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The 1954 French flap:

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December 12, 1954, La Morelière, Charente-Maritime:

Reference for this case: 12-Dec-54-La-Morelière.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


The sensation magazine Nostradamus had published an article in 1974 about the UFOs in the Charente-Maritime, signed by an investigator "M.J.M.F.", in whom a case previously unknown was mentioned. It occurred on December 12, 1954:

Alerted by a truck-driver, several residents of La Morelière, on the Island of Oléron, saw coming from the sea, a flying object having the shape of a crescent, moving towards the East.


[Ref. nos1:] "NOSTRA" MAGAZINE:


[... Other cases...]

A few years later, in autumn 1954, a "flap" of U.F.O. broke on France, not sparing the Charente-Maritime. It would be too long to detail it here. One will refer to the specialized books. We will cite for this period only one ignored case which occurred on December 12: alerted by a truck-driver, several residents of La Morelière (Island of Oléron) saw, coming from the sea, a flying object having the shape of a crescent, moving towards the East.

[... Other cases...]

Credit: The Nostra magazine articles for 1974 were scanned and shared on the web by ufologist Patrice Seray in 2011.


Nostradamus aka Nostra was a French sensation magazine of the Seventies that published all sorts of nonsense; such as in this two examples:

Sample Nostra article.
Sample Nostra article.



Possible plane, meteor, moon, low strangeness.

"La Morelière" on the Island of Oléron, is a beach, and a street, towards the northern point of the island not far from the Chassiron lighthouse at the West of this place. The object moving towards the East was thus going in the direction of the land.

Since af "crescent" shape is reported, let me specify that the Moon at8 p.m. was at azimuth 60° still under the horizon. It will rise at 08:21 p.m. in the North-North-East and will pass to the meridian line at 02:57 a.m. It was in increasing gibbous phase, 89.7 % of its surface is lighted.


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La Morelière, Charente-Maritime, truck-driver, multiple, growing, movement, sea


[----] indicates sources that are not yet available to me.

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