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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in the USA, 1976:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Province, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Saturday, January 24, 1976.

Photo of mysterious UFO shows cigar-shaped figure

CLOVIS, N.M. (U.P.I.) —- A photograph of one of several mysterious flying objects over New Mexico shows an elongated cigar-shaped white figure without any detail, a newspaper reporter who took the picture said Friday.

Scott Price said he took the photograph using a 35-millimetre camera hooked up to a telescope in the early morning hours. Price and several police officers said they watched the objects, some with pulsating colored lights, for three nights.

Two photographs were taken Friday, one in black and white and the other color. The black and white photograph was printed in Friday’s editions of the Clovis News-Journal.

"It shows an elongated cigar-shaped object, white, against a pitch black sky," Price said. "The cigar is thicker in the centre than toward the periphery. Two black circular areas that appear vivid through the telescope don’t show up in the photo due to focusing problems we had."

The white color apparently was a reflection from the bright moon, Price said.

Price and police Cpl. Randy Johnson, along with several others, reported seeing numerous objects in the night sky around Clovis. Johnson said some of the objects had red, white and blue pulsating lights.

To the eye, he said, the object looks like a "craft" with two black circular shapes towards the ends — "we almost called them portholes," Price said.

Wednesday, Price said he and others also saw "a vapor trail heading toward the UFOs and the vapor trail had red flashing lights at the end of it."

Johnson said nearby Canon Air Force Base was asked if the base radar showed anything and Canon reported one "blip". But a Canon spokesman denied the report.

The objects have been seen in groups of three abreast, in a V-shaped formation and, at one time about a dozen formed a circle.

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