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This article was published in the daily newspaper Var-Matin - République, France, on March 3, 1974.

Mysterious object flying in the sky of Draguignan

Cane in the hand, bag on the shoulder, Mr. Bodin left yesterday morning for fishing. The weather is not hot at 6 o'clock. What does the sky tall? The sky tells that the weather will be nice but a big star wanders oddly there... He goes up to his apartment, alerts his wife and the latter sees from her balcony, indeed, in the night, above the buildings of the SDIS, a scintillating object of the size of a large orange, but of trapezoidal form.

It moves very quickly and Mr. Bodin, who provided himself with his camera, tries to take a picture of the mysterious object, at this time the light dies out during a few seconds, but its form remains surrounded by a kind of fog or vapor. The flutter begins again, a little less luminous and the object which goes up in oblique, moving to the west, becomessmaller, no larger that one small dot, and disappears. It is 08:30 and the UFO (?) thus wandered in the sky of Draguignan during nearly two hours.

As we ask Mrs. Raymonde Bodin if she does not think of the possibility of a weather balloon on which the gleams of the raising sun would have projected, she recalls us, that is is 6 in the morning, and she tells us that fact that puzzled her it is this brief extinction of the fires.

Did others inhabitants of Draguignan perhaps see something?

In spite of the hitch, Mr. Bodin went fishing... He brought back ten trouts from there.

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