) mentioned hearing of a similar report on his scanner that day but remembers it as being on 24th street, rather than 23rd where ((witness)) lives. I am following up on this. I did contact the state police who reports that they have had similar reports like this over the past few months in other parts of the coast but did not elaborate. This is being followed up on as well.

Eric Byler
Oregon UFO Research

NUFORC Note: Our gratitude to Eric Byler, Oregon UFO Review, for the excellent investigation and follow-up review. - PD.

Thanks to Peter Davenport and Eric Byler.


Wilmar Caballero published the following article in the Clarin, Buenos Aires Argentinean newspaper on 11.14.2001 with the original headline: "Disquieting trip in the South Atlantic."

An air of confusion and suspicion surrounds an hour-long incident in the night skies over Argentine airspace, in the South Atlantic.

According to a report in the Argentinian newspaper Clarín, a Lear Jet carrying Daniel Gallo, a lieutenant governor, had been returning from a meeting with fellow governors when it encountered unidentified bright flashing lights in the sky over Patagonia.

Piloted by commander Mariano Zalotti and copilot Mario Beban, the aircraft had left Jorge Newbery Airfield at 20.50 hours on Monday, November 12, and set course for the airport at Río Grande, with an estimated landing time there of around midnight.

The newspaper says the aircraft had been travelling at a height of about 10,000 meters when its crew and lone passenger were alerted to the presence of nearby blinking lights in the darkness.

Lieutenant Governor Gallo had been travelling half-asleep when he was informed by the commander of the presence of "estrobocópicas" [strobe] lights appearing on the left side of his aircraft. "Nevertheless, I never thought that it could be a foreign military airplane invading our airspace," he added.

According to the report, all three occupants of the aircraft discounted the lights as being either a UFO or an atmospheric phenomenon and theorized that they could have belonged instead to a British Phantom, or a Tornado aircraft, whose base is at Mount Pleasant, in the Falkland Islands.

"When flying over the city of Commodore Rivadavia, 75 miles out to sea [Strait of Magellan G-fs], we observed for the first time the left blinkers [flashing lights] that followed a short distance, flying the same map course to a height superior and of greater speed", commander Zalotti said later. "Then we flew at a cruising speed of 900 kilometers per hour".

A British Embassy spokesman in Buenos Aires denied emphatically that it could have been an aircraft from that country and described the claim by the two pilots as "speculation without sense".

Clarín reported the spokesman having referred to the location of Royal Air Force fighter aircraft on the "night of the 11 of November", which of course is not the night of the incident itself.

The Argentine Air Force confirmed that it had not detected "any irregularity in the Argentine airspace in the South Atlantic", during the flight of the jet.

Commodore Jorge Reta said the Lear Jet pilot had been irresponsible in suggesting that the lights were an aircraft that belonged to the Air Force of a foreign country.

"If a pilot observes an abnormal situation he has the obligation to communicate by radio with the control tower and to inform it. The commander has not done this, and in its place she has made journalistic declarations", added Reta.

There was also confirmation that no other Argentinian aircraft had been flying in the area during this time, although there seems some doubt that air-search radars exist from the area of White Bay towards the south. However, three mobile radar units are apparently located in this region.

According to Clarín, an Argentine crew member of one of the boats that regularly fish near an exclusion zone imposed by the British around the Falklands, says RAF aircraft are regularly seen in these latitudes "and they fly almost always in pairs".


The newspaper El Mercurio de Antofagasta published the following article on November 10, 2001.

Scientific journalist and researcher Cristian Riffo disclosed an important relationship between the UFO phenomenon and the disappearance of airliners in the sector known as the "Cerro Moreno Triangle."

Riffo has investigated this subject in our country for several years since his days at the La Tercera newspaper and currently from his position as director of, on the Internet. He stated that the details furnished by "El Mercurio" de Antofagasta based on historic information and Air Force sources result in a positive note which reinforces the research consigned in his forthcoming book "OVNIS y Fuerzas Armadas" ("UFOs and Armed Forces" to be published next year in Santiago.

In this book, Riffo divulges details on the various cases linking Armed Forces personnel with UFOs, featuring the episodes made known by this newspaper in the enigmatic area known as the "Cerro Moreno Triangle", which is defined by Balneario del Hornito in the north, La Chimba in the southeast, and the coastline facing Punta de Angamos in the west.

He notes that the case which occurred on March 24, 1980 which resulted in the disappearance of a Hawker Hunter aircraft piloted by seasoned aviation commander Cesar Guevara is one of the most important UFO events of its type in the country. "This is one of the most confidential cases for which the Air Force has still not furnished a credible, official version of the events." In this episode, Riffo added that Guevara was not alone: "He was accompanied by a Brazilian pilot, and what is strange is that it was never made clear what became of both men."

He points out that the "Cerro Moreno Triangle" area has always been a mysterious place for UFO sightings, a subject which according to the researcher "remains constant." He adds that there is no conclusive information which could completely discard magnetism and the presence of UFOs in the area. He explained that during his investigations, he made an effort to contact the widow of pilot Cesar Guevara, without ever making contact. "We have never been able to speak to her directly, only through the intervention of a functionary of the Armed Forces whose identity shall be kept confidential. The family still considers the event a mysterious situation with which they are dissatisfied.

The Guevara Case, he added, still has too many loose ends due to the UFO sightings made before and after the disappearance. "He was an expert pilot; he was one of the ones in charge of bringing the Hawker Hunter aircraft from the UK to Chile during Operation Atlantis. If you fly in this type of aircraft and have some sort of problem, it has an ejection seat. This life-saving mechanism would have activated before an accident."

Translation (C) 2001. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Ing. Marco A. Reynoso (Fundacion Cosmos AC) and Leopoldo Carranza (Ovnipage).


The following message was received by Inexplicata from Rodrigo Cuadra Salazar of Chile's TOC (Tecnologia, OVNIS y Ciencia) Channel 13 of the Catholic University of Chile broadcast a UFO filmed by Eric Martinez, a member of the GEO group, on Saturday, November 10, 2001. The UFO was filmed over the hills surrounding the La Florida commune. A curious detail is that one object was filmed by day, and another object was filmed at night. They could be one and the same."

Thanks to Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology and INEXPLICATA - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology.


The witness wrote: "Last Sunday, November 11, 2001, my mother and I saw a UFO. It was about four minutes after seven when my mother called me out of my room to our back porch. She pointed out an object that at first looked like a bright star. Then it started to move very slowly and we began to see more detail. There was a red intense red aura type of light surrounding the object just enough to make out a shape with binoculars. This thing was far away at least a thousand feet up, and kind of a disc shape with a black mass to it. It appeared then it would disappear for about 4 to 6 seconds. Then a red ball object came out of the lighted end and seemed like it dropped like a flare after you shot in the sky. I can tell I never been so excited I finally saw one after all these years of looking in the sky."

Thanks to RT and Major George Filer.


The USAF published the following press release:

"A hoax that has been around since 1996 accuses the Air Force of being involved in spraying the US population with mysterious substances and show various Air Force aircraft "releasing sprays" or generating unusual contrail patterns. Several authors cite an Air University research paper titled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" that suggests the Air Force is conducting weather modification experiments. The purpose of that paper was part of a thesis to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather modification system to achieve military objectives and it does not reflect current military policy, practice, or capability."

"The Air Force's policy is to observe and forecast the weather. The Air Force is focused on observing and forecasting the weather so the information can be used to support military operations. The Air Force is not conducting any weather modification experiments or programs and has no plans to do so in the future."

"The "Chemtrail" hoax has been investigated and refuted by many established and accredited universities, scientific organizations, and major media publications."


On November 11, 2001 at 6:20 PM a large triangular shaped object with large blue lights suddenly made a quick u-turn and hovered a mile away says a NUFORC report from Shiloh. The witness reports:

"My husband and I were driving and as we approached an intersection near a small airport. There was a large triangular shaped object very close to the ground slowly moving over the intersection. We drove toward the object and as we got closer to about 30 feet away, we could see three large blue lights (one in each corner). It suddenly rose up and made a fast u-turn. In less than five seconds it was gone, quickly heading the other way. About three miles from the intersection, my husband and I looked back and it seemed to be a hovering bright light at or near the airport. The strangest thing about the whole ordeal was there was no sound at all. There was a car about two car-lengths in front of us who I am sure saw it too. Believe me, you couldn't miss it."

Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, National UFO Reporting Center


On November 10, 2001, James A. Tutt Jr. saw a silver cigar shaped UFO flying over East 87th Street toward the Kansas City limits near the over and under pass area of I-435. It was 11:00 AM, and the sky was clear. James was using his powered + binoculars and noticed an object standing still east of him at about 25 to 30,000 feet altitude. The object continued hovering over the I-435 until he lost sight of it. The cigar was silver color and may have had fins on it, but it was too high to tell. This is not the first time that a similar object was seen. On September 27, 2001, there was a sighting of another cigar shaped craft with several fins on its side. The craft was the size of a small house.

Thanks to James Allen Tutt Jr MUFON Field Investigator kcmo area id#7606 and Joe Trainor Masinaigan.

Note by the author of this website: if we assume the above description is complete and accurate, we can see no reason to believe that the object is not simply a blimp.


Reported from Pleasantville: on November 11, 2O01, at 11:20 PM the witness saw a very large cigar shaped object traveling very fast. The witness reports, "I was looking at the sky while my dogs got their nightly exercise. Very dim lights traveling across the sky caught my peripheral vision. There were 4 or 5 of them that came from a long object traveling south very quickly at about 60 degrees above the horizon. It was silent. I could see the lights for 4 or 5 seconds then lost it in the glare from the Ford dealership lights.

Thanks to Peter B. Davenport, NUFORC US Reporting Hotline:(206) 722-3000


On November 10, 2001, John H. writes from Watertown:

"I was sitting in the back yard around a fire pit hoping that maybe I would catch a glimpse of the northern lights I missed earlier in the week. I happened to look up at 9:30 PM and from the east about 45 degrees I saw a very fast moving object about as bright as a meteor, move straight west and fade in the clouds. The whole incident lasted about 5 seconds so I had enough time to say to my wife, "Look at that, there, right there going over our neighbors house," so she also saw it. It was bright enough to see through the thin clouds. I was assuming it could be a meteor, but I saw no tail, neither did my wife. The light was a fuzzy light, not as sharp as a bright meteor might look."

Another witness reports from North of Fond Du Lac:

"My husband had just left to go hunting. It was about 5:30 AM, when we saw two stars, one brighter and one smaller in the southwestern sky. The smaller star started to move in a perfectly straight line slowly to the east. It traveled at the same speed as the space lab traveled that we viewed a few years ago. Then it disappeared. I know it did not go behind clouds."

Mark J. reports from Ozaukee in Grafton County that he was taking out the garbage on October 31, 2001, when he saw a huge giant white light above him at 8:30 PM. Mark says:

"I saw a flying dark triangular shape with a giant white light in the middle of the UFO traveling pretty fast." In addition, on the bottom left corner there were two smaller lights. Mark says, "It was raining and when I stared at it, I could see the rain coming off the back end of it." I have never seen anything like it. I called my friend and he told me to go to the UFO Wisconsin web site. After that call I went outside to see more but it was completely gone."

Thanks to Jenny Hoppe.


Rick from Foothills, Ahwatukee, says, "I was looking up at the sky from my car on November 8, 2001, when suddenly I saw something hovering around the mountain in a circular way at 9:50 PM. It hovered around the mountain six times. At first all I could see was a white dot in the sky, but after a minute it approached more towards the mountain and seemed like a huge battleship with four lights in the sides. The color was metallic brown, and it hovered around oddly, nothing like any thing I've ever seen. After about 10 minutes, it headed of to the west.

Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan and Rick.


The English newspaper Matlock Mercury, via Matlock Today, that a driver from Winster, Derek Holmes (66), almost managed to photograph a UFO on Halloween, as he was driving home from Cromford when he spotted a strange bright light in the sky.

Mr Holmes, from Lea Croft Road, stated: "I thought to myself good God what is that. I felt nervous, it was a peculiar feeling, I had read before about UFOs thinking there must be some simple explanation."

The UFO was first spotted by Mr Holmes on Bonsall Moor near the Salters Lane junction at 10.32pm. As he drove nearer the light it was obviously not a road vehicle but a round airborn object, with curved edges. Slowing down, Mr Holmes searched for a safe place to stop on the narrow road, to capture the brilliant image on film. But despite having a camera in the back he was too slow.

Mr Holmes stated:

"I could see this very big, bright, white object. At first I thought it was a car coming from the other direction, but then realized it was not moving. The size of the light went down, it was as if someone had hit a dimmer switch and it went yellow. It started to move into the distance and then disappeared altogether."

There have been several dozens of sightings in that same area since November 2000, some quite spectacular, generally reported by the local newspaper, and regularly reported on my site. I have not been able to see the smallest indication that any investigation has ever been conducted and there is not a single reason to think that all these sightings are either explained or unexplained.


Charlene sent this e-mail, "I write you hesitantly and grudgingly, not wanting to have talked about this outside my marriage, but my husband has badgered me to report the event. I will therefore explain the incident on condition of 100% complete anonymity. I am a 30-year-old professional female, I'm not particularly interested in science, science fiction, nor have I seriously entertained the idea of UFO's previously."

"On November 7, 2001, at approximately 1:00 AM, I had just finished a lovely dinner while visiting with my parents in a rural area. On my way home I was driving along a dirt road, which cuts through farmland until it accesses the main road. I was about half way along the access road when I noticed in front of my car an area that could best be described as distorted, like heat waves coming off a hot asphalt road in the middle of summer. (We live by the way in the Northeast, so it was certainly less than warm in mid November.) The headlights of the car began to flicker the radio, which I was listening to keep me alert for the ride home crackled then died. The engine stopped and I can only describe what happened next as a red glowing almost translucent, like a red glowing stove element, somewhat irregular shaped object appeared about 20 feet in front of my car, slightly to the left and hovered about 10 feet off the ground. The object sort of just appeared like it burst onto the scene from nowhere. I certainly did not notice anything peculiar previously to the object appearing. The object was irregular in shape, roundish but the edges were not well-defined and seemed to wobble or change almost like a cartoon animation. The object also seemed to be giving off sparks or something. The object maintained the same position for five minutes, best described as, morphed, or changed its shape into a pillar like shape, and its color went from translucent red to platinum silver and shot straight up into the sky at incredible speed."

"The car began functioning again, the radio came back on, and I continued home convincing myself I had imagined the whole thing, that I was still sleepy. When I got home I explained the whole thing to my husband. My husband went out to check the car and noticed spots on the hood of the car where the paint had bubbled as if burned. The radio functioned but the CD player and digital clock no longer work. This was an odd experience to say the least and have talked to no one about it but my husband. We don't know what to make of this experience except that we are in agreement not to talk of this to anyone for fear of ridicule or worse. I have been having nightmares ever since and hope that perhaps by relating my experience can somehow alleviate some of the stress this episode has caused. Since this episode I cannot drive alone at night and even during the day prefer to be accompanied. The stress is beginning to take a toll, a patch of hair on my head has fallen out, and I suffer from headaches and sporadic shooting pains up my spine. I have sought medical attention for the physical symptoms and they can find nothing wrong. If the psychological symptoms don't subside I may seek professional help for them as well although I do not want to have to relate this experience to anyone."

Thanks to Charlene and Major George Filer, ret., MUFON.


On November 7, 2001, a single fighter aircraft that sounded like a NATO F-15 Eagle was escorting a triangular shaped craft over Norwich at 6:15 PM. The fighter was about six aircraft lengths behind and four widths to the left hand side of the Flying Triangle. The fighter could clearly be heard but there was no noise from the other craft. The fighter was displaying full navigation lights, while the only illumination from the triangular craft was three small green lights one at each point of the triangle. The shape of the Flying Triangle craft was clearly visible against the stars as it passed between them and the witness. A close friend also saw the two craft for ten seconds as they headed east and disappeared. The black triangle had three sides of equal length. They were flying at an estimated speed of 250 to 400 knots at an altitude of 1500 feet.

Thanks to Joe Trainor Masinaigan and Mr. Davis.


Bill D. from Bucks County writes that, on November 6, 2001:

"I was driving south on I-95 just past the Route 1 interchange at 5:36 PM, when I looked up and saw a white fireball traveling south parallel to the highway. It was brighter than Jupiter but not as bright as Venus. I saw it first at about 30 degrees above horizon. It went down to about 20 degrees and winked out suddenly. The total time of visibility was a bit less than one-second. It was pure white, no trail, and no fragments. I've seen about a half-dozen fireballs in my time, and this one seemed to travel faster than the rest. I turned on KYW News Radio Station for rest of ride home, but there were no reports. There seems to have been a high number of fireball sightings recently."

Thanks to Bill D. and Joe Trainor Masinaigan.


Dave Arnold writes from St. Louis:

"This morning, Nov. 6, 2001, while viewing the news on KTVI Channel 2 St. Louis between 7 to 8:00 AM, I saw the following when cutting to a weather segment? Behind the news anchor was a background video window (running at this point) showing the St. Louis downtown dawn sky, prerecorded as it was now 7:00 AM or later, looking east, which was a beautiful collage of colors, when an object came into view from the center-left of the screen and continued in a straight line horizontally across the picture reaching just beyond center of the screen left to right at which point the video froze. The object appeared to be an elliptically shaped ball of light, white in color, with trailing tail. It looked like a teardrop on it's side. It traveled seemingly slow as it took nearly two seconds to move from left to where it was stopped. Anyone viewing this newscast, if they chanced to look at this background video, could not have missed this. It seemed as though the video was frozen at just the moment I was thinking "what the hell is that?" The image remained frozen and onscreen for another 3 to 5 seconds before they moved on to the next segment. I thought maybe you could verify this (or not) with KTVI."


The "Observer" UK newspaper published a story with the original headline: "Spies admit it: there are no aliens out there."

The newspaper says Britain's spies have given up looking for aliens after more than half a century of fruitless monitoring of thousands of UFO reports. and that ever since the early 1950s reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects by members of the public and military personnel have been logged by the Ministry of Defence and passed on to its intelligence branch.

Apparently, the surprising announcement comes as a big surprise as until now, "Britain's spies" and the UK government have always claimed that they actually have never studied UFOs because UFOs do not exist.

The Observer says that, however, the Ministry of Defence will maintain its small internal UFO desk, which logs and reports all sightings reported to it by members of the public. "They are not shutting down entirely, but their intelligence experts don't want to know any more. The operation is now just a PR stunt to keep the public happy."

Although media tend to claim that there are no UFOs in the British skies anymore, people continue to see them and report them. The phenomenon is still as intense and busy as ever. The fact remains that UFOs continue to be seen, continue to be reported and continue to be videotaped.

While the UK defense claim UFOs would be tracked on radar if they existed and they are not, the French government sponsored UFO study project leader Jean-Jacques Vélasco has an opposite view and regards "unexplained" UFOs as real physical flying machine of non terrestrial origin precisely because they are detected on radar.

The UK defence claim that UFO are not tracked on radar is quite extraordinary. Ufologists and some scientists remember very well one example among many, the RAF-Bentwater case in 1956 when UFOs were detected simultaneously by US and UK radar and seen from the ground and an aircraft, and followed a jet fighter sent to intercept them.

Skeptics might wonder why it took 50 years of official investigation to conclude that UFOs do not exist in the UK, when the USAF managed to reach that conclusion some 30 years ago.

Coincidentally or not, the annoucement is published a few days after the sometimes controversial UFO writer Timothy Goode publishes a new book to explain that the UK Government is hiding the truth on the UFO phenomenon, a book which will likely receive a large attention in the media and the public.


According to Santiago Yturria, who supplied UFO footage from Mexico to Los Angeles based Kiveat Productions, no money has changed hands for the Sharon Rowlands Bonsall (UK) UFO footage. Mr Yturria was amazed to read in the UK's "Daily Star" and "The Sun" newspapers about the amount allegedly paid and decided to call his friend Robert Kiveat to find out more. Mr Kiveat was shocked at the story and stated that it was all a big mistake and this was the first time that he was aware of the story. No money had changed hands and no deal had been done. Kiveat Productions was unaware of the footage, and stated that an agent had been acting on his behalf here in the UK. The whole deal folded when the newspapers became involved. No one had been offered this sum of money which was referred to as a "crazy amount", and Mr Kiveat hadn't even seen the footage.


On November 5, 2001, the Bristol Press in Connecticut, USA, reported that a resident in Nicholas Drive went to the police Sunday and declared he saw an unidentified flying object at about 01:00 Sunday hovering near the Douglas A. Beals Senior-Community Center.

He said that while he was walking his dog, he looked up and something that looked like a bird with flapping wings, but it was the size of an ultralight airplane and produced "a whirring, almost mechanical sound." There were no other reports of anyone sighting the object.


The witness reports:

"On October 4, 2001, I was on the 9:30 AM Flight leaving Heathrow Airport. The plane was in a steady climb and when we reached about 10 to 15 thousand feet above the puffy sparse clouds I was looking out the forward window. Looking as close to straight down as I could, I saw some sort of movement between the ground and the puffy clouds right below us. I could see that the ground was being distorted as this object passed above it. It caused a wavy appearance to the ground. Looking closer I could see a definite line where the distortion ended, it looked like a huge contact lens, or a clear plastic disk flying beneath us. I watched the disc pass under three or four clouds and always continue on the other side. I could only track it so far because of the small windows on a 777. I then leaned back and could still see it in the window that was in line with my shoulder. It was traveling in the opposite direction as the airplane, and going maybe ! three times faster than the clouds passing below us. I watched it until I could see it no more due to the small windows. Right after it was gone I noticed directly below us a nuclear power plant. This object was traveling away from the power plant. I believe this was not a reflection as it was observed from two different windows. It took me a few seconds to realize that what I had seen was really there."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC.


UFOWisconsin reports that Tony E. was driving on Highway 13 on November 4, 2001, from Pittsville when he witnessed a bright light, bigger than a falling star. He said: "It moved faster than a falling star, coming straight down perpendicular to the horizon beyond or over the city of Wisconsin Rapids at 7:10 PM. I was so far away, that it appeared to disappear behind some woods."

Thanks to Jenny Hoppe ICQ #950705 UFOWisconsin


A witness from Glendale reports that on November 2, 2001, "I witnessed the best thing ever. At 9:25 PM, I saw, what appeared to me as a UFO. I have never seen one before and the object I saw was lower than most aircraft in the area and shot across the sky at a high speed much faster than the aircraft here." The object was round, the bottom looked reddish gold, there were no lights and no sound and it departed to the west. I have become a believer. I'm very excited about the entire event and want to share this extraordinary night.

Thanks to Joseph Trainor Masinaigan.


Beau Spikes writes: "I would like to be contacted by MUFON. In addition, I have entered a report as you requested at the MUFON. We have seen these objects every night since November 2, 2001. We are trying to get closer and take photos with ASA 400 film as you suggested. The only camera I have is a regular 35 mm cannon. As far as detail, the lights appear every night in a different location. There is at least one, and as many as five per night, all appearing at same time. What I see is a spec of light that changes colors and shapes. Sometimes it is a dot, sometimes a vertical bar, sometimes, and a horizontal bar. Sometimes it is a vertical bar with a horizontally sweeping white dot in the middle that is very distinctive. Sometimes it has an umbrella shaped top with colored appendages underneath. The appendages rapidly change shape and colors. The lighted objects often move in an unpredictable manner. Usually they sit still, but sometimes they shift every few seconds, side to side and up and down. In addition, I know I saw a "string" coming from these things. I wondered if the recent mass coronal ejection's might be part of this sight? However, I saw the lights before and after the solar flares, (with no difference), so I completely disregard them as a part of my sightings."

Thanks to Beau Spikes.

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