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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, page 7, July 26, 1952.

New appearances of "soucoupes volantes"

Above Côte d'Or and the Netherland and La Havane

Dijon. -- In Aisey-sur-Seine, Misters Roy and Ormancey which were at the sawmill of Vaux, examined a flotilla of seven flying saucers flying in form of a V at a vertiginous speed. The spherical machines had the luminosity of neon, they declared.

The same day, in the afternoon, several residents of Delan-sur-Ource, could examine two luminous discs which, after having hovered on the village during a certain time, seemed to dissociate. At the same time, a violent movement of air was felt in the area, movement which curved the trees. As soon as the machines disappeared, the swirl ceased...

Several craft in the Netherland sky

Amsterdam. -- The Press reports that a Dutchwoman and her four children saw many flying saucers flying over Arnhem, the evening before yesterday.

They would have come from the north in formation of a "V" and would have been visible during several minutes. They were described as having a dark core of the size of a tennis ball, surrounded of a brilliant rim.

... and above La Habana

La Habana. -- The doctors and nurses of the Marianao hospital observed two flying saucers evolving at about 1.500 meters of altitude.

The "flying saucer" of Clermont-Ferrand said to be a weather balloon

The experts of the Air Force, after examination of the photographs of the "flying saucer" seen close to Clermont-Ferrand declared that it was probably an observation balloon of the national weather services.

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