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US Air Force Project Grudge Special Report #1:

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If, after the above mentioned letter is circulated, the situation does not improve, it may be advisable to circulate another memorandum explaining why the Air Force is interested in this problem and how reports are to be made.

The second major difficulty encountered has been transportation in the locality of the incidents. On many occasions, the interrogation of one source will lead to other sources. All of these "leads" must be followed to get a complete picture. This necessitates a great deal of travel within a city or even other part of the state. At times government transportation is available but at other times the incidents are not close to military establishments or if they are, all transportation may be in use. Since it is the policy not to reimburse travelers for such taxi fares, this has imposed a great financial burden on the investigators. In regard to the same subject, the time element again enters since there is usually only a limited amount of time that can be spent on an investigation and all the time spent attempting to get transportation or finding the correct bus routes is lost.

Steps have been taken to overcome this second major difficulty by requesting that Headquarters USAF send a wire to the military installation to which a visit will be made requesting that the Commanding Officer give full cooperation to Project Grudge personnel.

Another problem that has not been fully investigated is whether or not wide spread publicity to the project should be given in an attempt to obtain a more complete coverage of incidents. It is believed that more reports would be obtained but the publicity would also produce a mass of "crank" letters that would increase the workload a considerable amount. It has been tentatively decided that the best course of action is to wait and see what improvements are brought about by the revised AF letters being re-circulated by the collection division of D/I.

II. Reports of specific Incidents

The inclosed list is a summary of all incidents that have been reported or were being investigated during the period 22 October 1951 to 30 November 1951. Several of the incidents are considered too detailed to summarize in the list so they are carried out over and summarized in the appendices.

In the future, the list will consist of two parts: (1) incidents reported during the period covered by the report, and (2) incidents from the past period that are still in the process of being investigated or incidents that appear to have originated from high grade sources, such as pilots, technically trained people, etc. The only exception to this will be where a number of sightings occur in a certain area at about the same time. All reports, however, will be incorporated in the file for statistical purposes.

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