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The 1954 French flap:

The full list of cases for France in 1954 is here. This page lists only the sightings reported to have occurred in the Haut-Rhin department. Lists for other departments are here.

The 1954 French cases in the Charente-Maritime department:

Click on the locations in the 2nd column to get the case file.

Date: City/place: Hour: W: CL: JV: T: Ex:
Dec. 12La Morelière.?(3+)?FB1BPossible plane, meteor, Moon.
Oct. 21Pouzou.?(1)CE1CE1BPossible meteor.
Oct. 21La Rochelle.?(x)CE3CE3BProbable misinterpretation, totally insufficient information.
Oct. 18Saintes.09:00 p.m.(2(xCE3CE3CPossible extraterrestrial visitors.
Oct. 18Pont-L'Abbé-d'Arnoult.07:00 p.m.(1NLMA1BPossible meteor.
Oct. 18Pons.Morning.(1)CE3CE3CUncertain credibility.
Oct. 16Island of Aix.????BTotally insufficient information, possible date and place error, Aix-en-Provence.
Oct. 12La Rochelle.07:10 p.m.???BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 11Ile d'Oléron.?1CE3CE3AHoax.
Oct. 9Saintes.09:30 p.m.(1)CE3CE3BPossible extraterrestrial visitors, unknown credibility.
Oct. 9Soubran.Evening.(x)CE1CE1CInsufficient information.
Oct. 7Saint-Savinien.07:45 p.m.(1)NLFB1BInsufficient information.
Oct. 7Ile de Ré.Night.?NL?BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 6Cozes.11:30 p.m.(1)CE3CE3BPossible invention, possible misinterpretation, tank and troups.
Oct. 6La Rochelle.??CE2?BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 5Angoulins.07:30 p.m.???BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 4Taupignac.07:30 p.m.(3)CE3CE3CUnknown credibility.
Oct. 4Surgères.??NL?BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 3Island of Ré.????BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 2Ciré-d'Aunis.Night.?NL?BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 2La Rochelle.????BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 2Nachamps.????BTotally insufficient information.
Oct. 1La Roulerie.10:00 p.m.(2CE3CE3BProbable misinterpretation, owl or child.
End Sep.Charron.Night.(3)NL?BInsufficient information, possible planes or helicopters.
Sep. 30La Flotte-en-Ré.10:00 p.m.1(2)NL or CE1MA1 or CE1CUnidentified.
Sep. 19Saint-Trojan-les-Bains.Night.???BNo strangeness, totally insufficient information.
Apr. 24La Jarrie.????BTotally insufficient information.
Total: 27

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