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October 7, 1954, Saint-Jean-d'Assé, Sarthe:

Reference number for this case: 7-oct-54-StJean. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.





Pose many puzzles


PARIS. - The "flying saucers" continue.

They are reported everywhere. And now, they are mingling to stop the engines.

In Le Mans a milk collector, Mr. Alexandre Tremblais, who was riding his truck on the small road near Saint-Jean-d'Assé (the Sarthe), suddenly noticed that the engine of his vehicle stopped and that the headlights extinguished.

M. Tremblais got out of his truck to see a red and blue luminous cigar, one meter long, disappearing on the horizon. A few minutes later, the engine started again and the headlights functioned again.

In Nancy, a true skeptic, Mr. Georges Bou, a 30-year-old driver at Sarrebruk [sic, Sarrebourg], was traveling on National Road 3 between Morsbach and Forbach when he saw a thick wide shadow blocking the road. He stopped, got out of his cabin, thinking of an accident. But he realized that he was stopped by a saucer. It was nine meters in diameter and about four meters high. It was illuminated by several light beams directed towards the ground.

The driver approached the strange device. Suddenly, the latter took off vertically, marked a pause at ten meters, then moved away very quickly.

The gendarmerie Captain Bohler went to the scene today with Mr. Bou. But he could not find any traces.

In the Island of Ré, Mr. Simonnetti said he saw a luminous sphere about 12 meters in diameter, which oscillated about fifty meters from the ground.

The sphere, he said, became red, turned blue and rose very quickly vertically.

Two other residents and two Parisians on vacation have confirmed.

At Duclair (Seine-Inf.), Mr. Landrin, a water attendant who was walking with his wife, was blinded by a light beam. When he opened his eyes, he said, he saw a ball disappear a few minutes later.

- Near Reims, a mechanic of the Panhard factories, Mr. Joseph Roy, 30, saw near the Isles-sur-Suippe a cigar posed on the ground, resembling according to his description to that of Marignane. Witnesses around have confirmed.

At la Montagne-de-Béruges (the Vienne), a farmer, M. Edouard Thébault, observed in his field an enormous luminous machine.

A few minutes later the craft was extinguished and a huge headlight swept the road, and when the witness returned with his father he had fetched, everything had disappeared.

- Several fishermen and the whole family of a fish dealer saw in the sky, in Plozevet (Finistère), a bright glow surrounded by dense smoke. This gleam, at first motionless, came towards them at an altitude of about ten meters. It had the appearance of an orange sphere.

- A whistling machine, gray in color, stood for a moment about 100 meters from Chassevreuil (Indre). The craft went off at a brisk pace, leaving behind it like a fog.

In the same commune, a young man saw a luminous red-orange machine that moved in a north-south direction.

- An aluminum half-spherical dome, illuminated inside, which was about three meters from the road and one meter from the ground, was seen in Jettingen (Haut-Rhin) by Mr. René Ott, an employee of the S.N.C.F. [national railyway company]. Frightened, Mr. Ott fled. He had, however, had the time to notice that a door was opening in the apparatus. The latter moved above him for a distance of 800 meters before disappearing. The gendarmes found no trace.

- A silent machine, moving like a spinning top, was seen in Calais, above the municipal theater, by a peacekeeper, a hairdresser, a taxi driver and a butcher. It moved away towards the sea.

- A flying saucer rising noiselessly vertically was seen at Vigneux (Seine-et-Oise) by Mr. Marais yesterday at 9 p.m.. It was luminous and had portholes.


ABBEVILLE. "Another false saucer!" The mysterious craft which broke out in the Picardy sky, and whose debris was scattered in a pasture at Boismont, near Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, was but a balloon.

The inhabitants of the region, fearing the famous "paralyzing" green ray, dared not approach the debris. Only Mr. Raymond Boucher, a sugar worker, had the courage to come and contemplate the saucer. It was more simply a balloon used by the meteorological services of the Royal Air Force which, by touching the ground, had burst noisily.

VIENNA. - Thousands of people saw yesterday a formation of flying saucers above Ried, flying from east to west.


Asked about cars that stop, said:

- saucers or not saucers, it is necessary to consider as true the information that arrives at this moment. With regard to the sudden stop of engines at the passage of these craft, we must admit the presence and action of unknown rays. This does not mean that these rays have an extraterrestrial origin. Do you remember that famous Z ray, which was talked about so much before the last war? During the hostilities, the belligerents further perfected the process. I saw personally, some fifteen years ago, experiments in laboratories where electric rays ignited at distances of a few meters paper or other combustible materials.


US Air Force Project Blue Book was in charge of studying UFO sighting reports, and thus collected media information about it. The text below is their translation into English of an Agence France Presse (AFP) news release for October 9, 1954.


Mans, Cherbourg, Finistere, Indre & Mulhouse, France, October 8, 1954

Paris, Oct. 9 (AFP) -- On Friday, several mysterious craft were once more seen in the sky of France.

1. Near Mans, a milk collector declared that his truck stopped for an unknown reason and that, when he got out, he saw a luminous red and blue flying cigar, about a meter long, pass over him. When the machine had disappeared, the truck motor began again to operate.

2. At Cherbourg, several people saw a "luminous sphere" at a rather high altitude. After hovering over the town, this disappeared toward the south.

3. In Finistere, many people were alarmed by a luminous sphere maneuvering only about a dozen meters from the ground, which seemed to move toward them.

4. A resident of the Indre observed a gray-colored object motionless at about 100 meters of altitude. That craft then departed at a very brisk pace, leaving a sort of fog behind it. Another resident of this department declared that he saw a luminous pale red-orange object moving along a north-south axis.

5. Finally, a road-mender of the Mulhouse region says that he saw a hemi-spherical, internally illuminated cupola in a field. Before taking to his heels he had time to notice that a door was opening on the craft. The object maneuvered above him before disappearing.


LE MANS, FRANCE, Oct. 9, 1954 (Reuters) -- A "flying cigar" which can stop cars and put out their lights was reported by milkman Alexandre Tremblais [sic] today.

Tremblais said he was driving his milk truck along a road when suddenly the engine stopped and the headlights went out. He got out and saw a shining red and blue "cigar" about three feet long speed over his vehicle.

A few minutes later his engine started and his lights worked again.

Meanwhile, a flying saucer reported to have crashed near Abbeville turned out to be a meteorological balloon used by the British Royal Air Force. It had burst upon touching the ground.

Other reports of strange objects seen in the skies all over France included a "flying illuminated mushroom," a bright smoking orange disc and a grey machine making a loud whisling noise.


Near St. Etienne, France, October 10, 1954

Lyon, Oct. 15, 1954 (AFP) -- Could flying saucers be responsible for ignition failures of automobiles on the roads of France?

This question is suggested by the statement of a truck driver printed in the newspaper "Le Progrès de Lyon", an abstract of which is given here.

A strange adventure happened Sunday night to M. Baptiste Jourdy, a "solid and calm" man of about 30, who drives a milk pick-up truck every night to St. Etienne. At about 4 a.m., under an overcast sky, M. Jourdy was driving across an uninhabited plateau, when his motor suddenly stalled and his headlights went out. The young man stopped his vehicle, and got out to examine the battery for the cause of the ignition failure. All of a sudden, he saw above him an enormous multicoloured "thing", moving in the sky perpendicularly to the road. The witness could not be definite about the shape of the light, which receded at great speed beneath the cloud ceiling. The passage of the object lasted for some seconds, possibly a minute. When the young man recovered from his amazement, he noticed that, without his having touched anything, his headlights were on again. The motor started at first trial. The battery cables were intact. (Trans. by A. Mebane)

[Ref. gb1] GRAY BARKER:

A Le Mans milkman declared a flying cigar interested with his auto. When the engine stopped and the headlights went out, he got out to see what was wrong and saw a three-ft. red and blue cigar-shaped craft speed over his car. A few minutes after the UFO had disapeared, the lights came on and his engine worked perfectly.

[Ref. jg1:] JIMMY GUIEU:

Jimmy Guieu indicates that on October 8, 1954, at 06:20, Mr. A.T., owner of a coffee shop in Le Mans and contractor for picking milk for an important company was completed his round.

He was at the steering wheel of his truck on a road close to Saint-Jean d'Assé, approaching a gentle slope, the vehicle was advancing slowly. The headlights suddenly died out and the engine stopped. A.T. was very astonished and used the starter but the truck remained motionless. Perplexed, A.T. took a flashlight, which functioned, contrary to the headlights, wnt out of the truck and raised the engine's cover.

Jimmy Guieu brings back the story by the witness:

"I did not notice anything abnormal with the engine. But as I stood straight again, I saw a a blue gleam resembling the sparks released by a blowtorch pass at high pace in the sky, at a low altitude."

Jimmy Guieu continues by indicating that the phenomenon disappeared as quickly as it had come. A.T. went up in his truck and tried to start again. The engine answered at once and the headlights came back on. The truck functioned normally.

Jimmy Guieu finally reports that the owner of the dairy for which the witness worked stated that his worker is a right-hand man "who does not multiply incidents by ten neither distorts what he sees."

[Ref. am1:] AIME MICHEL:

Aimé Michel reports that on October 7, 1954, at approximately 06:20 in the morning, Mr. Alexandre Tremblay was driving in a truck on a small road East of the national road RN 138. Working for an important chocolate company, [Poulain?] he collected each morning the milk coming produced from the pastures of the area.

Near Saint-Jean-d'Assé, he was driving uphill on a slight slope with his car engine functionning quite fast, when suddenly the headlights died out and the engine stalls.

Mr. Tremblay was surprised, applied the brakes, disconnected and actuated the starter, but in vain, the engine refused to start again. Thinking of a power breakdown, possibly coming from a short-circuit, Mr. Tremblay got out of the truck, holding his flashlight in the hand. The flashlight lit, it was not affected of power failure, contrary to the headlight of the vehicle, which were on but did not function.

At the time when he opened the cover of the engine, Mr. Tremblay made the following observation, of which Aimé Michel gives the account as follows:

"Above the road, I saw an intense blue gleam which seemed directed towards me in the sky. This lasted a few seconds, then it disappeared. Not knowinf what to make of this incident, I actuated the starter again, and the engine restarted while the headlights produced light again."

Mr. Tremblay then went up in his truck, without having manipulated the engine, and resumed his milk collecting tour as usual.


Michel Carrouges notes the case in his chapter on physical effects caused by flying saucers.

He indicates that on October 7 in the Sarthe, Mr. Tremblay, in a car, was flown over by a blue gleam, that the engine stalled, that there was an extinction of the headlights.

He gives as source Michel, page 239.


262 -000.14121 18.15000 07 10 1954 06 20 105 ST JEAN D ASSE F 301133 C** 239



Oct. 07, 1954, 06:20 A.M. Saint-Jean-d'Assé (France).

On Route N138, a truck-driver, Mr. Tremblay, saw an intense, blue light coming toward him. The object producing it was cigar-shaped, red and blue. Engine and headlights died. (41;M 143) (France-Soir, 10 Oct. 1954).


The author indicates that on October 7, 1954, a truck driver saw a light of an intense blue moving towards him close to Saint-Jean-d'Asse in the Sarthe on the road from Mans in Alençon. The object had the shape of a cigar, red and blue. The truck's engine stalled and the headlights died out.


The two authors give the date of October 5, 1954 by association with another case, that at about thirty kilometers of Mans, in the North-West, on the R.N. 138 road, at the height of Saint-Jean-in Asse, a truck-driver saw his engine stall and his headlights die out.

When he was going to open the hood to seek the cause of this failure, he saw a blue gleam above the road, which moved towards him, and disappeared at the end of a few seconds. The engine started again at the first choke.


The author indicates that on October 7, 1954, luminous discs, landing or not landing, were reported among other places near Saint-Jean D'Assé on national road 138.

The author says that the 28 places of observations [The author indicates 9 of them] formed all spots that were aligned "along a line with a precision of one millimetre." He further adds that these observations spread on "straight lines, which while crossing, drew curious geometrical star figures", and that "alignments seemed to begin around one hour in the morning, covering our areas of a tight network of investigations of unknown origin."


The two authors indicate that they examine a case which retained their attention, of October 7 at 6:20, in St-Jean-d'Assé in the Sarthe, for which they givent the unsourced following summary:

"On N 138, a truck-driver, Mr. Tremblay, saw an intense blue gleam which moved towards him. The object producing this light had the shape of a red and blue cigar. The engine and the headlights of the truck ceased functioning."

They indicate that the facts were classically changed by the "reporters" because the witness told them to have never seen an object, but a luminous phenomenon. They indicate that the details that the witness provided cannot give any idea on the altitude, the distance, the speed etc. According to the authors, Mr. Tremblay was most surprised when one spoke to him about an engine shut-down, because, according to authors, he is adamant that there was no obstacle with the operation of his truck during his observation.

Further in their book, the authors note that the date is dubious, and that France-Soir for October 9th and 10th accounts for the case with the mention "yesterday."


The two authors indicate that in Saint-Jean d'Assé in the Sarthe on October 7, 1954, at 06:25 a.m., Alexandre Tremblay, coffee shop owner in Le Mans, was driving in a truck on a small road at the east of main road 138 Mans-Alençon.

Close to Saint-Jean-in Asse, whereas he was climbing a gentle hill with his engine running rather fast, the engine suddenly stalled and the headlights extinguished.

Surprised, the man brakes, disengages, and actuates the starter, to no avail. He takes his flashlight while thinking of a power failure and gets out of the truck. He opens the engine's cover. At this time, he sees a blue gleam which seems directed to him (according to Guieu and Michel, the authors say) or a red and blue cigar (according to Vallée quoting the press, the authors say).

This luminous phenomenon lasted only a few seconds. Going up in his truck without having touched his engine, he actuated the starter, engine restarted and the headlights came back on.

They indicate that the sources are case 207 of the Vallée catalogue; Aimé Michel in "A Propos des S.V." page 178; Jimmy Guieu in "Black-Out sur les S.V." and France Soir for 10/10/1954.

[Ref. lg2:] LOREN GROSS:

October 7th. St-Jean-D'Asse, France. (6:20 a.m.)

Yet another Frenchman on the highways that morning received a surprise. It seems a M. Alexander Tremblay, driving a truck on Rt N138 near St Jean-D'Asse, had trouble making it up a slight grade. It was still dark (6:20 a.m.) and M. Trembley had his headlights on. For no apparent reason the truck's engine quit and the headlights failed. M. Tremblay got out to check under the hood but his attention was suddenly drawn to a powerful blue-colored light speeding in his direction, and as it approached, M. Tremblay could see that the light was being emitted by a flying cigar, blue and red in hue. 67.

  • 67. France-Soir. 10 October 54.

[Ref. js1:] JEAN SIDER:

Author Jean Sider provides a summary identical to Aimé Michel's narrative.

But also, he checks the claim of the two ufologists Jacques Barthel and Gerard Brucker. Jean Sider tells that they wrote: "Never any unspecified obstacle to the operation (of the truck) occurred during his sighting, he is affirmative."

Jean Sider points out that on the contrary, the article of the local daily newspaper Le Maine Libre clearly indicated that the truck had the failures he described: a photographic reconstitution showing Mr. Tremblay bent towards the opened engine cover show it, as does the article. Jean Sider points out that it is precisely because of the failure that Mr. Tremblay was in situation to see something in the sky, which he would probably not have moticed without this halt, and that otherwise he would thus probably had nothing to tell.

Jean Sider adds that a few days after the sighting, Daniel Léger who resided at Le Mans not far and was going to become a collaborator of the UFO investigation network Lumières Dans La Nuit, managed to speak with Mr. Tremblay, and that Mr. Tremblay repeated and confirmed to him all the elements indicated by the reporters of the Maine Libéré newspaper.

Jean Sider concludes: "M. Tremblay was never contacted by B & B (Barthel and Brucker) and his testimony has been altered!"

In addition, Jean Sider found in "Le Quotidien de LA Haute-Loire" for October 24, 1954, a mention of this case, which read:

"The same adventure occurred a few days ago, one morning, to a milk conveyor of Jonzieux", the article being on the case of October 19, 1954 at 08:45 P.M., near Saint-Didier-in-Velay in the Haute-Loire.


The Belgian ufologist indicates that on October 7, 1954, in St Jean d'Assé, "At 06:20 on the N. 138, truck-driver Tremblay saw an intense blue gleam which moved towards him. The object producing this light had the shape of a red and blue cigar. The engine and the headlights of the truck ceased functioning."

She indicates that the sources are "France-Soir, 10 oct 1954" and "Jacques Vallée: 'Chronique des apparitions ET' - DENOEL 1972 - J'AI LU COLL. - p. 271".

She adds that another version is: "He came out of the vehicle with the flashlight, which functioned, and lifted the hood to examine the engine, it is only then that he saw, passing at a low height, a blue gleam, resembling sparks released by a blowtorch."

She indicates that the source of the above is "Jimmy GUIEU: 'Black-out sur les S.V.' - FLEUVE NOIR- p. 193".

[Ref. lg1:] LOREN GROSS:

7 October. Near St-Jean-d' Asse, France. (about 6:20 a.m.)

Motor dies, but strangely enough, the flashlight worked.

Michel wrote:

"About 6:20 a.m. M. Alexander Tremblay was driving his truck along a side road not far from Route N-138, the major highway running between Le Mans and Alencon. Near St-Jean-d' Asse, as he was going up a slight hill, his motor suddenly died and his headlights went out. He braked automatically, put the clutch in neutral, and stepped on the starter. Nothing happened. Flashlight in hand, M. Tremblay got out to investigate; strangely enough, the flashlight worked. "As M. Tremblay raised the hood of his car, he saw in the sky above the road 'an intense blue light which seemed to be directed toward me. After several seconds the light went off. Somewhat baffled, I tried the starter again, the motor began to turn over, and the headlights came back on."' ( xx.)

(xx.) Michel, Aime. Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery. p.143.


On this Day

October 7


1954 - St.-Jean-d'Asse, France. Mr. Alexandre Tremblay, a café owner, was driving on Route N138 at 6:20 a.m. when he saw an intense, blue light coming toward him. The object producing it was a one-meter long cigar, red and blue in color. The engine and headlights of his vehicle died. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia, p. 220; Michel Figuet and Jean-Louis Ruchon, OVNI: Le premier dossier complet des rencontres rapprochees en France, pp. 129-130).


[Ref. jb1:] JEROME BEAU:

Thursday, October 7, 1954


06:20 In Saint-Jean-in Asse (France), on the N138, Mr. Tremblay (truck-driver) sees an intense blue gleam moving towards him. The object [which] produces this light has the shape of a red and blue cigar. The engine and the headlights of the truck cease functioning.


Jérôme Beau indicates that his source is "France-Soir, 10 October 1954".

[Ref. lc1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the Sarthe in St Jean d' Assé on October 7, 1954, at 06:25 hours, "the witness circulates, with his truck, on a small road in the east of main road 138 Mans-Alençon. Close to Saint-Jean-d'Asse, whereas he climbs a gentle hill and that his motor functions rather fast, the latter one suddenly stalls and the headlights turn off. Surprised, the man slows down in vain, disconnects and actuates the starter. He takes his flashlight while thinking of a power breakdown and goes down. He raises the hood of his vehicle. At this time he sees a blue gleam which seems directed on him (Guieu and Michel) or a red and blue cigar (Vallée, newspaper article). This luminous phenomenon lasts only a few seconds. Going up in his truck without having touched its motor, he actuates the starter. The motor restarts and the headlights turn on again."

Luc Chastan indicates that the source is "Ovni, Premier dossier complet... par Figuet M./ Ruchon J.L. ** éd. Alain Lefeuvre 1979".

[Ref. ni1:] "THE NICAP WEBSITE":

*Oct. 7, 1954 - St.-Jean-d'Asse, France. Mr. Alexandre Tremblay, a café owner, was driving on Route N138 at 6:20 a.m. when he saw an intense, blue light coming toward him. The object producing it was a one-meter long cigar, red and blue in color. The engine and headlights of his vehicle died. (Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 220, case # 207; Michel Figuet & Jean-Louis Ruchon, OVNI: Le premier dossier complet des rencontres rapprochees en France, pp. 129-130).

[Ref. ub1:] "UFO-DATENBANK":

This database recorded the case 19 times instead of one!

Case Nr. New case Nr. Investigator Date of observation Zip Place of observation Country of observation Hour of observation Classification Comments Identification
19541004 04.10.1954 Le Mans France NL
19541005 05.10.1954 Le Mans France CE II
19541005 05.10.1954 Le Mans France NL
19541007 07.10.1954 Le Mans France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 Le Mans France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 Le Mans France
19541007 07.10.1954 Le Mans France
19541007 07.10.1954 Le Mans France
19541007 07.10.1954 Le Mans France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 St. Jean Asse France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 St. Jean Asse France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 St. Jean Asse France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 St. Jean Asse France
19541007 07.10.1954 St. Jean Asse France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 St. Jean Asse France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 St Jean Asse France CE II
19541008 08.10.1954 Le Mans France
19541007 07.10.1954 St Jean France CE II
19541007 07.10.1954 Saint-Jean-di-Assé France


Saint-Jean-d'Assé is on Route Nationale 138 (National Road 138) between Le Mans et Alençon.

Jimmy Guieu dates the case of OCtober 8, other sources date it of October 7.


Not looked for yet.


(These keywords are only to help queries and are not implying anything.)

Saint-Jean-d'Assé, Sarthe, Tremblay, object, cigar, road, blue, red, luminous, effects


[---] indicates sources which I have not yet checked.

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