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Observation reports August 2001:

Some of the UFO observations in August 2001 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well-known sources.
08.31.2001Two low flying triangles in Ohio, USA.
08.30.2001UK TV Documentary about Derbyshire Dales UFOS.
08.30.2001UFO sighting in Argentina.
08.30.2001UK TV Documentary about Derbyshire Dales UFOS.
08.29.2001"Mothership" with 4 UFOS in Ohio, USA.
08.27.2001Venezuela round object.
08.24.20013 flying triangles in California.
08.23.2001Fisherman observes hovering cylinder, New Jersey, USA.
08.23.2001Bright light in the Wyoming sky.
08.22.2001Delaware multiple sightings, USA.
08.22.2001Unexplained lights and sounds in Maine, USA.
08.21.2001New Jersey cylinder, USA.
08.20.2001New Hampshire flying triangle, USA.
08.19.2001Oklahoma light approaches car, USA.
08.18.2001Minnesota triangle shaped UFO, USA.
08.18.20013 lights in Missouri, USA.
08.18.2001UFO flew over house in Texas.
08.18.2001Object flashes and takes off vertically in Wyoming, USA.
08.17.2001Daylight sighting in Oregon, USA.
08.16.2001More observations this year in Canada.
08.12.2001Night time UFO taped over Victoria, USA.
08.13.2001Michigan light chased, USA.
08.10.2001Cigar shaped truck size object near Philadelphia, USA.
08.10.2001UFOs and jets observed in Florida.
08.09.2001Chicago diamond shaped orange flying object.
08.09.2001Turkish Ufology group report similar incidents.
08.09.20012 Turkish Air Force pilots report possible UFO.
08.07.2001Canadian hovering disk.
08.07.2001Flying triangle over Evanston, USA.
08.07.2001UFO over Tyneside, UK.
08.06.2001Wheaton silvery circle, USA.
08.06.2001Scotsman photographed a UFO.
08.03.2001500 report UFO in Wisconsin, probably the ISS.
08.03.2001Franklin Ohio UFO report, USA.
08.01.2001UFO near air traffic, Illinois, USA.


In the Marietta area, on August 31, 2001, the witness was driving home at 09:20pm, when the witness noticed a very low flying plane coming closer and related:

"As it came closer I could see that the object had a Flying Triangle shape with lights on all 3 points, and a flashing light in the center. It was moving at a rapid pace and passed directly over my car. I slowed down, and so did other cars as it came over and I could clearly make out the shape of the object. It was triangular and the back of it seemed to be concave. A second later, a second craft of the same size and shape flew in formation with the other at the same flight level. I watched both of them until finally they disappeared behind the hills at which time I called my mom on my cell phone. The Flying Triangles had a wide wing with a concave back, and looked black against the moonlit sky. Both craft had lights on the bottom corners and a flashing bluish white light in the center. There was another blue light in the very front, above the white light on the bottom. These craft were flying very low, I would estimate between 500 and 100 feet altitude probably below safe flight rules. They were traveling very fast about 300-500 mph, much faster than any commercial plane I have ever seen."

Thanks to Joseph Trainor, editor of UFO Roundup.


A UFO was seen over the city of Santa Rosa yesterday evening. The time was almost 20:30 hrs. and it was seen to the NE of this provincial capital. The object was large, shining and white. Its size drew the attention of observers who later became aware that the object began to move until it became "lost between two stars."

It is worth noting that sightings of this type are quite common in the area.

Special Thanks to Quique Mario and Project CONDOR, Latin America's largest UFO survey.


The director and reporter of a Nottingham based TV documentary team have revealed some amazing facts from their detailed six-month investigation into UFO sightings throughout the region (see this news page) and claim to have recorded many other fascinating facts for a special program to be screened in October.

Their report includes interviews with credible eyewitnesses, footage of UFO sightings at Matlock and Lea, discussions with Nick Pope, the well know ufologist and a former UFO desk officer at the MOD, best-selling author Tim Good, and Leicester aero engineering expert, Colin Saunders - who made a detailed drawing and model of the craft from his personal sighting.

Four Sheets Films, run by director Own Gaffney, with experienced producer John Arnold and conspiracy researcher Trevor Howes, claim their results are "beyond belief." Their documentary "The Matlock Triangle" will form part of Carlton Television┤s "First Cuts Scheme" providing new challenges and opportunities for new directors.

It will probably be screened privately at the Odeon Cinema in Nottingham in September and broadcast throughout the Midlands region on Central TV the following month. Their company has investigated a large cluster of alleged UFO sightings over a wide area and in particular the Derbyshire Dales.

And as if to emphasise that claim, another UFO sighting was reported in the Mercury last week over the town┤s football ground at Causeway Lane, where several people saw a series of bright lights over the pitch - and they didn┤t play until Saturday! This mirrored another similar sighting three months before - and just four miles away when a couple complained a UFO had spoilt their watching of TV show "Big Brother!"

Owen explained: "I have been absolutely staggered at the findings. Many people saw many different things. Some saw very bright white lights, others saw varied shapes ranging from triangular objects of pulsating lights, to a cigar shaped craft, a dome shaped like a bowler hat, to a large glowing millstone. Witnesses noted things in the skies that as far as I know don't even exist."

"Nick (Pope) said he had personally investigated many reports and said he had been given security clearance to talk to us. He was adamant many UFO┤s had been seen in the Matlock area and claimed the facts could not be explained. He said Matlock and the Derbyshire Dales region in particular was Britain┤s top UFO hot-spot."


Is it an alien invasion or just an optical illusion? A Bainbridge, Ohio, USA - woman is searching for answers reports WKYC-TV Website in Cleveland. On two separate occasions, Heather Rice of Bainbridge says she saw, and taped, a UFO. The first time was August 29th, while getting her daughter ready for school. The second time was the very next morning. Rice says she saw a "mother ship" and four others surrounding it, flying in a triangular pattern. "It looked like a circular thing with windows with the red and green lights shining through," Rice says. "It was spinning fast." Rice took her videotape to Bainbridge Police. "We can take a copy of her tape and then turn it over to NASA if they want they can take a look at it," Lt. Jon Bokovitz says. "They've enhanced some video for us in the past. Maybe they can determine what it was."


At 09:32pm on 08.27.2001 a perfectly round object, definable as a UFO, was suspended over the School of Metallurgical Engineering of the Unversidad Central de Venezuela. After a few minutes, the object moved "backwards" toward Cerro Avila. The object remained in view from the Los Charaguamos neighborhood and to the left of the Humboldt Hotel.

It is alleged that seven (7) photographs were taken of this object. The researcher says that they shall be made available after developing.

Special Thanks to Martha Rosenthal, CEINPLA


A man from the Joshua Tree area, California, reports:

"On August 24, 2001, there was a terrific meteorite shower show, but nothing compared to the 3 black 'Triangles' seen at approximately 1:30 AM zipping around rapidly and dead stopping in midair. Shirley and I missed it, but not this man- ( This morning over coffee at the Country kitchen inn, he excitedly told me all about it. If he wasn't a believer before, he sure is now."

Thanks to Dex and George Filer.


The witness reported to MUFON:

"I was out about 45 miles to sea in the Atlantic. Weather was calm and I was looking forward to a day of fishing. At about 3:00 PM in the afternoon on August 23, 2001, a reflection off a metallic cylinder caught my eye. The cylinder was hovering about 1000 feet over the surface and the direct spot that it was hovering over was about 1500 feet away from my boat. During the encounter, which lasted only about 45 seconds, the object disturbed my compass and my GPS. The screen on my GPS said cannot locate signal. Small bait fish became excited and swam to the surface. The craft emitted no light but a pulsing, electrical sound came from the craft. The craft had two section that counter rotated around each other. I left to go see if I had a camera down below, and when I returned, the craft had flown away. The fish subsided, the compass returned to its bearings, and my GPS picked up the signal."

MUFON has filed the report as Case 1-937. Thanks to MUFON,


The Star-Tribune, Casper, in Wyoming USA published that a Cheyenne man and an astronomy group reported seeing a very bright strange light in the night sky.

Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington, said he is seeking others who saw the light around 10:30 p.m. Friday. Paul Ayers, 38, and Ayers' son, 19, said a fireball-like object rose straight from the ground in the Rock River area. The light was so bright it washed out the headlights of their vehicle, according to Davenport. Davenport declined to provide other details because he wants other witnesses to provide independent reports.

Ayers said he and his son were on a fishing trip. "It illuminated the whole neighborhood," he said. "It was just a weird occurrence that needed to be reported." University of Wyoming astronomer Allyn Smith said at least 60 people at a Wyoming Under the Stars gathering saw the light from the UW observatory at Jelm Mountain. He said he saw a flash on the dome wall of the observatory about 25 miles southeast of Laramie. "The people who were outside described a large meteor, or bolide, a bright meteor," he said.

Such meteors usually explode high in the air, he said, and theorized that an icy meteor, a stony or iron meteor, or a piece of space junk caused the light. "I would estimate it was almost as bright as the full moon," he said.


Bill Fenton from the Trenteon region reports multiple UFO sightings over the Delaware River and nearby woods on Wednesday, August 22, 2001, and several days following. He phoned several times to inform me that he and his friends were observing high speed lights and a diamond shaped craft. Flashes of light would depart the craft and fly into the area streaking past their position on Route 295 overlooking the Delaware River:

"On Wednesday, August 28, 2001, I drove to the Delaware River scenic overlook with Bill Fenton and observed several high speed maneuvering lights between 9:30 and 10:30 PM. There was fairly heavy commercial traffic moving north along an airway. However, there were unexplained lights over a landfill across the river in Pennsylvania. I also saw a green light flash over Route 295 moving east. There is unexplained activity in the area for many years."


On 08.24.2001, The newspaper Boston Globe has published an article titled "No explanations for eerie lights and sounds in the sky."

The authorities have no explanation for eerie bright lights and loud rumbling sounds that dozens of people reported coming from the skies on Wednesday, August 22, during the night in the Lewiston, Auburn, Sabattus, Greene, Leeds, Monmouth and Minot.

Dozens of people called the police or the Lewiston Sun Journal about loud rumbling noises and their observation of bright lights or a streak of light followed by a flash, and heard noises. "It was a long rumbling. It sounded like a huge, huge object," said Lynn Madelyn Bailey, 59, of Minot. "I was afraid to go out on my deck. It sounded like it was right over my house."

Officials said no commercial flights flew through the area at the time, and freak weather patterns were ruled out. Lewiston Police Sgt. Michael McGonagle tried to find the source of the phenomenon after taking several calls about it, after calling the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Guard, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and others, he did not have an answer.


Peter B. Tarlton, from the Shewsbury River area, and his girlfriend reports that on August 21, 2001, while fishing at the Sea Bright Bridge, a glossy white ovoid/cylinder was observed at 3:45 PM at an altitude of 1500 feet.

"The object/craft approached the beach heading due west making a slight curve to the southeast. It had no visible aero forms/planes, was matte white to glossy white. The O/C rose leisurely in altitude from 1500' to 2500'. Haze and smog affected visibility; however most interestingly, it slowly pulsed to an intense white-hot light/power up phase, slid behind some haze, and disappeared. My girlfriend and I both conducted additional observations of commercial jetliner aircraft, in the same vicinity, under the same environmental conditions, and the sun's glare was 20% to 30% of what was observed with ovoid cylinder. Additionally jet aircraft did not disappear; their aero surfaces were clearly and visually distinguished. The same observation was not repeatable with commercial traffic under same conditions. The object turned and disappeared. I have witnessed over 25 craft in this area, within five years. All of these 'sightings' have occurred within a five-mile radius of Sea Bright Bridge."

Thanks to Peter B. Tarlton and George Filer.


On August 20, 2001, at about 10:00 PM, on a star lit night, the witness saw a flying triangle shape object with a bright white light at each point. The witness states:

"I couldn't make out any actual outline of the object or judge it's distance or size. My best guess would be the size of a football field about a quarter to a half-mile away. At first, it was stationary but then started to move slowly down toward the tree line and disappeared. The duration of movement was 15 to 20 seconds. The Flying Triangle made no sound and this exact object was also seen in February of 2001 in approximately same location."

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, National Reporting Center (NUFORC)


Lisa Ghariani, Oklahoma City area, sent an e-mail to George Filer telling she was traveling from Anadarko on Highway 15 on August 19, 2001, when she saw a singular oncoming light moving horizontally towards her.

"At 11:45 PM, outside of Yukon I slowed a bit and watched as the light got brighter and brighter. It finally came directly in front of the car at about 40 yards away. It burst into a very bright circle with four diamonds like points and came directly towards me, then vanished. I pulled over thinking it might be a motorcycle, but nothing ever passed or made any kind of sound."

Thanks to Lisa Ghariani LongShortrose and George Filer.


The witness of the Duluth area reports he and a friend were heading home from the Barnum Fair twenty miles southwest of Duluth on August 18, 2001, when:

"...we noticed a bright light in the southeast. My friend thought it was Venus, but it seemed too large, too bright, and too low. It was the only star in that direction! At 10:13 PM, it suddenly darted straight north for three seconds covering a lot of ground in that short time. We lost sight of it, but when we turned left towards home and came to an open field, we saw the bright object again. It was hovering but then moved upwards quickly and the light went out, and then came back on again about ten seconds later."

Ufologists do know Venus is a planet not a star. The witness simply meant no celestial body was visible in that direction except the UFO. Ufologists also tend to believe that Venus does not head North covering a large distance in three seconds.

Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, National Reporting Center (NUFORC)


This observation report from the Columbia area, USA, arrived at NUFORC:

"I saw three lights on August 18, 2001, that looked like running lights for some blacked out shape at 10:30 PM. It occurred at night so the shape was not visible. It was very low when I first saw it above my window and moved much faster than any plane or helicopter. It made no sound. It buzzed my neighborhood moved to hover above some trees, which I am guessing to be about 400 yards away. After a while it went off into the treeline and disappeared out of sight.

Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.


The witness from the Brazoria sector, Texas, USA, related:

"We heard it go over the house on August 18, 2001, you could hear a huge rushing sound of air." There was a loud continuous sound that sounded like a zip gun or reverberating siren sound. The thing had to be very large and traveling just above the treetops at 12:05 AM. It was very low. There was the rushing sound of air, but no motor sound. We live under a flight and know what aircraft sound like. This was nothing like anything we ever heard. Please advise."


"On August 18, 2001, I was traveling northwest on Highway 30 toward Rock River at about 10:30 PM, when an extremely bright flash like an explosion occurred, and it was as bright as full daylight. There was a bright orange flash then an object left at an extreme rate of speed vertically and escaped the atmosphere in less than 1 second! This stretch of road is desolate and I do not know of any other traffic other than another lonely motorist that I passed as I came into Rock River. I have seen explosions before and nothing other than a nuclear blast from my military training was as bright. I am also aware of other incidents in this area for many years."

Thanks to Peter Davenport of the NUFORC.


On August 17, 2001, two persons saw the glint from a silver spherical object moving southeast at high altitude at 12:35 PM.

"Just before the sighting, a squadron of UH-60 military helicopters flew in formation northeast towards Portland PDX airport. The spherical object appeared to have movement on the underside, similar to a tail and moved rapidly across the sky. I grabbed my partner and directed his attention to it. "My god! It is a UFO" was his response. I grabbed the camera off the table and got three shots before I lost it in the trees. We ran out front of the house, and looked along the expected path of the object, but it had disappeared."

The witness occupations are Chef/Teacher/Artist and, ironically enough, a Radio Talk Show Host who specializes in the topics of Paranormal and unexplained phenomena.

Thanks to Peter Davenport of the NUFORC.


The Winnipeg Sun newspaper has published an article titled "UFO sightings up this year - Truth still out there, says Ufologist" on August 16.

Ufology Research of Manitoba has reported more than 75 UFO sightings across Canada since January, more than in the past years past, according to the study they released. "There's a higher interest this year for some reason," said co-ordinator Chris Rutkowski. "There's some pretty strange stuff going on all over the country." The magazine study revealed 10% of the country's citizens believe they have actually seen a UFO.

Rutkowski said factors such as an influx of media attention, the existence of The Space Channel and a recent Maclean's poll about UFOs may have resulted in a higher number of reported cases. "But it's hard to say. In previous years, the amount of attention hasn't really had an effect," he said, adding that Canadians may simply be more comfortable with the idea of extraterrestrial beings living among them.

Each province had its own tales of strange sights. Two people in Surrey, B.C., reported seeing a red ball of light ooze out a hot waxy-like substance as it moved through the air.

An Alberta resident discovered a four-meter crater in a field after others witnessed a "fire tornado."

In Manitoba, Rutkowski said the most recent phenomenon occurred in Winnipeg just a little over a week ago, when someone reported a bright fireball in the night sky.

It was a few days ahead of the bright fireball seen in Nova Scotia last Friday, which probably was a Russian rocket booster coming into the waters off the east coast, as a meteor shower also took place, so nobody is sure what the fireball was.

On July 21, a Winnipeg man said he had videotaped a strange light flying in the sky just north of the city. Earlier the same month another report came into the research center regarding a 30 centimeters wide circle of light which hovered in the skies over Marchand for about 20 minutes.


The witness was on the beach in the West Olive area when he saw white lights that he thought were bright stars at water level 70 miles out on the lake on August 13, 2001. The center light shot strait upward probably 50 miles high faster than any plane and stopped. The second object on the left moved upward, while the center craft did a zigzag pattern while moving down the shoreline in less than a second. The third stood very still and then shot strait up very fast and disappeared. The first moving object appeared to be spinning in place. They all went under the horizon for probably two minutes. Upon returning they made sharp, sudden, and fast maneuvers.

"I returned to the beach the next night and saw a very bright light in the exact same spot. The light started doing the same sharp, fast up and down movements as the others. Within a few minutes five aircraft started moving toward the UFO. It made very uneven flashes of light, moved north, and disappeared."

Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.


Peter Davenport phoned to George Filer to report on the sighting of a group of UFOs flying in formation above the city August 12:

"While going outside for a smoke at 12:15 AM, I noticed five people at the wedding reception pointing at the sky. Just as we finished discussing the shooting star, which I had just witnessed, one of the people in the group yelled, "What is that?" and pointed above us looking east in the night sky. It was a group of about 6-7 oval shaped objects traveling in a straight-line formation. They didn't seem to be lit up by their own luminescence but since they were traveling over Victoria near the city center it looked as though the city lights lighted them up. The objects appeared to be a grayish in color. To my shock there was about 6 or 7 stars in a hexagonal pattern, but the stars were moving like they were doing a show. They were in a semicircle and the circle sort of broke a bit. Then one by one they started to move farther away and sped off at a high rate of speed. The wedding videographer was able to tape some of the event as we pointed to the UFOs. The objects continued a slow climb in the square shape formation. They got smaller and disappeared."


Peter Davenport at the National Reporting Center announced on August 10 that a truck size cigar shape object has been seen over the Blue Route 476 in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.

The witness reports: "On August 10, 2001, at 11:47am I was driving to work and directly ahead of me, a half of a mile or so, I saw an object that resembled a cigar shape, quickly, zooming over the highway. It flew over the trees and it disappeared. The craft looked as though it was about the size of a truck. It seemed to reflect the sky on the top, and more dark on the bottom half. It was not high at all, as far as my view, a half mile ahead. It looked like it was maybe a hundred feet over the highway. If I were to hold out my arm and clench my fist, the object would be about half the size of my fist. No one else, as far as I could see, saw the object. But, because I love looking into the sky, I am more alert to the stranger objects then most people. This was not a plane, not a bird, not a helicopter. The object kind of teetered back and forth as it passed, almost out of control."


ISUR reports that at about 11:30pm on August 10,the witness, his son and a friend observed a bright white colored light/object hovering in the sky over St. Petersburg. The object moved, then reversed it's direction 180 degrees, turned at sharp angles, and zig-zagged in an incredible manner. At times the object would stop, then move forward in short pulse like bursts of speed, then hover for long periods. After about 15 minutes, several jet fighter type aircraft appeared, believed by the witness to be from nearby McDill AFB which is about 5 miles east across Tampa Bay. Witness stated that these jet aircraft appeared to travel a course to the southeast as if trying to locate something because they repeated this two more times, but at a higher altitude. The light/object remained stationary while the jets flew this pattern. Eventually, it begin to "drift" and then smaller lights/objects appeared from all directions, they too drifting, but toward the primary object, then all finally became motionless. These activities continued for over an hour.

Thanks to Tom Sheets, ISUR Board-State Director MUFONGA and D.


The witness reports to Peter Davenport's NUFORC:

"Ten of my friends were sitting outside on a patio at 3:15 AM, on August 9, 2001. Twenty minutes after some of us saw a very bright meteor overhead we saw an object in the southeast heading northwest at a constant rate of speed. As it grew closer it appeared to be diamond shaped and orange in color. It flew directly overhead and at its closest appeared possibly 3/4 the disk of a full moon. There was a near full moon this night and I saw it pass in front of a bright star which confirmed to me that is was indeed a solid object. It appeared to be luminescent in some fashion, but the moon was very bright. Several people in the group described several small points of light, "like the ends of a fiber optic cable" said one friend (number varies between 6 and 7) offset but surrounding the diamond shape. I very clearly saw the orange body of the object and it made no noise. Minutes after the object disappeared from sight an airplane took off heading east over our heads from O'Hare airport. The comparison to a low flying commercial airplane was easily dismissed as we observed blinking navlights on the wing tips of the plane, take off lights and an audible engine noise. The observed craft had neither of these. A girl in the group grabbed her 35 mm camera and took two photographs the UFO as it departed. The group of witnesses were 24 to 30 years of age working in fields from business to art."

Peter Davenport interviewed this witness, and found him to be an excellent observer and reporter of the facts.


The Newspaper Turkish Daily News of Ankara has reported on August 9 that Sirius UFO Space Studies Research Center President Haktan Akdogan, concerning reports of UFOs seen around Izmir, stated that air force pilots had reported similar incidents a couple of times in the past four years.

The Air Force Operations Department has been very secretive concerning reports that two of their pilots stated that they had sighted "unidentified objects." No explanations have been made while the radar data and reports are being studied. Perhaps in an attempt to soothe possible fears, Akdogan explained that observations of "unidentified objects with characteristics seemingly above known technology" had been made in the air space of many countries, many times.

Akdogan went on to say such information was passed around among intelligence agencies, but was rarely revealed to the public. He is planning to reveal his findings on the UFO reports in Turkey to various organizations around the world, who he says have started the process of trying to prepare people for such events. Akdogan said, "Beings we share the universe with are trying to prove to us that we are not the only ones around," indicating his belief in the existence of developed life other than humans.


Various newswires have briefly reported today that Lieutenants Ilker Dincer and Arda Gunyer of the Turkish Air Force have observed and chased bright luminous UFO for almost half an hour, while they were on a training flights near Izmir on the coast of the Aegean sea.

Additionnal local media reports have stated that the object was moving fast and funnel-shaped. The Turkish Hurriyet and Sabah newspapers have published transcripts of the conversation between ground control and the two pilots, who asked ground control to track the object on radar. One of the pilots said "I have never encountered a thing like this before. I suspect it is a UFO."

Air Force authorities said the pilots may have seen a flock of birds or a weather balloon.


The witness states, "At 11:30 PM, I observed a disk shaped object hovering silently 500 feet above Dillworth Mountain on August 7, 2001. The disk had a large red and white ball of light in the center. The color of the disk appeared black against the night sky and produced no sound. The object turned down the illumination of the center red and white ball of light like a dimmer switch."


Peter Davenport of NUFORC collected this account:

"On August 7, 2001, I looked up at 10:20 PM and saw a streak of light and then it slowed down. I couldn't tell the exact distance but I would estimate 200 to 300 yards away. It was traveling very slowly like it was looking for something. I noticed that there were lights all around the side of the ship. It was kind of like a Flying Triangle with a broad side in the front going to a point in the back. The two front tips seemed to have two brighter lights then the rest. It moved real slow for about 15-20 seconds, and then streaked off to the north. All lights on the Triangle were bright hazy white."


At least five people reported seeing a UFO over Tyneside, UK, on the night of August 08, 2001, between 11.20pm and 1.15am (BST). Reports indicate the object appeared to be a "greeny blue light" which flashed or morphed to red and occasionally yellow, with no discernible structure other than being spherical in shape. A Witness claims that the light appeared around four times larger in the sky as the International Space Station, while another reported the size to be "about half the size of my fist when I held it up". The object was reported to have been slowly moving in either a small circular or triangular pattern, before being observed to disappear at around 1.11am.


Peter Davenport of NUFORC collected this account:

"On August 6, 2001, while standing in the backyard of my sister's home around 4:00 PM, playing with my three year old nephew, I happened to glance up and saw a round whitish-silvery circle. It looked about the size of a pinhead from where I stood, motionless in a clear blue sky. It seemed to be as high as a commercial jet. I I watched for about a minute, and then it shot upwards at a rapid speed, which caught me off guard, causing me to sort of startle, until I could no longer see it."


The Courier News, a newspaper of Dundee in Scotland has published an article on August 6, indicating that "The best photographs of a UFO ever taken" have been snapped by a Leven man from outside his home, he claims. Andrew Wilson (58) believes he saw the unidentified flying object when he was looking out of his living-room window at Letham Avenue on Friday night on August 3.

Mr Wilson, who is unemployed and on disability allowance, claims it was moving across the sky above the houses in his street, "It was a small thing and it was travelling fast but there was no sound from it." He maintained it was not the moon he observed as he saw it in another part of the sky.

A member of the RSPB and a keen birdwatcher, Mr Wilson owns a book on astronomy and often watches the night sky, "I like the stars, theyĺre beautiful," he added. It was, perhaps, this hobby that allowed him to witness another UFO in 1971: "It was right above me. It had a red dome on it, and a flashing light."

Unfortunately, as he had nobody to corroborate his tale the experience was not investigated. However, on this occasion Mr Wilson has two witnesses (both of whom were unwilling to speak about their experience) who also saw the object. At first, according to Mr Wilson, they believed it to be an aircraft of some kind but after seeing his pictures they have changed their opinion.

Firm in his belief that what he saw was an UFO, Mr Wilson has handed the matter over to the authorities, "I have phoned RAF Leuchars and they said they would get in touch with the Ministry of Defence about the photographs," he added.


MUFON John Schuessler reports that some 300 people called WIFC-FM (95.5) local radio personality Tony Brueske claiming they had witnessed a mysterious green or blue light floating over Wausau. WIFC Program Director Danny Wright has provided MUFON with a CD of calls indicating nearly 500 calls. They all saw a green or blue light moving north really low in the sky."

"Hi, this is Tina in Antigo," one caller said. "I saw it, too at 11:20 PM moving north. When I first saw it, it was almost white, then it was bluish-green." No one can explain why 500 people from Stevens Point to Minocqua, phoned a radio station to report the light. "I'd say it was probably the International Space Station (ISS)," said Arnie Nelson, former director of the planetarium at Wausau West High School. "I didn't see it, but that's about the timing it would be, and the brightness." The ISS orbits 250 miles above the Earth, and its brightness varies with its path and weather conditions. According to, the ISS passed over Wausau moving northeast at about 10:30pm.

Thanks to State Director Chad Lewis and Nicholas D. Roesler Assistant State Director and "WAUSAU Daily Herald."


MUFON Ohio State Director Bill Jones received word of a sighting that occurred on August 3 from MUFON's Scott Arnette in Louisiana. The UFO witness, Mr. Greg Banks of Franklin, reported he was awakened around 2:00am, when a bright light flashed through his window. He then heard a "thunder like" sound. Scott Arnette said that Mr. Banks claimed that no thunderstorms were in the area. The hair on his arm seemed to stand up. Mr. Banks went outside on the porch and saw a bright white light or sphere in the sky. An aspirin tablet held at arm's length would not cover this light. It was traveling slowly. Then it stopped over a wood line to the east at about two miles. The light bobbed up and down when a smaller white light came out from underneath it and bobbed around like a cork in the water. It also moved around the parent object for a time, but mostly stayed underneath it. The moon was visible to the south. He tried to take a picture of the light. Greg notified MUFON while this hour long event was going on. Scott Arnette called the Springboro police but was unable to get confirmation of the sighting. He asked the police to call him back, but they never did.

Investigator Kenny Young reports he contacted the witness who sounded alert and explained that he had never seen anything like this before and was not medicated and had been sober during the event. He asserted his inability to explain the sighting. His mother, who he said is extremely religious, also saw the object after he awakened her. She said, it was "something very unusual." The witness recounted the same details as he told Bill Jones, and added it was over Springboro. Interestingly, Greg informs that the sound of helicopters were heard several minutes into the event while he was standing in the yard and talking on the phone with Scott in Louisiana. Greg states that he could not visually see helicopters or ascertain the source of the helicopter noise. He was not familiar with any recent UFO sightings. His sighting has similarities to the recent nearby Waynesville police/UFO sighting in that the object first appeared near to the witness and then receded into the distance over a brief period of time. This location is 25 miles south of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The Springboro Police Department advised they had no relevant UFO sightings. Banks was a friendly and cooperative witness.

Thanks to MUFON Ohio, Scott Annette, Bill Jones, Kenny Young.


A glowing, gold-orange cylinder-shaped object was observed on August 1, flying northeast toward Chicago at 8:15 PM. The area of observation is near O'Hare and Midway airports, and several jet aircraft were in the area flying in normal traffic patterns.

Witness stated: "We noticed the object was flying nearly at the same altitude of the jet aircraft, but much faster. The object all at once slowed down as a B-757 aircraft departed Midway airport, westbound and flew past our position. We were amazed at this behavior, as if the object was observing the jet. The object then accelerated to the northeast and disappeared in a wink as a B-727 came into view from the east. The 727 entered the O'Hare inbound traffic pattern, flying downrange and turning 180 degrees to begin a final approach. We stood in disbelief to what we just witnessed. It seemed that object was right on top of the 727 and then just vanished. Based upon my 25 years in the airline industry, knowing aircraft performance, physical characteristics, and traffic patterns flown by commercial aircraft in this area, I have never seen such a strange object or vehicle in this area. I am quite certain the object was not a military or commercial aircraft. Based upon the following observations: 1) Aircraft operating in the area were distinguished by familiar physical characteristics, dark in appearance with wings, landing lights and anti-collision lights easily seen and flying in a pattern. 2) The object was a glowing, gold/orange cylinder with NO wings and NO tail section; it changed speeds, and immediately vanished. I have witnessed UFO's hovering near the ground, and flying at altitude in the western US I have never seen an object or UFO enter controlled airspace until this incident, and frankly, the episode was chilling. I am very concerned about the possibility of these vehicles colliding with commercial aircraft."

Peter Davenport of NUFORC spoke at length with this witness, and we found him to be quite credible with considerable experience in the aviation/airline industry.


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