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Appendix I

LUBBOCK, TEXAS - 25 august 1951

The first of a series of sighting related to this incident occurred the evening of 25 August 1951 at approximately 2110 CST. Four Texas Technical College professors were sitting in the backyard of one of the professor's homes observing meteorites in conjunction with a study of micrometeorites being carried out by the college. At 2110 they observed a group of lights pass overhead from N to S. The lights had about the same intensity as a bright star but larger in area. The altitude was not determined but they traveled at a high rate of speed. The patterns of the lights was almost a perfect semi-circle containing from 20 to 30 individual lights. Later in the evening a similar incident was observed and during a period of about three weeks a total of twelve (12) such flights were observed by these men.

The group of men included:

    a. The Head of the Petroleum Engineering Department
    b. Professor of Geology, has Ph.D.
    c. Professor of Physics, has Ph.D.
    d. Professor of Chemical Engineering, has Ph.D.

Besides the above four men the following have observed the incidents:

    a. Professor of Mathematics, has Ph.D.
    b. Graduate student working on Ph.D.

In addition, a Professor of Astronomy was consulted on the incident, but he did not observe any of these flights.

The above mentioned men took a personal interest in the phenomena and undertook a study of the objects. Attempts were made to obtain an altitude measurement by laying out a measured bass line perpendicular to the usual flight path of the object and placing angle measuring devices at the end of the base line, however, all their attempts failed because the objects did not appear on the nights the observers were waiting for them.

From the series of observations, the following facts were obtained:

a. The angular velocity of the object was nearly 30░ of arc per second.

b. There was no sound that could be attributed to the object.

c. The flight path of the object was from N to S in the majority of the flights.

d. There were two or three flights per evening.

e. The period between flights was about one hour and 10 minutes.

Case file on Lubbock lights here.
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