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The 1954 French flap:

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October 6, 1954, Isles-sur-Suippe, Marne:

Reference number for this case: 6-oct-54-Isles-sur-Suippe. Thank you for including this reference number in any correspondence with me regarding this case.





Pose many puzzles


PARIS. - The "flying saucers" continue.

They are reported everywhere. And now, they are mingling to stop the engines.

In Le Mans a milk collector, Mr. Alexandre Tremblais, who was riding his truck on the small road near Saint-Jean-d'Assé (the Sarthe), suddenly noticed that the engine of his vehicle stopped and that the headlights extinguished.

M. Tremblais got out of his truck to see a red and blue luminous cigar, one meter long, disappearing on the horizon. A few minutes later, the engine started again and the headlights functioned again.

In Nancy, a true skeptic, Mr. Georges Bou, a 30-year-old driver at Sarrebruk [sic, Sarrebourg], was traveling on National Road 3 between Morsbach and Forbach when he saw a thick wide shadow blocking the road. He stopped, got out of his cabin, thinking of an accident. But he realized that he was stopped by a saucer. It was nine meters in diameter and about four meters high. It was illuminated by several light beams directed towards the ground.

The driver approached the strange device. Suddenly, the latter took off vertically, marked a pause at ten meters, then moved away very quickly.

The gendarmerie Captain Bohler went to the scene today with Mr. Bou. But he could not find any traces.

In the Island of Ré, Mr. Simonnetti said he saw a luminous sphere about 12 meters in diameter, which oscillated about fifty meters from the ground.

The sphere, he said, became red, turned blue and rose very quickly vertically.

Two other residents and two Parisians on vacation have confirmed.

At Duclair (Seine-Inf.), Mr. Landrin, a water attendant who was walking with his wife, was blinded by a light beam. When he opened his eyes, he said, he saw a ball disappear a few minutes later.

- Near Reims, a mechanic of the Panhard factories, Mr. Joseph Roy, 30, saw near the Isles-sur-Suippe a cigar posed on the ground, resembling according to his description to that of Marignane. Witnesses around have confirmed.

At la Montagne-de-Béruges (the Vienne), a farmer, M. Edouard Thébault, observed in his field an enormous luminous machine.

A few minutes later the craft was extinguished and a huge headlight swept the road, and when the witness returned with his father he had fetched, everything had disappeared.

- Several fishermen and the whole family of a fish dealer saw in the sky, in Plozevet (Finistère), a bright glow surrounded by dense smoke. This gleam, at first motionless, came towards them at an altitude of about ten meters. It had the appearance of an orange sphere.

- A whistling machine, gray in color, stood for a moment about 100 meters from Chassevreuil (Indre). The craft went off at a brisk pace, leaving behind it like a fog.

In the same commune, a young man saw a luminous red-orange machine that moved in a north-south direction.

- An aluminum half-spherical dome, illuminated inside, which was about three meters from the road and one meter from the ground, was seen in Jettingen (Haut-Rhin) by Mr. René Ott, an employee of the S.N.C.F. [national railyway company]. Frightened, Mr. Ott fled. He had, however, had the time to notice that a door was opening in the apparatus. The latter moved above him for a distance of 800 meters before disappearing. The gendarmes found no trace.

- A silent machine, moving like a spinning top, was seen in Calais, above the municipal theater, by a peacekeeper, a hairdresser, a taxi driver and a butcher. It moved away towards the sea.

- A flying saucer rising noiselessly vertically was seen at Vigneux (Seine-et-Oise) by Mr. Marais yesterday at 9 p.m.. It was luminous and had portholes.


ABBEVILLE. "Another false saucer!" The mysterious craft which broke out in the Picardy sky, and whose debris was scattered in a pasture at Boismont, near Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, was but a balloon.

The inhabitants of the region, fearing the famous "paralyzing" green ray, dared not approach the debris. Only Mr. Raymond Boucher, a sugar worker, had the courage to come and contemplate the saucer. It was more simply a balloon used by the meteorological services of the Royal Air Force which, by touching the ground, had burst noisily.

VIENNA. - Thousands of people saw yesterday a formation of flying saucers above Ried, flying from east to west.


Asked about cars that stop, said:

- saucers or not saucers, it is necessary to consider as true the information that arrives at this moment. With regard to the sudden stop of engines at the passage of these craft, we must admit the presence and action of unknown rays. This does not mean that these rays have an extraterrestrial origin. Do you remember that famous Z ray, which was talked about so much before the last war? During the hostilities, the belligerents further perfected the process. I saw personally, some fifteen years ago, experiments in laboratories where electric rays ignited at distances of a few meters paper or other combustible materials.

[Ref. am1:] AIME MICHEL:

Aimé Michel indicates that in Isles-sur-Suippes, in the Champagne, at 25 kilometers in the North-East of Rheims, towards the second part of the night, Joseph Roy, a mechanic at the Panhard factories, rode his bicycle on main road 51.

Suddenly, facing him and at very low altitude, an intense light emerged, that he initially interpreted as a vehicle's headlight. After a gentle displacement in the darkness, this headlight died out. Mr. Roy continued to ride and arrived soon at the place where the light had disappeared.

In the field, near the road, a sort of long object of approximately three meters was lying, its silhouette was vaguely lit by kinds of luminous plates that Mr. Roy called portholes. The object made him thought "of some giant shell."

In front of the silhouette of the object, a small dark shape was agitated, but the frightened cyclist did not take any time observe it and was later unable to describe it, because he pedaled much fled to the nearest gendarmerie station.

The gendarmes came with him on the spot of the diplay and noted that there were odd traces in the soft ground of the field. Moreover, the investigation revealed that three workmen who also rode on bicycles a few kilometres from there to go to their nightshift, saw a ball of fire go down towards the point where Mr. Roy located his strange encounter.


257 -004. 19.35600 07 10 1954 02 00 I ISLES SUR SUIPPE F 0111222 C 238


The two authors, journalists and ufologists, describe the observation of Isle-on-Suippes in the Marne of October 6, 1954, indicating that their references are newspaper clippings and personal file.

They report that Joseph Roy, aged 30, working at the Panhard factories, was going to his work on his bicycle on this still very very dark night. He is alone on the National Road RN 51. The authors provide his testimony as such:

"Suddenly I saw, emerging opposite me, at very low altitude, a dazzling light, which I first of all took for the headlight of a vehicle, as it was so close to the ground. After having moved slightly to the side, the light extincted. I continued to ride. While arriving at the height of the place where the light had disappeared, I saw, in a field, close to the road, a kind of giant shell, approximately 3 meters of length. Its silhouette was vaguely lit by sort of luminous portholes. In front of this machine, a small dark shape was agitated. I became frightened. I did not seek to see more of it. I literally rushed to the gendarmerie."

The authors indicate that the gendarmes came at once on the location with Joseph Roy, and that they discovered unexplainable traces on the soft ground of the field. The investigation of the gendarmes allowed to discover that three other workmen who were a few kilometres away and also going to their work, had seen a ball fire go down towards the point where Mr. Roy had located his strange encounter.


The two authors indicate that on October 6, 1954, at 06:00 o'clock in the morning, in Isles-sur-Suippe in the department of the Marne, the night was still dark when the witness went to his work on bicycle, alone on RN51 [National Road 51].

Suddenly, he saw a blinding light emerging at low altitude; which he took for the headlights of a vehicle. The authors give the following account by the witness:

"The light went off. I continued to ride. While arriving at the level of the spot where the light had disappeared, I saw a kind of giant shell of approximately three meters length in a field close to the road; its silhouette was vaguely lit by some sort of luminous port-holes. In front of this machine, a small dark shape agitated."

The witness is afraid, and literally dashes to the gendarmerie.

A few kilometres from there, three other workmen going to their work had seen a luminous ball going down towards the place where the main witness had seen the machine on the ground.

The authors indicate that the sources are Quincy, and Garreau and Lavier, "Face aux ET", pp 203-204, and that there was an investigation by the gendarmerie.


The two authors note this case that they date of October 7, 1954:

"Isles-sur-Suippe - 51 - at about 2 o'clock: investigation. Story by the witness is inconsistent, with no relation at all with that of the time."

[Ref. mf1:] MICHEL FIGUET:



Confusion with English military personal on a drill.
LDLN N. 249-250 p. 25


The Belgian ufologist indicates in her catalogue that in 1954, on October 6, in France, in L'Isle sur Suippes in the Marne, around 6 hours Joseph Roy goes to his work by bicycle: the night is still very black. He sees at low altitude a dazzling light emerging opposite him, which dies out. Arrived at the place where the light had disappeared, he sees in a field close to the road, a kind of 3 m length giant gunshell, vaguely lit by kinds of port-holes. In front of this craft a small dark form was agitated. The witness became frightened. He literally run to the gendarmerie.

The source is indicated as Garreau and Lavier: "Face aux extra-terrestres" - Delarge 1975 - J'ai Lu, p. 210, 211.



Location. Isles-sur-Suippe Marne France
Date: October 6 1954
Time: 0030A

Mr. Roy was returning on National Highway 51 from Reims to his home at Rethez, a distance of 25 km, on his bicycle, when he noticed a light on the road, which turned into an orange ball, and made three "jumps" into the field at the right side of the road. The shape of the object was "ovoid." A man, of apparent human appearance & normal size & wearing a khaki colored outfit was seen leaning against the hull of the object as Roy rode by, not four meters distant.

Humcat 1954-23
Source: Joel Mesnard & Jean Marie Bigorne
Type: C

[Ref. lg1:] LOREN GROSS:

7 October. Isles-sur-Suippes, France. (very early in the morning)

Small dark form.

Michel wrote:

"M. Joseph Roy, mechanic in the Panhard factory, was riding his bicycle along Route N-51 when directly in front of him and very low there was a burst of intense light which he at first mistook for car headlights. The light moved little in the darkness, then went out. M. Roy continued to pedal and soon came to the place where the light had disappeared. In the field near the road an object about three yards long, shaped like 'a giant artillery shell,' could be seen by the dim light emanating from its 'portholes.' In front of this object moved a small dark form which the frightened bicyclist did not stop to examine, and which he could not describe. He pedaled for dear life to the nearest police station. The police went back with him to the road where he had passed the apparition, and found strange marks in the soft earth of the field. Subsequent investigations revealed that three other workmen a few miles away, bicycling to their night jobs, had seen a ball of fire descending toward the place where M. Roy saw the 'shell' and the dark form." (xx.)

(xx.) Michel, Aime. Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery. p.142.


Encounters with Aliens on this Day...

October 6

1954 - Joseph Roy, age 30, was driving on highway N51 near d'Isles-sur-Suippe, France at 6 o'clock in the morning when he saw a three-meter long UFO with the silhouette of a humanoid visible on board. Some unexplained traces were found near the site of the sighting. (Source: Michel Figeut [sic] & Jean-Louis Ruchon, OVNI: Le premier dossier complet des rencontres rapprochees en France, pp. 126).

[Ref. ni1:] NICAP WEBSITE:

October 7, 1954 -- Isles-sur-Suippes, France.
UFO shaped like "giant artillery shell" with "portholes"; landing or near-landing case. [XII]

[Ref. lc1:] LUC CHASTAN:

Luc Chastan indicates that in the Marne in Isles on Suippe on October 6, 1954 at 06:00 hours, the night is still dark, the witness goes to his workplace by bicycle. He is alone on the RN51. Suddenly, he sees a dazzling light emerging at low altitude, that he mistakes for the headlights of a vehicle. "The light turned off, the witness said. I continued to ride. While arriving at height of the place where the light had disappeared, I saw in a field close to the road, a kind of giant gunshell of approximately three meters length; its silhouette was vaguely lit by sort of luminous port-holes. In front of this machine, a small dark form was agitated." The witness became frightened, and rushes literally to the gendarmerie." A few kilometres from there, three other workmen going to their workplace, had seen a luminous ball going down towards the place where the main witness had seen the craft on the ground.

The source is indicated as "Ovni, Premier dossier complet... by Figuet M./ Ruchon J.L. ** Alain Lefeuvre pub. 1979".


The author indicates that there was a false close encounter of the third type in Isles-sur-Suippes, the Marne, on October 6, 1954, at 6:00 a.m.:

Joseph Roy, a worker at the Panhard factories, went to work on his bike in the dark night. Suddenly, at a low altitude, he saw a blinding light that he took for the headlights of a vehicle. "The light went out," he said. "I continued riding. On arriving at the spot where the light had disappeared, I saw in a field near the road a kind of giant shell about three meters long, the silhouette of which was dimly lit by kinds of luminous portholes. In front of this craft was a little dark form. I was frightened. I did not try to see more. I literally sprinted to the gendarmerie."

The gendarmes returned immediately with Joseph Roy and discovered inexplicable traces on the loose soil of the field. A few miles away, three other workers on their way to work saw a luminous ball descending to the spot where Mr. Roy had seen the craft on the ground.

The sources are indicated as Aimé Michel, "Mystérieux Objets Célestes", page [sic]; C. Garreau and R. Lavier, "Face aux Extraterrestres", pages 203-204.

Julien Gonzalez said that in reality, the newspaper L'Union de Reims revealed a few days later that it was simply British soldiers on the move who had parked at the place of observation.

Hr indicates that the source of the explanation is "Lumières Dans La Nuit", #249-250, page 24.

[Ref. ub1:] "UFO-DATENBANK":

This database recorded this case 9 times:

Case Nr. New case Nr. Investigator Date of observation Zip Place of observation Country of observation Hour of observation Classification Comments Identification
19541006 06.10.1954 Isles France 00.30 CE III
19541006 06.10.1954 Isles Suippes France 00.30 CE III
19541007 07.10.1954 Isles Suippes France 02.00 CE III
19541007 07.10.1954 Isles Suippes France Morning CE III
19541007 07.10.1954 Isles Suippes France 02.00 CE III
19541007 07.10.1954 Isles Suippes France 02.00 CE III
19541007 07.10.1954 Isles Suippes France 02.00 CE III
19541007 07.10.1954 Isles Suippes France Morning CE III
19541007 07.10.1954 Isles-sur-Susppes [sic] France


Confusion, helicopter and military personal.

The sources all are secondary and fragmentary; only one of the ufological source, for example, reveals the important point that the "UFO occupant" had the aspect of a man and was dressed in a khaki uniform.

It is very likely that Mr. Roy actually witnessed the unexpected landing of a military helicopter. His description, although this was at night, has actually nothing quite inaccurate about it.

Apart from these essential points, let it be also noted:


(These keywords are only to help queries and are not implying anything.)

Isles-sur-Suippe, Marne, Roy, light, ball, orange, humanoid, man, khaki, military, traces, ovoid, oval, close, confusion


[---] indicates sources which I have not yet checked.

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