UFOs Photographed Over Erupting Mexico Volcano:

The long awaited eruption of Mexico's gigantic volcano Popocatepetl ("Smoking Mountain" in old Nahuatl language) that took place Monday, December 18, 2000, brought not only fear and uncertainty but also unexpected events captured by merely accident, on several occasions.

UFOS AGAIN ON 02.21.2001:

In June 29, 1999 the surveillance camera of the CENAPRED, the government agency for disasters prevention was monitoring Mount Popo taking pictures at time intervals. At 1:20PM the camera captured a strange disk shape dark object very near from the volcano crater and emerging among the smoke clouds.

In December 21, 2000 the main headlines of local newspapers Milenio and Extramex present a photograph of an unknown luminous flying object over the erupting volcano Popocatepetl located near from Mexico City and Puebla.

In February 14, 2001, the CENAPRED live cams captured again an amazing event where a huge white cigar shaped ufo approached the volcano in a direct maneuver to hit the crater at relatively slow speed. Here are two extracts from the video images.

Popocatepetl Feb 14, 2001 Popocatepetl Feb 14, 2001

And it goes on in 22 February 2001 ... and on and on since then.

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