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US Air Force Project Grudge Special Report #1:

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I. Overall Status

Much of the work done on Project Grudge has been devoted to the reorganisation of the project as given in the Project Initialisation Form A-3, dated 22 October 1951.

The old Project Grudge and Project Sign files have been reviewed and sorted. Cross-indexing and tabulation of the old file has been slow due to a lack of clerical help, but it is hoped that this situation will be alleviated in the near future. It is contemplated that all of the sightings of unconventional flying objects will soon be cross-indexed according to size, color, location, etc., so that as much statistical data as possible will be available. It is believed that it may be possible to determine several general characteristics of the sightings from the mass of data that is on file at ATIC.

Contacts have been established with all agencies that may be able to assist in Project Grudge such as Air Weather Service, Flight Service, high altitude balloon projects, O.S.I., etc. There is still some doubt as to the channels that should be used in contacting some agencies but these will be clarified in the near future.

Two major difficulties have arisen and they are (1) the time element and (2) obtaining transportation. In regard to the time element, it has been found that in many instances one or two months will elapse before ATIC receives word on an incident. It is very possible that many incidents are never reported. As far as can be determined, this is due to two main reasons:

a. Letters pertaining to the procedures and responsibilities in reporting incident were dated September 1950. Since that time there has been an influx of new and recalled officers and changes in personnel; consequently, a great number of people are not aware of the requirements of Project Grudge. Incidents that are several months old are finally received at ATIC after having forwarded through several commands.

b. It is believed that the general feeling in some instances is that the Air Force is not too interested in this project and reporting such incident is unimportant. It is the opinion of ATIC that regardless of personal beliefs as to the origin of the objects, the task of determining, if possible, what these objects are has been assigned, and should be carried out.

It is believed that the revision and re-circulation of the AF letter pertaining to Project Grudge will alleviate the problem of delay in receiving reports. The Collection division, Directorate of Intelligence, was requested to revise and re-circulate this letter on 25 October 1951.

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