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e. The color of the lights was blue-green.

f. There were from 15 to 30 separate lights in each formation.

g. The first two flights observed were a semi-circle of lights but in subsequent flights there was no overlay arrangement.

h. The object always appeared at an angle of about 50░ from horizontal in the north and disappeared at about 60░ in the south. The object did not gradually come into view as would an aircraft approaching from a distance, neither did it gradually disappear.

i. There was no apparent change in aim as the objects passed overhead.

j. The "angular span" was estomated to be 10░.

Attempts were made to obtain the relative height of the objects in respect to clouds. However, these attempts were also unsuccessful due to the fact that the objects passed between widely scattered clouds.

Efforts to determine whether or not there was any form between the lights by trying to see stars between the lights were made. This also was unsuccessful due to the short time the object was in view.

This phenomena was observed by at least one hundred people in and around Lubbock, Texas. Some of these people were of the opinion that the objects were birds reflecting lights from the city.

On the evening of 31 August 1951, at about 2330 CST, a college freshman from Texas Tech observed a flight of the unidentified objects pass over his home. The flight was observed through an opened window. Upon observing the first flight of the objects, the observer obtained his camera and went into the backyard of his home in attempt to get photographs of additional flights of the object. (Comment: this would be logical as by 31 August 1951 these flights of the objects, and the fact that several flights might occur in an evening, was well known). Two more flights of the objects allegedly did occur and were photographed. Two photos of one flight and three of another were obtained. ATIC has four of the negatives but the other one was lost of misplaced by the photographer. The photographs show a V-shaped formation of lights. In one photo a single-V of lights appear, while on three photos it is a double-V. The separate lights, which appear to be pinpoint lights, vary in intensity.

(See Appendix II for possibly related incidents.)


A. Trip to Lubbock, Texas

A trip was made to Lubbock, Texas, on 6-9 November 1954 to obtain more details on the incident. Many people who had seen the objects or who were involved in the incidents were interrogated. A conference was held with the college professors and they prepared a signed statement describing the objects they observed.

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