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UFOs in the daily Press:

Scientists and UFOs, France, 1978:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Montagne, France, on January 28, 1978.

UFOs: Seriously

Paris. -- Seven French scientific figures have just spoken out in favor of continuing the research carried out within the National Center for Space Studies (C.N.E.S.) on UFOs. (Unidentified Flying Objects).

These scientists, mostly physicists whose names will not be revealed, "so as not to hinder their research", formed last fall, at the request of the C.N.E.S., an independent Scientific Council responsible for providing a first opinion on the work of the study group on unidentified aerospace phenomena (G.E.P.A.N.), created last May by the C.N.E.S.

At the end of its first meeting, the council considers that it cannot "comment on the scientific interest of these facts." However, they recommend scientifically studying certain unexplained physical phenomena to which certain people provide testimony.

To this end, they suggest that data collection be improved, in particular by shortening the times between observations and information of the G.E.P.A.N. It recommends that the possible creation of a multidisciplinary intervention team be studied, and requests that the necessary resources be made available to fulfill all of its missions.

Finally, the council considers it necessary to maintain great discretion regarding the dissemination of studies and results.

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