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UFOs in the daily Press:

Luminous phenomenon at Le Thoronet, France, 1977:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, France, on February 20, 1977.



The mysterious craft that a Thoronean noticed on the night of Saturday to Sunday January 30, at 2 a.m., above the Ubacs mountain (Le Thoronet commune) caused some panic in the picturesque village in Centre-Var.

The villagers should first be reassured. A UFO, that is to say an unidentified flying object, does not necessarily mean a flying saucer. As its name suggests, it can be a meteorite, a satellite, a plasma or even ball lightning.

As we said earlier, the gendarmerie has opened an investigation which shows that the case is taken seriously. The results will be communicated to the general management which will pass on the file to the National Center for Space Research. Because the celestial phenomenon observed in the sky of Le Thoronet was fixed on the film. The study of the shapes of the UFO, after an enlargement, could, why not, advance the file, already heavy on which scientists, ufologists, have been seriously considering since 1968.

When it comes to UFOs, there are many theories that are explained in different ways. Was the luminous form seen and photographed at Le Thoronet a plasma (ionized effects of the atom), ball lightning, or even the reflection of a radar?

The question remains. Still, we cannot remain indifferent.

We also know that animals with their premonitory instincts can support the thesis. In fact Mrs. Simone Rocroix, president of the B.D.A. at the Thoronet refuge, to whom we have asked the behavior of her animals for some time (of course not mentionning the UFO) answered to us:

"For 8 - 10 days, my dogs and my donkey have been howling to death around two o'clock in the morning. Yesterday morning, on the other hand, they were silent!"

Let's not go too fast and let the investigation take its course. Does the road of the UFOs go through Le Thoronet?

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