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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Nord-Matin, Nord - Pas-de-Calais, France, pages 1 and 10, on September 30, 1954.


Real aerial carousel
of "flying saucers"
in the sky of France

The testimonies are multiplying about the flying saucers. In various French departments, many people claim to have seen, in recent days, with more or less clarity, craft in either the shape of cigars or that of discs.

In the Arbresle region, the director of a Parisian music-hall even filmed one of these mysterious craft which moved at a height estimated by him at around 800 meters. We will thus know, after development of the film, whether or not it is an optical illusion.

Near Feyzin (Isère), a young man reportedly saw in the countryside, not far from the ground, a craft in the shape of a dome and from which sprang a very bright light. The witness compared it to that caused by the combustion of magnesium. The craft suddenly went up vertically, leaving behind a shower of sparks and disappeared.

In the Drôme, a resident of Valence, Mrs. L., who was walking near Chabeuil, claims to have met in the path that she followed, a small being dressed so oddly, that she first thought it was a scarecrow of cellophane. The dog accompanying the walker barked furiously, overcome with terror. As for Mrs. L ..., also terrified, she hid behind a hedge.

The ears were laid
over three meters

It was then that she saw rising from the maize field that bordered the path, a disc from which came a whistling sound. Shortly after, the witness and some peasants went into the field where, according to them, a circular trace of about 3 meters in diameter was clearly distinguished with ears of maize lying down and broken branches on the edge.

Other residents of Chabeuil also said they saw that day a flying saucer flying over the countryside.

In Savoie, near Lake Bourget, above Mont Revard, several motorists, a total of fifteen people, have seen simultaneously a craft in the form of a disc, move for about four minutes, then suddenly disappear.

One of the witnesses, a doctor from Chambéry, is a former artillery observer. He carefully noted the observations and drew a sketch reproducing the path of the mysterious apparatus.

An "interplanetary
diver" said to have appeared
to a farmer

Also, Mr. Yves David, 28, farmer in Les Brouloux, commune of Vouneuil-sur-Vienne (Vienne), said he saw advance on the road from Cenon to Vouneuil on September 19 at 10 p.m. a kind of diver.

The latter, he said, came to caress his arm, made unintelligible sounds and withdrew towards a craft (which Mr. David cannot describe). A green light beam was projected in his direction, nailing him on the spot, then the craft disappeared in the sky, vertically, without any noise.

Mr. David states that he did not want to say anything about this bizarre encounter, lest someone makes fun of him. He did, however, share it with a friend, asking if anyone else had seen the "diver." This is how the whole country found out.

At the sight of a saucer
flying, a locomotive driver
gets sick

We should also point out that MM. Gérard, mechanic and Paroux, driver, who were driving a high-speed machine from Nantes, saw on Tuesday evening, as they passed by a place called "la butte du rouge", commune of Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine), a craft that rose from the neighboring marshes.

This contraption, of a certain length, which was followed by a luminous trail flew during

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ten seconds above the machine and disappeared into the sky.

Whereas the mechanic kept his cool, the driver, however, was so frightened that he fell ill and had to undergo a medical examination yesterday morning.

A luminous sphere
in the sky of Sweden

A luminous sphere, which left a trail of fire behind it, was photographed in Bjuv, in the south-east of Sweden. The object, which was moving north, said the witness, was flying fast, "as high, he said, as a jet plane, but without making any noise".

At the Lund observatory, it is stated that no meteor was observed at the time when the witness photographed the phenomenon in question on telephoto.

... and one in the open sea

Less recent but more impressive, is the account of the captain of the "Groote Beer", Mr. J.-P. Boahoff, of the Holland - United-States line.

Detected in the open sea and observed by himself and his five officers using all the optical equipment on board, it was the size of a half-moon and also circular and bright.

The captain formally excluded the possibility that it may be a weather balloon.

At first motionless, the disc, after a few moments, moved west to disappear behind the clouds at an altitude of about 14,000 meters.

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