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2001 sample sighting reports:

This is a chronologically sorted list of all the observations in 2001 that I have heard of. This is not a list of all ufo observations in 2001: there are dozens of observations every day all over the world. A part of these observations are simply pure invention, other are misinterpretations in good faith of natural phenomenon or aircrafts and satellites, a respectable part has no better explanation than extraterrestrial cause. Most of these observations are not "cases" yet in the sense that no investigation has been conducted yet.

08.23.2001 Fisherman observes hovering cylinder, New Jersey, USA.
08.23.2001 Bright light in the Wyoming sky
08.22.2001 Unexplained lights and sounds in Maine, USA
08.17.2001 More observations this year in Canada
08.12.2001 Nightime UFO taped over Victoria, USA
08.10.2001 Cigar shaped truck size object near Philadelphia, USA
08.10.2001 UFOs and jets observed in Florida
08.09.2001 Turkish Ufology group report similar incidents
08.09.2001 2 Turkish Air Force pilots report possible UFO
08.07.2001 Canadian hovering disk
08.07.2001 Flying triangle over Evanston, USA
08.07.2001 UFO over Tyneside, UK
08.06.2001 Wheaton silvery circle, USA
08.06.2001 Scotsman photographed a UFO
08.03.2001 500 report UFO in Wisconsin, probably ISS
08.03.2001 Franklin Ohio UFO report, USA
08.01.2001 UFO near air traffic, Illinois, USA
07.27.2001 Black UFO sighting in Nice, France
07.27.2001 Several sighting reports from Italy
07.26.2001 Armando Valdès to publish a book on his experiment
07.16.2001 Mass UFO sighting probable hoax over New Jersey, USA
07.15.2001 Bat shaped UFO sighting at Boss Airport, France
07.11.2001 Japanese TV crew said they taped UFOs in Scotland
07.08.2001 UFO sighting increase over El Loa, Chile
07.06.2001 California disc
07.04.2001 Rhodes island flying triangle, USA
07.04.2001 Missouri aliminium looking flying triangle, USA
07.02.2001 Crop circle in Russia
07.02.2001 Australian triangular UFO
07.01.2001 Neon blue eggshaped object in Illinois, USA
07.01.2001 UFO footage and photographs in UK
06.28.2001 Argentinean UFO reseacher says Cachi UFO video is legitimate
06.25.2001 Gigantic UFO captured on video in Argentina
06.18.2001 Cone shaped metallic looking object in Italy
06.16.2001 More than 20 people spot UFO in Melbourne, Australia
06.15.2001 Zig-zagging orange spot over Cremona Italy, possibly Mars misinterpreted
06.10.2001 Washington couple see black UFO
15.06.2001 Ufo researchers show Turkish alien of June 1st was a baloon
06.13.2001 UK observations over West Wiltshire
06.05.2001 Scottish news photographer captures UFO on video, many other reports follow
06.05.2001 Turkish authorities close village after alleged extraterrestrial encounter (explained)
06.01.2001 26th UFO sighting in the last past months in Dales, UK
06.01.2001 TV pays 20.000 £ fur UFO video
05.10.2001 23rd UFO over Dales, UK, is a giant disc
05.01.2001 UFO close encounter, Granada, Spain
04.26.2001 Dome shaped UFO in Norfolk, England
04.23.2001 UFO over Bogota, Columbia
04.19.2001 Manoeuvering globe spotted in Ohio, USA
04.13.2001 Connecticut USA, cigar shaped UFO
04.08.2001 Luminous lights in Washington
04.07.2001 Four blue flying discs in New Jersey, USA
04.05.2001 Chile: Tocopila Cameraman Films UFO over Arica
04.04.2001 Chile: oval shaped UFO over Arica
04.04.2001 Return of the Pennsylvania disc shape object
04.04.2001 Pennsylvania diamond shaped UFO
04.03.2001 Five sided craft spotted in Virginia, USA
03.31.2001 UFOs over Barnaul, again
03.31.2001 A summary of the Dales UFO flap in the past months
03.28.2001 Red UFO lands, Australia
03.24.2001 UFO over New York seen by 5
03.20.2001 UFO witness by two in Portorico
03.19.2001 UFO videotaped in Washington state, USA
03.18.2001 3 UFO rendez-vous over Honolulu
03.15.2001 Numerous UFOS seen and taped again over Popocatepetl. Webcam available
03.14.2001 Two UFOS fly over Elk City, Oklahoma, USA
03.11.2001 Two UFO observation over Rome
03.11.2001 Triangular UFO over Lake Erie
03.09.2001 UFO taped again over Popocatepetl, new image released
03.06.2001 Huge orange light streaks through Oklahoma skies
03.08.2001 Daylight disk over capital of Honduras
03.06.2001 New UFO photographs in February 2001 over Popocatepetl released
03.04.2001 Luminous spherical flying object in Italy
03.04.2001 Triangular shaped object near Pau, France
03.03.2001 Anonymous witness of oval shaped UFO in South Carolina
03.04.2001 Strange lights in the past months in Butaco area, Chile
02.29.2001 Giant UFO in Chile 02.16.2001 was a weather balloon
02.17.2001 More UFO observations in Saenz Pena, Argentina
02.16.2001 Dark circular UFO over Rawang, Malaysia
02.15.2001 Possible UFO crash in Ireland
02.13.2001 Scotland UFO event
02.11.2001 Alleged UFO Causes Stir in Saenz Pena, Argentina
02.08.2001 21st UFO sighting in Darbyshire, UK
02.07.2001 Illinois TV gathered 600 UFO sighting reports
02.03.2001 More UFOs in Darbyshire, UK, video tape broadcasted on BBC
01.28.2001 UFO flap in Darbyshire, UK
01.27.2001 AFP news item: Russian airport shutdown because a UFO hovers above runway
01.16.2001 Harlemville, NY Triangular shaped UFO
01.14.2001 Isle of Man, flying triangle
01.12.2001 Hovering ufo sighted in Maine
01.11.2001 Massive power shortage after UFO flyby in Southern Brazil
01.11.2001 Giant green fireball lights up western USA
01.10.2001 Triangular UFO sighted in Southeastern Ohio
01.07.2001 Large UFO at Trout Lake, Washington
01.06.2001 Slow moving triangular UFO over Kentucky
01.04.2001 Dark disc-shaped UFO seen in Saginaw, Texas
01.03.2001 Strange moving lights
01.02.2001 Trio sights triangular UFO in Southern Germany
03.01.2001 Bright moving light, Hamilton, USA
01.01.2001 Millenium starts with 5 flying disks, New Zealand

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This page was last updated on February 17, 2002.