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    In addition to delays in receiving additional information, it is beclieved that many sightings of unidentified objects are not reported at all. This belief is founded on the fact that ATIC has received newspaper clippings or requests for information on sightings about which there is no information in the records.

    E. Consultants

    Several conferences have been held with members of a prominent research organization to determine whether or not there is enough information available on the unidentified flying objects to warrant a thorough scientific investigation. These people have inspected the files, discussed the problem, and it is their opinion that there are enough reports that cannot be explained by known objects or phenomena to warrant a detailed investigation.

    Several other prominents engineers and scientists have been contacted and their opinions are much the same as those stated above.

    Negotiations are underway to obtain the services of consultants in the field of physics, nuclear physics, astronomy, psychology etc., to assist in the analysis of the reports. In this respect, it is hoped that the project can receive the full cooperation of all AF commands in promptly reporting all sightings of unidentified aerial objects, so that as many authentic reports as possible will be available for study by statistical analysis.


    A. Inclosed Summary List of Incidents

    The inclosed list is (1) a summary of all incidents reported during the period of 30 November 1951 to 31 December 1951; (2) those incidents that were reported in Status Report No. 1, dated 30 November 1951, and still have the conclusions pending; and (3) those incidents that have been closed during the month covered by the report.

    Incidents which are considered too detailed to summarize in the list of sightings are again given in the appendices, and in greater detail.

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