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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, France, page 8, on December 9, 1973.

A "flying saucer" on the beach of the Channel?

Two fishermen of Carteret affirm to have observed mysterious machines throwing a " intense lunière"

A "U.F.O." (unidentified) flying object is said to have been seen in Carteret (the Manche) last Sunday, according to statements of two sailor-fishermen of the harbour.

Whereas they were going, around 05:30 of the morning, to raise of the lines which they had tightened the day before at the evening, Mr. George Jean, 44 years old, and his son Noël, 18 years old, saw, they say, an intense light coming from an object which they could not define, posed on the beach, at a few hundreds of meters of the place where they were. The phenomenon is said to have lasted approximately 45 minutes but, paralyzed by fear, the two fishermen did not dare to approach.

The most whimsical assumptions were advanced among the inhabitants of the area, more especially as by Friday equipment of protection against atomic radiations were discovered on a close beach, as well as an underwater sonobuoy covered with inscriptions in English language. New assumptions were then formulated and one even talked of an intervention of the counter-intelligence services.

Questioned, an officer of gendarmerie simply declared to the press that the fact of having found worm protection equipment and a sonobuoy "is nothing extraordinary." "You find just anything on beaches," he added. He stressed that the gendarmerie had opened an investigation, but that it is always the case in similar circumstances.

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