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    A. Files

    The majority of the time devoted to Project Grudge during the period covered in this Status Report, 30 November 1951 to 31 December 1951, has been spent in sorting and filing old Project Grudge and Project Sign files. All of the incidents dating back to 1946 that are in ATIC have been sorted and filed. There are approximately 800 on file. Each incident has been put in a separate folder and filed in chronological order.

    Summary cards are being made on each incident. these summary cards will include data such as description of the object, course, altitude, speed, maneuvers, etc. These cards will then be cross-indexed in an attempt to obtain characteristics or trends in the sightings. It is contemplated that this cross-indexing will be completed in the middle of February.

    B. Missing Reports and Photographs

    It is apparent that the details of some reports between early 1949 and mid-1951 are missing. An attempt will be made to obtain these reports from other agencies so that the ATIC file will be complete. Photographs referrd to in some reports are also missing. Although there have not been very many photographs of alleged unusual aerial objects submitted to ATIC, there have been a few and an attempt will be made to obtain prints of these photographs.

    C. Map for Plotting Sightings

    A large map of the United States is being prepared and is nearly completed. All of the sightings will be plotted on this map in an attempt to establish some patterns in the sightings. A color code will be worked out so that as much information as possible can be graphically illustrated on the map.

    D. Delays in Obtaining Information

    It will be noted in the list of incidents that is contained in this report that the investigation of sightings reported several months ago are still pending or that some sightings have not been investigated due to the time that has elapsed since the sighting. The investigations being conducted in conjunction with the project are still being hampered by the delays in receiving information.

    On 25 October 1951, it was requested that AFOIN-CC-1 letter dated 8 September 1954 subject: "Reporting of Information on unconventional Aircraft" be revised and recirculated to all AF commands. It is hoped that as soon as this is done the situation will improve.

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