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Appendix III

MATADOR, TEXAS - 31 August 1951

On 31 August 1951 at approximately 1245 CST two ladies were driving in an automobile several miles north of Matador, Texas. The object was described as a pear-shaped object, aluminum or silver in color, which readily reflected the sunlight. The object had a port or some type of aperture in the side. It moved through the air with the small end forward. They judged the size to be about that of a B-29 fuselage. There was no sign of any axhaust and no nois was heard.

As the two ladies were driving north from Matadir, Texas, the driver of the automobile first noticed the object about 150 yards ahead of the automobile. They stopped and both ladies got out to observe the object. It was drifting slowly in an eastward direction at a speed they judged to be "less than the speed required to take off in a cub aircraft" and an altitude of abot 120 ft. Seconds later the object began to ascend rapidly and in a few seconds it moved out of sight to the east in a circular ascent. (The wind at this time was from the NE at about 5-7 knots.)

A background investigation showed that both women were of excellent character.

This incident is of interest because it was observed during the same period as the objects over Lubbock, Texas, (See Appendix I).


a. 1230 CST - Reese AFB - 31 August 1951
Estimated ceiling 6,000 feet., broken clouds, with thin scattered clouds at 25,000 ft. Visibility 15 miles. Wind ENE at 3 knots.

b. 1230 CST - Childress, Texas - 31 August 1951
Estimated ceiling 25,000 ft., overcast. Visibility 15 miles. Wind NNE at 7 knots. Towering cumulus clouds in SE quadrant.

Status of Investigation

It has been reported that a road repair crew saw the same object later on the same day. Attemps will be made to contact members of this road crew and obtain their statements. There were also reports of crop dusting activity in the area, so attempts will be made to determine wether or not the ladies could have seen this activity.

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