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Observations 2001:

01.03.2000 Strange moving lights:

A sighting report addressed to the National UFO Reporting Center in the US, the 01.03.2001 from a witness in Hamilton.

The anonymous witness describes an extremely bright shape moving faster than a normal aircraft could, taking sharp turns and able to stop instantly. It was noticed moving from due North to approximately South by Southeast.

"We live 29 kilometers from our local airport and there will be people working there in the tower tonight. It was a bright white light as it approached us then it turned a mottle green - blue but as it stopped then whizzed off again it transformed into the most brilliant blue hue imaginable. It appeared to be round at first but as it approached it looked like a reverse wing shape but as it speed away it took the shape a smooth rounded oval with small outer (wings) that faced forward (in the direction of travel). My wife is a mother home with our two kids and I manage an Importing Business in our local town. We quite often stargaze together when the children are settled down for the night. This is not the first time that this type of (thing) has been seen by ourselves or the neighbours. We live out of town on a small country/farm block and our view of the night sky is not corrupted by anything on the ground, as well as no lights for over three kilometers. When the sun goes down it is very dark except for the moon and stars. The moon is just under quarter and there are only a few light high clouds, the sky tonight is clear over 70%. Tell me I am not seeing things and please tell me it is just a satellite or something."

01.01.2000 New Zealand disc starts the new millennium:

An E-mail interview, from Filer's Files #02 - 2001; January 9, 2001.

NEW PLYMOUTH - Five people in a car spotted five disc shaped objects in the sky on January 1, 2001, at 12:01 AM along the western shore of North Island. They were driving down Highway 3 and had the radio tuned to 94 FM.

The witness says, "I knew there was enough coverage in the area for good radio reception but we started getting a static buzz when we left Inglewood. This buzz continued for a minute so we decided to switch the radio off."

The witness continued:

"As we approached the next corner, I saw an orange light over the trees that soon vanished. We retained speed through the next few corners and something orange hovered above us. It appeared to be about 100 feet above us and looked to be between 30 and 50 feet long and the same in width (basically circular). There were five of us in the car who could see it. The object hovered soundlessly as we all stepped out of the car. As we looked around we saw three other objects hovering and swaying around in the air. They looked like they were changing color from metallic glowing orange to metallic deep purple and shades of blue. One more larger object appeared on the horizon and sped towards the other four. Each seemed to react in a way similar to an army unit and formed a line and disappeared almost instantly over towards Mount Taranaki. As we left several minutes later we realized we hadn't seen any traffic for half an hour and only saw some as we entered New Plymouth."

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This page was last updated on May 5, 2001.