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Appendix II


On the evening of 25 August 1951, at 2158 MST, a Sandia Base Security guard and his wife observed what they described to be a flying wing type aircraft similar to the Northrop Fly Wing Bomber (B-49) pass over the backyard of their trailer home in the east part of Abuquerque. They judged the wing span of the aircraft to be about one and one half times the wing span of a B-36, with which they were familiar. The object was flying low, the altitude was thought to be about 800ft. - 1000 ft., and there was no sound that could be attributed to the object. The color of the object was not apparent due to the twilight but dark chordwise stripes were noticed under the wings. Six to eight pairs of soft glowing lights were noticed on the trailing edge of the wing. The speed was judged to be about 300 - 400 mph and the object was on a heading of approximately 160°.

(See Appendix I for possible related incident.)


Broken clouds at 17,000 ft., visibility five miles, wind S at 5 mph.

Status of Investigation

The possibility of this being a known craft was checked with negative results. The AC and W Radar station at Kirtland AFB did not observe any unusual or unidentified aircraft.

The guard's background was checked and since he has a "Q" clearance, it has been assumed that he is mentally stable.

An investigation was made to determine whether or not any one else had seen the objects but only negative results were obtained.

The photographs referred to in Appendix I were sent to the OSI at Kirtland AFB. These photos were shown to the sources and they stated that the photos resembled the "exhaust" of light pattern of the object. A sketch, drawn by the observers, is shown in this Appendix.

It is interesting to note that a very similar sighting took place in Lubbock, Texas, The exact time and date of the sighting could not be determined due to the fact that the observer believed she had seen an illusion of some type and did not report the incident. The only date that could be given was "late in August or early September.


None. The investigation will be continued until the authenticity of the photos in Appendix I can be determined.

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