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UFO reports and news in March 2001:

Some of the UFO observations in March 2001 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

03.20.2001UFO (Venus) over Barnaul, again.
03.31.2001A summary of the Dales UFO flap in the past months.
03.28.2001Red UFO lands, Australia.
03.24.2001UFO over New York seen by 5.
03.20.2001UFO witness by two in Puerto Rico.
03.19.2001UFO videotaped in Washington state, USA.
03.14.2001Two UFOS fly over Elk City, Oklahoma, USA.
03.18.20013 UFO rendezvous over Honolulu.
03.15.2001Numerous UFOS seen and taped again over Popocatepetl.
03.11.2001Two UFO observations over Rome.
03.11.2001Triangular UFO over Lake Erie.
03.09.2001UFO taped again over Popocatepetl, new image released.
03.08.2001Daylight disk over capital of Honduras.
03.06.2001Huge orange light streaks through Oklahoma skies.
03.06.2001New UFO photographs in February 2001 over Popocatepetl released.
03.04.2001Luminous spherical flying object in Italy.
03.04.2001Triangular shaped object near Pau, France.
03.03.2001Canadian UFO reports up 2% last year.
03.03.2001Anonymous witness of oval shaped UFO in South Carolina.
03.04.2001Strange lights in the past months in Butaco area, Chile.
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UFOS (Venus) hover over Barnaul Russian airport again:

BARNAUL. -- Anatoli reports that on March 6,7 and 9, 2001, a UFO was observed above the city around 10:00pm in Southern Siberia. It hovered above Vlasikha, the southeast part of Barnaul. The object had the form of a sphere.

In the first evening the sphere did not change in any way, in the following two nights it "danced" in the sky. It would increase and decrease in size, "blow up" similarly to salute, joined again and changed. The colors, moved sharply. One inhabitant of Vlasikha videotaped more than 1.5 of hours of the object on three evenings.

On January 27, 2001, a UFO was observed above Barnaul, and the pilots of an IL-76 four-engine jet aircraft refused to take off because the UFO was hovering over the airport. Another flight diverted to an auxiliary airport.

Source: Anatolij UTRO.RU

Update of 2003: I estimate that the images, some of which appeared in the press later, show Venus, based on my investigation on a comparable video.

Red UFO lands near Logan, Queensland, Australia:

A woman rancher saw a glowing red UFO land in a paddock close to Beenliegh and Redland Bay Road near Logan, Queensland, Australia the night of Wednesday, March 28, 2001.

According to the Logan, Queensland weekly newspaper:

"Dogs barked, birds squawked and horses bolted when a mysterious bright object streaked across Logan's night sky, shining red light over a rural property at Cornubia last week. Seeing the silent red UFO has frightened and mystified property owner Tashma Hosking Who said she heard it hit the ground minutes later after it disappeared over a hill. But her search of the area the next day found nothing."

Mrs. Hosking said she had just walked inside her house after tending a sick pony in the yard at 11:30 p.m. ob Wednesday, March 28, 2001." when the object appeared like a fireball.

"I was scared and first thought it would hit the house," she said, "It did not make a sound and the paddock lit up in red light. Then I heard a bang when it went over the hills. Whatever it was, it did go down."

Mrs. Hosking said the red object had an unidentifiable shape. Curious about what she saw that night, on the Beenliegh-Redland Bay Road area she searched the area the next morning but found no trace of the mysterious red object.

"Mrs. Hosking is hoping someone else saw the light and can offer a logical explanation."

"A nearby Hillside resident, Sue Webb, said she had watched two mysterious pink-red glowing lights from the balcony of her house that night. She said the objects remained there for several minutes in the sky and then came down but could offer no explanation as to what they were."

See the Logan, Queensland weekly newspaper for April 4, 2001, "It's Out There," page 1. Diane Harrison of the Australian UFO Research Network forwarded the newspaper article.

UFO over New York, USA:

It could be the title of a movie and yet it is strict reality. On Saturday March 24, 2001, five persons saw a disc-shaped UFO flying over the Oneida area of the American northern State of New York. The report announces that the UFO was of whitish color and emitted flashes of green and red color and luminous rays which indicated that the UFO moved towards East. On location witnesses also explained that an aircraft was seen, above which the UFO made some passes and finally after more than two hours of presence completely vanished without leaving any trace.

This news item is from Claude Chapeau, Union Européenne de Chercheurs, 04.20.2001, original source: Francisco Fazio.

UFO over Caguas, Puerto Rico, March 20, 2001: announces that ufologists Orlando Pla and Lucy Guzman have reported a close encounter of the 1st kind which took place on March 12, 2001 at 02:00 AST over the city of Caguas's Barrio Beatriz sector, located between state routes 172 and 1. Witnesses to the event were A. Serrano and A. Leon, who were sitting on their porch at that time and saw a bright light heading toward them from the mountains near Aguas Buenas and over Hwy 1. The object's brightness and size increased as it approached. It flew at low altitude over a farm located some 15 meters away from where the witnesses sat. The object was flying in general direction from Puerto Rico's northern coast toward its southern coast, finally vanishing over Las Piñas hill.

The witnesses did not detect any unusual smells related to the event, but remarked that the sighting left an odd taste in their mouths, which they described as similar to "putting a battery between one's lips". An almost imperceptible buzzing sound, "like that of bees" also accompanied the event.

Both witnesses agreed that the object was so bright that it was painful to look at, and that its true shape could not be made out because of the brightness. It appeared to have "something like luminous mirrors" along its bottom section which seemed to rotate. They estimate that the UFO was some 10 meters in length.

With special thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

UFO videotaped in the State of Washington, USA, March 19, 2001:

On Saturday evening, March 19, 2001, two people from the Northwest Services Academy were hiking in the woods above Trout Lake, Washington, located about 40 miles (64 kilometers) northeast of Portland, Oregon when they saw "a bright object" land on Mount Adams.

The two quickly hurried down the trail to the Self-Mastery Earth Institute and alerted James A. Gilliland and his staff.

"When spotted, the two people, who will remain anonymous until we get their permission to use their names, moved quickly down to the ranch  and told us to grab the camcorder," Gilliland reported. "We filmed the object from around 10 p.m. to 11:05 p.m. The object traveled from the top of the mountain, moving over impassable terrain if it was on the ground. It was all over the mountain as if looking for something."

"It split into two objects, returning to one brilliant light  on its way around the mountain.  It would grow in intensity, dividing in two, and then each object  would pit out a brilliant light as if they were still combined into one object.  It was approximately 11 miles away and there were four people who witnessed the event."

(Many thanks to James A. Gilliland for this report.)

Three UFOs rendezvous near Honolulu, Hawaii, March 18, 2001:

On Sunday, March 18, 2001, at 7:43 p.m., Eben Lekson was at his parents' home in the Niu Valley near Honolulu, the state capital of Hawaii, when he spotted a strange bright light in the sky.

"I was looking up towards the sky because it was such a clear night, and I saw an object approaching from the west. So I swung around and saw another object approaching from the east. And then I saw yet another object approaching from the north."

"Immediately I told my parents, who came outside and saw the objects. I called my friend, whose parents are astronomers, and they were stumped because they had not heard of any meteor shower or the (International) Space Station passing over." Also it was not a plane because it had no lights flashing, and their altitude was at least just outside the atmosphere, about 100 miles or 160 kilometers overhead."

(Email Form Report)

Two UFOs over Elk city, Oklahoma, USA, March 14, 2001:

Elk City further cemented its reputation as the "saucer capital" of Oklahoma last week when two more UFOs were seen flying over the community.

On Wednesday, March 14, 2001, at 10 p.m., "two unidentified flying objects flew over Elk City, Okla. and they were seen by several local residents.  The objects flew at an estimated (altitude of) 500 feet.  The objects were about 45 degrees above the horizon. They moved from the northwest to the southeast in less than two minutes. The objects displayed one steady red light and one flashing red light. They moved in formation and stars were visible between the two objects.

Local ufologist Jim Hickman contacted the Elk City airport, the Clinton-Sherman regional airport, and Altus Air Force Base in western Oklahoma. He was told that no one had any aircraft in the (Elk City) area at that time.

However, an Elk City witness reported seeing "a small private plane" in the air at the same time as the UFOs. The plan displayed the standard Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) white navigation lights, Hickman said, "as opposed to the objects' two red lights."

(Many thanks to Jim Hickman for this report.)

UFOs over Rome, Italy, March 11, 2001:

On Sunday, March 11, 2001, at 11:39 a.m., several witnesses looking out a window on the west side of their apartment building observed a daylight disc moving in a rectilinear trajectory from south to north, the object was continually oscillating and alternately showing its bright sunlit side and dark shadowy side to the witnesses. One witness grabbed a camera and took a snapshot of the object as it streaked away towards the Mediterranean Sea.

The sighting is being investigated by Italian ufologists Stefano Innocenti and Matteo Leone.

On Wednesday, March 14, 2001, at 7 p.m., 'a large hovering red light' was observed by a Red Cross medical team responding to an emergency call. The team consisted of a physician, an orderly and the ambulance driver.  The three witnesses 'saw a flame emanating from the light' and the light remained hovering in one spot for seven minutes. Then it changed color from red to white It then departed at a high rate of speed.

The medical crew was interviewed by Italian ufologist Gildo Persone.

(Grazie a Eduardo Russo di Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici per questo rapporto.)

Triangular UFO seen over Lake Erie, USA, March 11, 2001:

At 9:40pm, Brian Long was outdoors in his hometown of Port Erie, Ontario, Canada, about 64 kilometers south of Toronto, when he spotted a triangular UFO flying over Lake Erie. He reported it via email:

"The UFO went from the west to the northeast, heading towards the Niagara Falls area. The object came over Lake Erie and flew from one end of the Port Erie skyline to the other in just a few seconds. Four or five seconds, at the most. Triangular shape; three lights, one in each corner, and completely silent. The color blended in with the night sky."

Daylight disc appears over the capital of Honduras:

On Thursday, March 8, 2001, at 11:30 a.m., a daylight disc appeared over the southern end of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, and was seen by two dozen motorists.

The oval gray artifact, appeared and occasionally vibrated with intense whiteness over a region on the city's periphery in a contrail which seemed to reach from the hilly Cristo del Picacho area. It was witnessed by two telephone technicians, one of whom happens to be an employee of the Honduran newspaper La Tribuna.

When Gerardo Aceitano and his assistant Juan Francisco Mairena claimed to have had 'the experience of their lives' noting that the starship (UFO) might have been search for a power source (some 400 meters down the road is an electrical substation) we are reminded about what researchers and ufologists have told us about the way in which extraterrestrial civilizations enter our planet.

Aceitano and Mairena were heading back to the newspaper's main offices in a Siemens Fiorella-type van panel truck and had barely passed a few meters in front of a gas station on the Paseo Kennedy when the UFO appeared in the sky at an estimated altitude of 300 meters (1,000 feet).

Similarly surprised were college student Juan Flores and amateur photographer Juan Carlos Molina, who managed to snap photographs of the UFO, the first one over Cristo del Pichaco, and the second one over the Parque Nacional La Tigra (Jaguar National Park) from their residences in barrio Santa Lucia.

Gerardo Aceitano stated:

"We were driving along the Paseo Kennedy back to the La Tribuna offices and, passing the filling station, we were chatting in the truck. Upon looking ahead, we saw something moving back and forth, up and down, some 300 meters up. At first we thought it was a piece of paper in the wind, but when we stopped the vehicle, we could see that it was a flying saucer. We stopped the truck and saw that the UFO was gray, oval and with a whitish intensity , and while it was far away, we could see that it was about 5 meters (16.5 feet) in diameter."

Juan Francisco Mairena corroborated the account, adding that he was "overcome by the sighting" which had lasted about three minutes.

A row of 20 cars behind the Siemens vehicle stopped, and the occupants got out and watched the UFO's movements until it vanished by speeding away to the southeast.

"Its velocity was amazing, perhaps faster than sound," said Mairena, who confessed to still being stupefied by the unusual event.

See La Tribuna of Tegucigalpa, Honduras for March 9, 2001, "Dozens of citizens see another UFO."
Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Gloria Coluchi para eso articulo de diario.)

Huge orange UFO streaks through Oklahoma skies on March 6, 2001:

KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City reported "that a huge bright object was seen by hundreds of people in central and northern Oklahoma." The KFOR-TV newsroom "was flooded with calls," Oklahoma ufologist Jim Hickman reported, "The 'object' was described as being an orange sphere with a red-blue 'streak.' It was seen from Oklahoma City all the way to the Kansas state line. The National Weather Service was contacted and they said "it was 'most likely rocket debris.'" The overflight took place at 11:18 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6, 2001.

An eyewitness, Deborah H. from Elk City, Oklahoma, reports:

"I was leaving the parking lot at my workplace. I was traveling north, slowing up for a stop sig. I saw the cloudy sky directly in front of me turn light blue and I saw an orange tail race across the sky in front of me. The object was moving from the southeast to the northwest. It had a long trail of yellow sparkles. The sighting lasted only for a couple of seconds as it was moving very fast. Within about 15 minutes of my sighting, I heard over my scanner one of our local (Elk City) police officers say, "Did anyone else see that?" Another police officer replied, "That's a big affirmative." The sky was very overcast, and I felt like the blue flash was the object reflecting off the underside of the clouds."

Given these information, I would almost tend to conclude that it was space junk or a meteor.

(Many thanks to Jim Hickman for this report.)

Luminous spherical UFO reported in Lecce, Italy, March 4, 2001:

Hundreds of residents of Italy's Leccese province spotted a luminous spherical UFO on Sunday, March 4, 2001 after nightfall.

"Numerous residents witnessed a large object with flashing lights in both Lecce and Gallipoli. The large luminous globe hovered to the west of both cities. Several witnesses observed the object closely with binoculars and telescopes. They watched it change from a luminous sphere to a shape that was more triangular. As it departed, it left a brilliant gleaming trail. The phenomenon lasted for two or three hours and was witnessed by hundreds of people at 10pm. The object departed at a high rate of speed."

See the Italian newspaper Gazzetta di Mezzogiurno for March 6, 2001. Grazie a Eduardo Russo di Centro Italiano di Studi Ufologici per questo rapporto.

Triangular flying craft near Pau, France:

An observation near Pau in Department 64 in France on 02.21.2001 is communicated from R.A.C.E:

A triangular shaped object has been observed this February 21st at about 07:45pm 20 kilometers from Pau. The craft way completely silent and was fliying very low (20 meters) along a road.

Canadian UFO reports up 2% last year:

A national study released today has shown there were 2% more UFO reports filed in Canada in 2000 than 1999, according to their findings.

"We found a slight increase over the year before," says Chris Rutkowski, editor of the study. "There were 263 UFO sightings reported in Canada in 2000, about 11% more than the average recorded since 1989 when we began compiling this data." "We’re not saying that aliens are invading Canada, only that people continue to report UFOs quite regularly," explains the study director. "Most UFOs have simple explanations, but the unexplained ones are still interesting."

According to the study, about 13% of all UFO reports were unexplained. This percentage of unknowns falls to about 5% when only high-quality cases are considered.

The study is available online at:

Fireballs seen in Butaco, Chile:

Over the past few months, UFOs have been seen in the area, North of Angol, with unusual frequency. Pedro Rivas, Armando Ulises, Maria Humilde Concha Rivas, Mario Huaiquil, have reported strange lights of UFOs. Lights and human silhouettes frighten animals and residents alike.

According to researchers and the accounts of Angol's residents, there was a UFO flap last year which included rhomboidal and barrel shaped vehicles, invariably issuing yellow and orange lights, traveling from north to south and disappearing in an instant.

According to the locals, there is a huge circular imprint, left behind by a UFO, on one of the local mountains. Local researchers are preparing an expedition to said location, which is at some point in the precordilleran locations of Verdun and Deuco.

St. George, South Carolina, USA, oval-shaped UFO:

An anonymous report sent to NUFORC:

"It was oval shaped with several lights, and about the length of a pickup.  It was an oval shaped object observed on March 2, 2001.  It had flashing white lights on the bottom.  I saw it just over a cornfield that Thursday night at 12:31 AM.  It just hovered in one spot and then it shot off.  I didn't even see it leave.  I ran home immediately and told everyone.  They didn't believe me. I hope you do."

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Damages were caused probably by vandals on an optical fiber cable of the University of California Berkeley campus network. Users of the free software, which allows home and office computers to share the processing load of searching the radio spectrum for signals from space, should be assured that contractors are pulling new cable now.

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