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UFOs in the daily Press:

French saucers 1954:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Alsace, Mulhouse, France, on October 15, 1954.


In the flying saucers file

A Toulouse industrialist makes a sketch of a "Martian" before it disappears

Toulouse, October 14. -- Yesterday in Toulouse an event so extraordinary occurred, that all the city talks about it.

The witness, Mr. Olivier, one is not a crackpot. He is the owner of a factory, and a former plane pilot.

It is while crossing a garden, as he returned home, that he saw at approximately 80 meters, a kind of luminous ball, of reddish color, posed on the ground, in front of a tree trunk, near a bordering soccer field.

He at once alerted a neighbor, Mr. Perano, to make him note the phenomenon. But the two men's surprise was great, when they saw a being, moving close to the luminous ball, a human form, of small size and dressed of a kind of diving-suit of orange color. Another witness joined the two men then.

Without losing his head, Mr. Olivier hastened to draw on a nearby door the silhouette of the "Martian", estimating, not without reason, that it was the surest means to engrave it in his memory. A camera would have made the deal certainly better, but Mr. Olivier did not have any at hand - neither did Mr. Perano - and the strange unknown had not left him time to get one.

Either to escape the curiosity of which he was the object, or for any other reason known only of him, he penetrated in his ball, and the latter rose immediately in the sky at a pace that the two witnesses did not hesitate to qualify as a vertiginous one, leaving behind a trail of sparks of a striking effect.

An investigation is started to try to elucidate certain still obscure aspects of this new manifestation of the interplanetary relations.

The air police force interrogated these three people. One of the witnesses has

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In the flying saucers file

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stated that the saucer was surrounded by iridescent reflections and emitted a slight fog around it. He added that having wanted to approach, he had been stopped at about twenty meters by a paralyzing force and that when the machine had risen in the sky, he was violently thrown at the ground.

According to professor Oberth:

The "pilots" of the saucers would be plants gifted of reason

Hamburg, October 13. -- "The "flying saucers" pilots are plants gifted of reason". Such is the theory that professor Hermann Oberth, inventor and manufacturer of the famous "V-2" rocket exposed to a correspondent of the France-Presse Agency.

According to the German scientist, the "Uranides" (such is the name with which he baptizes these plants) have thousands of years in advance on the earth men as well with regard to their spiritual evolution as their technology.The fatherland of the Uranides would be a planet where oxygen in a gas state does not exist, which prohibits the development of animal life. The plants, on the other hand, draw the oxygen they need from oxides contained in the ground.

The said planet would be apart from the solar system, but the mysterious machines in which the intelligent plants move might travel at a speed close to that of the light (300.000 kilometers per second).

Those of these machines seen above the earth would have a mission to watch progresses of earth's humanity in atomic sciences because this progress "represents a danger to the entire cosmos".

Official "case withdrawal" in the Metz affair

Metz, October 14. -- In reference to the investigation which had been opened by the military authority after the publication of information announcing that the soldiers in charge of the handling of a headlight installed at the fair of Metz had seen Sunday evening a mysterious luminous circle, the military autorities publishes the following official statement:

"The observation of unknown machines by a station of the anti-aircraft forces deployed at the Metz fair is noted in the Press. It is not necessary to take into consideration

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