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News and sighting reports, July 2001:

Some of the UFO observations and ufology news in July 2001 are listed on this page. Please note that these are not studies, but second hand observation reports, although mostly obtained from reliable and well known sources.

07.27.2001Several sighting reports from Italy.
07.27.2001Black UFO sighting in Nice, France.
07.26.2001Armando Valdès to publish a book on his experiment.
07.16.2001Mass UFO sighting probable hoax over New Jersey, USA.
07.15.2001Bat shaped UFO sighting at Boss Airport, France.
07.11.2001Japanese TV crew said they taped UFOs in Scotland.
07.08.2001UFO sighting increase over El Loa, Chile.
07.06.2001California disc.
07.04.2001Rhodes island flying triangle, USA.
07.04.2001Missouri aluminum-looking flying triangle, USA.
07.02.2001Crop circle in Russia.
07.02.2001Australian triangular UFO.
07.01.2001Neon blue egg-shaped object in Illinois, USA.
07.01.2001UFO footage and photographs in UK.


Guy Tarade inform about an observation in Nice, July 27, between 08:58 p.m. and 09:02 p.m.

The witness states he observed an enormous black UFO in the sky: "My point of observation was located on the 5th floor of a building offering a good view in direction of the South-West. The mysterious object in the sky was shapeless! It rotated rather quickly. I could detail it with 16X50 binoculars. It came facing me from 210°. It bent its flight path slowly and disappeared in a cloud formation located azimuth 130°. The weather service of the Nice airport measured a wind at 240 with a speed of 4 knots. The cloudy formation was at an altitude of 1300 feet."

"Having seen UFOs previously (my last observation went back to June 21, 1987 in Aubagne (13), when we could photograph, in company of more than 60 witnesses a luminous sphere which crossed a blue and perfectly pure sky in full midday. I have two slides of this event. The "Thing" seen this Friday evening left me a feeling of unease, almost threatening..."


In June there has been a significant number of observations in connection with the UFO phenomenon in Italy, the CISU, a private UFO investigation organization, has received tens of cases collected in various Italian regions: Piemont, Sicily, Emilia, Calabria in particular.

Paolo De Gaetano carried out a survey in collaboration with Pietro Torre of the observation by a couple of San Salvatore Di Paola (Cosenza), on Monday 25, towards 19:30, of a flying object crossing the sky in the direction of the sea. It seemed made up of two black bodies with the shape of long barrel, one bigger than the other, connected to each other by a kind of twisted cable. The object moved from the North towards the South, and observed with binocular, the bigger body seemed to oscillate like a pendulum around the smaller one.

CISU received a report of two young people in a car near Merate (Lecce) Thursday 28 near 11:20pm. They noted a strong gleam in the sky, emitted by a spherical object whose apparent dimension was equal to half of full moon, moving slowly, which then blinked out and disappeared after 5 seconds behind a mountain.

A sighting in Sassalbo has been presented on the Television news of TG1 channel on June 17 and was the most looked at retransmission of the day, with more than 6 million and a half viewers.


A ufology magazine announces that Armando Valdès, a former officer of the Chilean Army has written a book entitled "All will ombra della Verità" reporting well known experiment.

On April 25, 1977, Valdès who was at the time a 23 year old Corporal patrolled in the Putre province at the head of eight soldiers. A strange light landed in front of the patrol, and Valdes disappeared under the eyes of his 8 soldiers as he went closer. He reappeared 15 minutes later with a long beard, a watch that had advanced several days and not remembering anything.

He says he still does not for certain what happened to him, but gives details in his book, including the negative consequences for him when he went public about his experience.


Attention: updated! radar detection of UFO made public 09.07.2001.

Numerous witness have sighted a formation of flickering yellow-orange lights in New Jersey. Witness include a mother in Carteret, a Navy veteran traveling the New Jersey Turnpike, police officers on patrol at 12:40 a.m., a Carteret police sergeant on duty, a Mr. Steven Vannoy with his girlfriend on their way home to Perth Amboy.

Police could not identify the source of the lights, and Newark International Airport authorities reported no unusual flight patterns. A meteorologist with the National Weather Service said nothing in the atmosphere would have caused the bright disturbance, and an airman at McGuire Air Force Base said none of their military planes were in the air at that hour.

A Carteret police sergeant on duty called the State Police and neighboring departments in Linden and Woodbridge to find out what was causing the strange glow, but he said none had received reports of the lights.

Bob Wanton, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Mount Holly, had no explanation for the lights. "Weatherwise, there was nothing that would have caused it," he said. Airman First Class Andre Steverson said no planes from McGuire Air Force Base were flying at that time.

On Staten Island, a spokeswoman for the 123rd precinct in the Tottenville section suggested the display might have come from a nightclub on Arthur Kill Road that frequently uses search lights for promotions, but the club had been ordered closed by a judge on July 11 and its phone was disconnected yesterday.

An operations manager at Newark International Airport said there were no reports of unusual activity and said the lights "could have been almost anything," from a group of military helicopters on flight exercises to a blimp.

The local newspaper was contacted by Timothy Kuchta, saying that he knew exactly what the supposed UFO was when he watched the video taken by a Carteret resident: as a boy in the early '70s, he and his brother would pull a UFO hoax using thin, plastic garment bags bought from a dry cleaner. He said that when he saw the video, "it was like deja vu. That's what it's got to be."

A witness description of the lights seem consistent with the "candles on a stick" explanation: "Immediately after that, the light that just "dropped" the new light would also fade out."


LFO transmits an UFO observation that occurred at the Boss airport on July 15.

A pilot trainee informed LFO that a black flying machine has evolved above the airport at 01:40pm. He had taken a straight flight direction of 310°/320° and flew in straight line, under the cloud layer (approximately 2500 feet). He had the shaped of a bat.

The witness declares "I did not contact the control tower, as it is not equipped with a radar. I was actually at the foot of the tower of control at approximately 50 meters from it, I am pilot student and I awaited my instructor who was in flight."


Scotland has recently been a hotbed of UFO activity, and a Japanese TV crew is now saying that they have taped UFOs.

The Japanese crew came to Scotland after Japanese tourists observed UFOs over a golf course in the area, and persuaded a Japanese television network to investigate. The Japanese set up the automatic camera on the roof of Gullane's Templar Lodge Hotel.

UFO activity in and around the area near Edinburgh has increased dramatically in recent years.


Newspaper La Estrella del Loa, Calama, Chile, reporteda series of UFO sighting over the clear night skies of El Loa Province.

A first of reports came from Waldemar C.L., a worker at the R.TL mine who was returning from work at 19:00 on 4th og July. He saw a strong yellow spherical light smaller than the full moon, suspended over Calama. He initially paid it no attention, but as his pickup truck neared the city the object became more clearly defined until it finally vanished.

On July 7th, a public figure witnessed another sighting while returning from Tocopila. From the slope of Montecristo he was able to see a formation of lights flying over the pre-Cordilleran area not far from the El Abra mine.

On July 8th at 04:15 a landowner from Cobija in the company of three policemen, saw three large white spheres forming a triangle some 15 km away from the El Loa airport.

At Finca San Juan, a woman and a cab driver saw a strange, yellow-toned light which remained suspended over Chuquicamata at an altitude of 1500 feet last friday at 11:00pm. The witnesses said the light vibrated constantly.

A report was received from La Tirana last Thursday at 2:30 in the morning. Five teenagers claimed they saw a strange yellow light toward the southeast, moving at high speed, they rejected the possibility that it could have been a meteorite.

Jaime Ferrer, director of the Calama UFO Center, is investigating.


ISUR reports that on Friday, July 6, 2001, at about 6:00 PM, the witness stepped outside of her home in Carmichael and noticed a round object hovering over the treetops to the east. The witness indicated that the object was bright and shiny, but appeared to be rotating as it changed from shiny to an almost black color. She observed it for at least 5+ minutes and added that there appeared to be no lights or other structure, just a round object. There was a haze or some sort of aura around it, and no sound was detected. She estimated it may have been a few hundred feet above the treetops, perhaps a mile away, and about the size of an aspirin held at arm's length. The object seemed to fade into the clouds after about 5+ minutes of observation. After this event, the witness contacted the local news station and was advised that no other reports had been received. This witness provided ISUR with a brief but concise and well written report, she was willing to cooperate in a more in-depth investigation with MUFON of California. Although she had been a 'skeptic,' but knew what she saw! Thanks to Tom Sheets, ISUR Board, State Director-MUFONGA.


Witness reported to NUFORC: "On July 4, 2001, it was still very light - I was in my back yard and heard a very loud, low "jet aircraft" sound. I was startled as it seemed very low, very close and very loud. The sound "appeared" immediately before the sighting at 7:30 PM. I looked up and saw it coming into my view over the treetops; it passed over my head and I watched it fly out of sight. It never hovered and it was not moving at an abnormally fast speed and the movement was very smooth. For as loud and large as it was, it didn't seem to be going very fast. The sighting took about 15 sec. It was in the shape of a triangle - a "brushed aluminum" looking material - with 2 flashing red lights on the tip of the "wings". It was moving forward. It had a wide "accordion" design on the underside. It was a very "strange" experience and I "knew" immediately that I had just seen something very unusual. I do believe I saw something that is NOT human."


A witness reported to NUFORC: "On July 4, 2001, we were setting off a few fireworks on a cliff by the ocean shore at dusk. We observed a Roman candle set off behind us and turned to watch its smoke trail and saw a trapezoid-shaped, black object. It was moving slowly and silently at an altitude of no more than 2,000 feet at 9:00 PM. I called out to my two sons, a friend, and my nephew who all watched with me as the "object" continued to move east out over the ocean in between the haze and dark clouds at a speed of no more than 50 or 60 mph. The object then accelerated to about 100-150 mph and then seemed to vanish within the clouds. We were all deeply awed, and all of us reported seeing the exact same shape, height, and speed of this object - we all dismissed it as too large to be a "stealth fighter or bomber," or even a large dirigible. We estimate it to be about 80 or 90 feet tall and about 600 feet the length of two football fields.

Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC


"The [alien] ones have landed in a field five kilometers from the city, leaving one of their unmistakable signs, that is, the 'crop circles', says UFO researcher Vieceslav Paranuk, a teacher of mathematics at the University of Majkop in the Caucasus. The Russian Ministry of Civil Protection has already established a commission to study the UFO phenomenon. "A man would not be able to make such circles without someone noticing, and for me it is verification of the Aliens," said Paranuk in the daily newspaper, Izviestia.

Investigators found a large circle some 19 meters in diameter that was encircled by four others, each about five meters in diameter, To the center of the larger circle, there was a 10 cm wide hole 40 cm deep.

This is the second time in four years crop circles have manifested in the zone. Russian television has shown the images of the ears of corn skewed in a clockwise direction, but left nearly intact. The manifestation of crop circles is an inexplicable phenomenon, without anyone ever having found one convincing explanation, in many countries of the world. Circles in the 1970s were very simple, but gradually evolved in the 1990s into complex pictograms composed of lines, angles and spirals.


An egg shaped object with a bluish green color was seen falling from the sky straight down on July 1, 2001. At first it was small but increased in size as it came closer to the ground and veered northwest for 2-4 seconds at 10:44 PM. It disappeared in low clouds. The object was larger than a duel prop airplane and it had a lot of mass and color. There were no flashing lights on it and it was flying too slowly to be a meteoroid. It had a neon blue trail and as it came to the ground it leveled out to 35 degree angle heading for the ground and disappeared about 400 feet above the ground. It was large enough to make a loud crashing noise but there was no sound at all.

The witness reports: "My friend and I both saw something as we were walking across the street on July 1, 2001, at 10:30 PM. We saw an extremely bright greenish blue light appear directly in front of us in the middle of the sky and shot rapidly down and disappeared as quickly as it had originally appeared. There was a bright red trail behind the object and it made no noise. We realize that today's date is close to the 4th but we know that what we saw was not a firework of any kind. We saw something strange that but we both know was NOT a firecracker, airplane, shooting star, or comet. We are not crazy, we are just convinced we have seen something that warrants some sort of an explanation."

NUFORC spoke to the witness and found him to be a quite credible and serious-minded. Thanks to NUFORC


The witness reports, "We were sitting outside having a game in the back yard on July, 2, 2001, we all quickly glanced up as something reflected into our eyes almost stopping our vision for a bit." There was a triangular (flat equilateral triangle) craft moving across the sky at 11:30 PM. We live next to an airfield but we didn't know what to make of it. Therefore, we carried on playing our game. Fourteen minutes later it came back again, but going the other way. It would occasionally float across and then vanish again, but this time it was closer. We rung the airfield and they said that there was only something reflecting and they couldn't make out what it was. We started to get very nervous and scared so we went inside and observed outside while watching TV. Nothing happened until about 17 minutes later when the TV went off, the phone started ringing and the fax came through with all types of weird stuff. I have the fax to prove it. Our cell phones went dead and we saw it again but this time it was hovering right over our house, it slowly picked up speed flew over some trees and we never saw it again. We live in the country so there are a few valleys it could have gone down and hidden. We saw a group of jets fly over the valley just as the craft vanished."


UFO Magazine reports that two gentlemen observed and photographed nine UFOs which arrived one by one, before commencing to merge with one another and perform some dazzling acrobatics on June 28, 2001. These were bright, orange-coloured objects strikingly similar to those seen, photographed and videotaped over Fleetwood, Lancashire.

BBC Radio York residents reported UFO activity of large flying triangles between June 15 and July 15. Accounts had also appeared in the local press. Journalists have been told there were no RAF or joint-NATO exercises that could be responsible for the sighting reports, so everyone is asking the same question: what could they possibly be? An interesting video tape of a red flying wing, anomalous object filmed over London on July 1, 2001, by Christopher Martin can be observed at the UFO Magazine website.

Thanks to Graham W. Birdsall Editor of UFO Magazine [UK]

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