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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper The Huron Daily Tribune, of Bad Axe, Michigan, USA, on October 16, 1973.


Dayton (UPI). --A woman told police Sunday morning that an oblong object with blinking lights killed two cows when it landed in a field.

Her report was one of 80 sightings of unidentified flying objects that residents of west central Ohio told police about that night.

However, the sheriff's office said a three-hour search by several cruisers and an airplane in the area where the UFO supposedly landed uncovered nothing.

"Her directions were only half-way reliable", said patrolman Charles Conklin. "The only directions were 'behind Boston, Ohio on Petersburg Pike', which runs about ten miles through farm country".

The woman, "hysterical" and "screaming" said a couple of cows were killed when the object landed, Conklin said.

Other descriptions of the UFOs varied from sightings reported late last week. Again, none of the UFOs was detected on radar.

"Seems they stay away from airports", said a spokesman at Cox Municipal Airport near Dayton.

Along Interstate 75 in a three-county area, the UFOs were described as "grayish discs with red and bluish-green lights". Others were described as "orange-colored objects" and "blimp-shaped objects." Some had "red lights around the rims with a blue flame - or flare - coming out of the bottom."

In Montgomery County, an officer reportedly took a black and white photograph of a red and green blinking UFO hovering over the village of Union for about five minutes.

Dayton area researchers - who could not explain the reports of UFOs zooming about at treetop level - said the distant sightings were probably three planets that twinkle in the night and appear to be red, blue and green because of atmospheric conditions.

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