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UFOs in the daily Press:

Marius Dewilde and Antoine Mazaud in the Press, 1954:

The article below was published in the newspaper Le Cri du Peuple, France, page 2, September 19, 1954.


In ...complete freedom

The Martians in the Massif Central...

THE Millevaches plateau in Corrèze is in turmoil. The Martians have appeared!

The gendarmes of Bugeat (Corrèze) have just been alerted by public rumor. A farmer claimed to have met a Martian on September 10.

The good man, when questioned, confirmed the thing. The Martian was dressed as a motorcyclist. He advanced to meet the honest peasant, kissed him, mumbling unintelligible words, and left in a cigar-shaped craft posed not far away in a field. The craft took off vertically and disappeared into the sky.

The farmer, very disturbed, went home and told the matter to his wife, making her swear secrecy.

The woman swore and told the whole village about it, and that's how the gendarmes were told.

However, the investigation undertaken did not reveal any trace of the mysterious Martian and his craft.

As a result, some evil minds deduce that it may have been a motorcyclist or a prankster.

And bad subjects are said to be planning to tell their wives that they saw the Martians, to justify late returns home.

But beware: there is nothing to confirm that the Martians put on lipstick.

... And in the Nord

OTHER extraordinary story near Valenciennes. Mr. Marius Dewilde, alerted by the barking of his dog, saw in the middle of the night two strange beings, roughly human in shape, but not more than one meter tall. The two strange characters, disturbed by Mr. Dewilde, engulfed themselves in a "flying cigar" six meters long that awaited them near there.

An intense light burst from the craft, prevented Mr. Dewilde from approaching and forced him to close his eyes. When he reopened them, the craft and the evening visitors were gone.

The air police is investigating. They reportedly noticed a bizarre trace on a railroad crossing.

Hell, the case is getting worse!

However, skeptics remain numerous in the region and point out that Mr. Dewilde, who suffered a serious accident a year ago, may be overly impressionable.

Anyway, there is nothing to worry about. These Martians seem, so far, very peaceful... much more than some Earthlings...

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