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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Populaire du Centre, France, pages 1 and 2, on September 15, 1954.

Mystery in BUGEAT

"No, I was not victim of an hallucination"
declares Mr. Mazeaud to us

The farmer reconstituted yesterday, in front of the investigators, his encounter with the passenger of the "flying saucer"


Bugeat. -- At 58 years, Mr. Antoine Mazeaud is a solid piece of a man, showing 1 m 82 on the measuring apparatus. Up to now, he had the serene mind of all his fellow residents to the hamlet of Mouriéras, at 1 km. 500 from Bugeat, on the road to Tarnac, clinging to this hard land that however offers in return only thin resources.

Yesterday, Mr. Mazeaud went only one time in the afternoon to see his black wheat field, accompanied in this strange visit by Mr. Bernard, police chief with the General Intelligence in Tulle, his assistant inspector Gratias, the gendarmes of Bugeat and some journalists.

Under the repeated heavy showers, the man gave again his account, calmly, clearly, ponting his finger at the precise locations and making a point to mimic the reactions which he had at the time of the events.

Police chief Bernard was disconcerted because what had just repeated, the gesture which had just reconstituted the farmer, corresponded point by point to the statement made half an hour ago and recorded by inspector Gratias.

- You can question me a hundred times, a hundred times I will answer the same things because I do not lie, Mr. Mazeaud said then...

(continued on page 2)


In the evening of September 10, Mr. Mazeaud left his field of the "Puy", located at 1 km. 800 of his place. He had just cut black wheat and engaged in the rocky path bordered of genets and ferns. It was 08:30 p.m. and the moon, though clear, allowed only a poor visibility.

- I then distinguished a man who went towards me, the farmer specifies. He wallked while lowering the head.

- Of small height?

- Average.

- What happened next?

- He approached me, shook my hand, withdrew his helmet made out of metal, a sort of head protecttion like motorcylcists use, but deprived of a chin protection, then he gave me a hug without ever raising the head.

- Did he talk to you?

- No, he did not even make a sound. Perplexed, I dropped the fork which I carried on the shoulder and the man quickly engaged in the moor.

- Didn't you try to chase him?

By no means, I was like paralysed; with a friend at my sides, perhaps we would have followed him... Recovered from my emotion, my glance was then attracted by an oblong mass which slowly took altitude and which shone slightly. The "thing" appeared me to pass under the powerline which borders the road of Tarnac; its profile did not exceed six meters in length.


Awestruck, a little trembling, Mr. Mazeaud regained his residence. He souped and slept normally. However, hour after hour, these events worried him; he made of his wife his confident and told his son, teacher at Bort-les-Orgues, of the scene which he had just lived, strongly rejecting to have been the subject of an hallucination and even less to have imagined...

Finally, the word went on in Bugeat and the "case" of "old Mazeaud", told in the grocery, retold in the bakery then at the butcher's to finally arrive at the gendarmerie... which forwarded it to the police force in Tulle!

Mr. Antoine Mazeaud is a hard-working, sober citizen (he does not drink alcohol) and enjoys the general esteem on all the territory of the community. He never yet read "science-fiction" stories and does not event want to hear any.

The most disconcerting, which reinforces the mystery of the "flying saucer" of Bugeat, it is that the same fact was recorded, the same night, at two hours of interval, close to Valenciennes.

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