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This article was published in the daily newspaper La Dépêche du Midi, France, page 3, for July 25, 1976.



A farmer taken
into the beams of a UFO

Auch (C.P.). -- The U.f.o. seem to come back in force in the Gers. After their last appearance which goes back to a few weeks in the area of Mirande, in the night of Friday to Saturday, around 6 hours, it is a farmer of the area of Condom, Mr. Franco Bonandrini, who saw this extraterrestrial phenomenon.

It appeared on his property, at the edge of the Osse, at the location "Escriminis."

Mr. Bonandrini observed two rays of light of approximately thirty-five centimeters of diameter and that arised in parallel at a height of one meter fifty.

Taken in these parallel beams during a few minutes, he then moved of ten meters and was again surprised by another particularly important beam of light which arised over a length from eight to ten meters, of cylindrical form at the front, conical at the back and cutting a circle from forty to fifty centimeters in diameter.

This luminous phenomenon then moved from the direction of south-east, at a speed that the witness evaluated between eighty and on hundred kilometers per hour.

This appearance did not exceed a minute. Mr. Bonandrini did not notice any noise, no air blast and no release of heat.

On the ground, the next day, no suspicious trace were noted.

The gendarmerie squad of Condom was advised and performed an investigation.

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