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UFOs in the daily Press:

The 1954 French flap in the Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper La Croix, Paris, France, page 8, on October 15, 1954.



The pilots of a mysterious machine were interested
in Vietnamese matters

Mr. Jean Marty, 42, mechanic, resident of Léguevin, declared that he had seen, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, land in the middle of a field, an orange disc measuring 6 to 7 meters of diameter and 2.50 m. high.

Mr. Marty was working around 10:30 p.m. in his workshop, located on the road to Toulouse, in front of a field, 1.5 km away from Lèguevin. Looking up he saw the luminous object. Intrigued, he got out, crossed the road, and headed for the disc, which rose into the air, silently, vertically and disappeared at a prodigious speed. Mr. Marty then went to the middle of the field to check the place where the craft had landed. He did not notice any trace but found there, lying on the grass, two sheets of glossy paper, white, covered with block letters.

The pages, commercial size type, were not soiled, nor damp, nor wrinkled, but absolutely crisp, as if they had just been torn from a new brochure. Mr. Marty handed them over to the gendarmerie. They were examined by a former soldier who spent many years in Indochina and who lives in retirement in Lèguevin, Mr. Maggy. He stated that it was a text in Kuoe-Nu, an Annamese dialect, and that this text dealt with issues of interest to Viet-Minh and Viet-Nam.

The text would be recent, but could only be imperfectly translated. It was specified that these were pages numbered 9-10 and 59-60 of a brochure reproducing in offset a typewritten document. The sheets were entrusted to the military authority. Previously, one was able to take pictures which will be entrusted to a translator.

The investigation opened by air security, following this discovery revealed that it was simply two sheets from a brochure published by the services of Prince Buu Loc and probably left in Léguevin by the Vietnamese who came to have a picnic.

Vietnamese students are in fact particularly numerous in Toulouse, and Léguevin, located about twenty kilometers away and near the wooded regions of the Gers, offers Toulouse residents a sought-after destination for a walk during the weekend.

The brochure in question dated January 12, and the information it contains, underlines the military authority, does not present any character likely to lead to new developments in this affair. In fact, it is about the entry of ships into Indochinese ports and the arrival of fish!

Landing of a spherical
craft in Toulouse

A small-sized diver, with a large head in relation to the body, two enormous eyes, such is the description just made by a Toulouse resident, Mr. Olivier, of a mysterious character, descended from a spherical craft that had just landed at 7:35 p.m. on a vacant lot.

Mr. Olivier, owner of the Javel Neto establishments, rue des Fontaines, in Toulouse, was accompanied by an employee, Mr. Pérano, and a young boy about 15-year-old. All three saw the luminous craft of spherical shape and reddish color land, then saw the character coming towards them whose diving-suit, according to witnesses, shone like glass.

"I did not believe it, adds Mr. Pérano, but I saw it as I see you. It comes as a shock."

In a very short time, about a minute, the diver regained the luminous sphere which flew vertically silently and disappeared in the sky at a prodigious speed, leaving a fire trail.

The pilot covered in hair
demanded gasoil

An employee of the station of Montluçon, Mr. Langère, allegedly made contact Sunday evening with a mystery individual coming out of a torpedo-shaped craft.

Mr. Langère left his job and crossed the S.N.C.F. railway when he saw a metal craft posed at a short distance from a gasoil tank, intended to supply railcars. Next to the craft was a man all covered in hair, unless he was wearing a very long-haired coat. M. Laugère, surprised, asks him what he was doing. The stranger answered him in unintelligible terms, but the railwayman seemed to distinguish the words "gasoil."

Mr. Langère asked him nothing more and went to alert his comrades.

A "cigar" in the Marne

Going to a music rehearsal, in Sainte-Menehould (Marne), young André Léger, 18, saw on the road a dark mass resting on skis which took off as he approached, making a humming sound.

The "flying cigar" was about 1.30 m high and 3 meters in diameter.

This vision left a strong impression on the young man.

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