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UFO conferences, meetings and forums, 2001:

Some news and annoucements of UFO conferences and public forums.

UFO meetin in Bonsall, U-K.:

A UFO meeting is to be held in the village of Bonsall, Derbyshire in the UK on December 6th. Entrance fee will be £3:00 and the UFO 'expert' speaking will be Dr. Raymond Neilson. I've been involved in UFO research for over 20 years now and other local colleagues have never heard of him either. I've also heard that somewhere along the line, the Atherius Society is involved.

The venue was not mentioned (or not known) but I assume it'll be either the local village pub or a church hall.

I will be there and let you know what happens, unless we get abducted on the way back, there's a lot of dark country lanes out there!

Once I find out the location, or any other news, then I'll post more information as soon as I find out.

Anthony - UFO NEWS UK -

Mark Hall announces U-K. Disclosure Project on hold:

Mark Hall writes:

What I witnessed at the National Press Club in Washington DC in May, shocked me to a great extent. But what shocked me the most, was arriving back in the UK, to find virtually no television coverage of this historic event whatsoever.

So I started thinking... "What could I do to help alleviate this lack of coverage, and to make the UK press sit up and listen?" The answer seemed to come to me out of the blue... Attempt to start the ball rolling in creating a similar event here in the UK.

The Disclosure Project in the US, already had London highlighted as a venue here in the UK for December this year. So, in conjunction with the Disclosure Project office in the US and help from many UK UFO researchers, I started contacting prospective retired UK military personnel, and civilian police, amongst others who had reported being witnesses in an official capacity, to the UFO phenomena.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that after they had viewed the press conference video and hearing of the good work done in the US, a large proportion of these brave people agreed to either appearing at a future UK press conference, or to giving their testimony on a possible briefing video to be shown to members of the UK government.

Since about June this year, I have put much work into creating the groundwork for an event here in the UK. The Leeds UFO Conference was a major success, and many people approached me with offers of help, but I came to realise that something of this magnitude was too big to be handled in a voluntary capacity.

This will be a major disappointment to all of you, but regrettably I have had to put Disclosure Project (UK) on hold until further notice, because of unforeseen circumstances and personal reasons. I assure you all that I haven't come to this decision lightly.

Anyone who has posted a cheque lately to me as a donation, will receive it back with a written apology.


Mark Hall (United Kingdom)
UK Co-ordinator Disclosure Project

10.31.2001 - UFO conference in Avenches, Switzerland:

October 31, 2001, 08:00pm
in Avenches (VD), at the old movie theater Aventic

UFO history. - Observations: nocturnal lights, daylight discs, radar-visual sightings, encounters of the 2nd, 3rd kind. Observation examples from Switzerland. Records of Swiss Army.

Free. The conference is organized by the association "Le Bac à Sable" within Aventic 01 meetings (10.12 to 11.17 2001).

Access to Avenches:

To go at Aventic by foot from the Avenches station: go up in the town center, pass under the porch between the pharmacy and the town hall (at this point it goes straight and downwards), the passage leads to the street to the Alps. Then go down the staircases beside the tower of Benneville. These staircases lead to the "Chemin des Terreaux", continue to go downwards the cantonal road. Cross the pedestrians passage on your right.

By car: DO NOT ENTER TOWN CENTER, the old cinema is at the angle of the cantonal road to Bern (it circumvents Avenches by the right if you come from Payerne or the motorway) an the road to Freiburg. Please follow the signposts "P Manifestation".

Complete programm:

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