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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 9, on March 31, 1974.

A "flying saucer" filmed for the first time by a television camera

"Flying saucers" and other "U.F.O.", everybody knows, appear only when they want and their presence is, generally, detected only by chance and especially not, for example, at the time of the nights of observation organized by this or that association.

The filmed sequence of the passage of a "thing" in the sky of Thillot at 50 km approximately of Epinal, in the Vosges, at the end of the afternoon of March 23, is the first ever recorded on film by a movie camera or a television camera [this is false]. Until now photographs of it were taken, often by chance - it was the case of the "saucer of the Concorde", at the time of the solar eclipse of this last June 30 above Chad [nonconvincing photograph]. For the first time, televiewers could see, on their TV screens, the appearance one evolution [sic] then the disappearance of a luminous point of round form, then elliptic, above a landscape of Vosgean mountains, all in colors. Was this an "unidentified flying object " (U.F.O), as at once said Mr. Pierre Guerin, astrophysicist, and in favour of the existence of the flying saucers?

The fact is that this document, due to chance, is extremely interesting and surprising and that it will be studied more in detail than it has until now by three experts - Misters Guerin, Claude Kohler and Jean Meyer - to whom it was presented. Will it make it possible to start again in France the thorough scientific studies, financed by official organizations, like certain puzzled scientists, such as Misters Claude Poher, Pierre Guerin and others request with more and more insistence?

The public opinion, the radio, the newspapers, television, with now the support of a document, are interested in it...

These last days however, in waiting of the results of the night of observation from last Saturday to last Sunday, it is rather Spain which received the visit of the "U.F.O.". The witnesses claimed to have seen it in Vigo, in Cadiz, in the area of Seville, although a family of the Charentes, of Moutardon, close to Ruffec [France], claimed to have observed one of them in the night of Wednesday to Thursday.

Note: The footage shot at Le Thillot was a hoax by a TV technician who then joined a "UFO" cult.

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