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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Croix, Paris, France, page 2, October 17, 1954.


Saucers, cigars, etc.

From Cannes to Ruyères
"cigars" and "olives"
wander in the sky
of France

It becomes a permanent display and a real interplanetary carousel.

In Cannes, several people observed a luminous yellow craft with a green tail.

Mr. Casella, employee at the municipal tax office in Antibes, returning home to Biot, found himself "nose to nose" with "an enormous mechanical machine, measuring 7 to 8 meters in diameter, posed in the middle of the road." The witness, who was on a bicycle, approached the craft until he almost touched it, but then it rose vertically and, with a slight whistling sound, disappeared into the sky.

In the Provence sky, in Venergues, several grape pickers saw an elongated craft, like a cigar, said one of them, and white and blue, said a second. A third harvester said the rocket appeared to emit light rays.

In Le Puy, a shiny object was observed by the Puy-Chadrac weather station. The craft appeared like a straight olive with, at the top, a sort of black antenna. The station chief specified that he believed to be in the presence of the planet Jupiter, but the sudden disappearance of the object showed that he had made a mistake. The same phenomenon was seen by the center of Ruyères (Aveyron).

We can compare these testimonies to that of several residents of Tulle who saw in the sky, in a South-South-East direction, a big bright and still point; it seemed transparent and took the shape of a cylinder with both ends conical.

Similar observations were made in Murat.

Finally, in the Finistère, Mr. René Le Viol, transporter in Fouesnant, saw a craft appear behind a curtain of trees of flat shape "looking like an upturned plate", surrounded by a reddish glow. This first disc was then followed by a second; both disappeared towards the sea.

They land
in the Siamese jungle...

France does not have a monopoly on these now incessant sarabandes.

In the Siamese capital, several hundred people saw a glittering disc, apparently one-third the diameter of the full moon, which seemed to be traversed by a wave progressively pacing its surface from left to right, exactly like some neon billboards.

The saucer, after drifting slowly from north to south for about a quarter of an hour, disappeared.

... where a mysterious ray
had charred
several villagers

On the other hand, a Thai weekly reported this week "multiple appearances of flying saucers over the border regions of Siam and Burma." Some of these craft reportedly landed in the jungle.

Finally, according to the same weekly, a "mysterious ray" charred several villagers.

In Italy, a craft landed
and charred six poplars

Italy, too, sees numerous and mysterious craft sailing in its sky.

One of them landed near Rovigo, in the area known as Po Di Gnocca, where several people observed it. The craft, circular in shape, after having slowly glided, landed silently on the ground. After a few minutes of stillness, it resumed its silent flight vertically, but where it took off, there is now a fairly deep crater six meters in diameter. Six poplars that stood around there were also charred. The authorities went to the scene to verify the authenticity of the witnesses accounts.

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