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In Chile UFOs are for real:

Former Chilean Naval Operations chief says UFOs are for real:

Two former Naval officers tell a televised audience about strange phenomena on the seas of Chile.

October 24, 2001
From: Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Reporter

Former Chiliean Naval Chief says UFOs are real:

Santiago de Chile.

The former Chilean Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jorge Martinez declared that "UFOs are real". The ex-CNO made the shocking statement during an interview with a Chilean television network. The interview was conducted by journalist Rodrigo Ugarte from Teletrece, in Chile. The retired admiral admitted that he personally witnessed the sighting of two UFOs at sea.

According to Admiral Martinez, when he was a young lieutenant, he personally saw a very luminous white object in front of his patrol boat. When he took command of his first destroyer, then Captain Martinez saw another similar object emerging from the water, creating a strong interference with the navigation system and the ship's radar.

Guillermo Jimenez, another former Chilean officer claimed that the sonar system onboard his ship detected two submarine-like objects that caused similar malfunctions with shipboard electronics. "They displayed the same size and metallic resonant characteristics that ordinary subs typically show; however, these objects were too fast to be submarines", said Jimenez.

Both Jimenez and Martinez described how the gyrocompass systems were out of control. "The radar displays went completely blank and the gyro was spinning very rapidly, as if a strong magnetic force was present", said Admiral Martinez.

Some UFO investigators call this phenomenon "UUO" or unidentified underwater objects. Upon learning about this special report, we contacted the Chilean journalist that conducted the interviews. Rodrigo Ugarte, the Teletrece interviewer told us that there were many other officers that described similar events but did not want to go on the air with their accounts. Nevertheless, this is the first time a former Chief of Naval Operations reveals that these phenomena are real.

Spanish translation by Mario Andrade
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